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Found 7 results

  1. At first, it seemed that reddit user Zompidgespons first discovered the Zompi drive. However, before that, apparently KerbalX User Fishinator made this: https://kerbalx.com/Fishanator/Propellant-is-for-ameratures The vessel clearly uses a Zompi type K drive. However, Even before that, forum user @Urus28 was using a mod that added a magnet to the Klaw - and it was 1 way, like the docking port magnets. Urus28 found a way to make a kraken drive from it, 2 YEARS before Fishinator rediscovered it, and even longer before Zompidgespons redicovered it again. As it functioned in the same way as our modern Zompi Drives, I'd say that Urus28 is the actual first discoverer of the Zompi Drive.
  2. Story The Legendary Unit 203. In 3480 A.E in the war against The Zxatan Imperium. Unit 203 and their Griffin were instrumental in bringing down a key relay that was used as a fuel station for the Imperium’s war fleets. Armed with next-gen stealth technology and deep space Kraken drive can slip in and out undetected. Though in this case, the story took a turn for the worst before only a single crew mate was able to escape heavy damage after setting off the nova core bomb. He died not too long after sub combing to injuries from the blast their ship found derelict some years later after the war ended. Their efforts would still be remembered. Flight controls. Full Throttle - Vertical anti-gravity flight AG 1 Froward thrust Kraken Drive AG2 Control from Up AG3 Control from forwarding AG4 Extend Cargobay and open hact AG5 Toggle Ladder AG9 Open front Canopy AG0 Turn Command Chair. Forward and Back RCS keys (raise lower gun) 100% Stock with DLC no part mods. Needs Flags to complete the look https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUnvzDi7vSJKgpG3CYQZiouIvdm6GaUc/view?usp=sharing https://www.dropbox.com/s/hzvsqb4ui37ih9h/griffin.zip?dl=0 Downloads https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2745092991 https://kerbalx.com/InterstellarKev/KDF-Griffin
  3. I had been away from KSP for a few months, and stumbled across a video on a new type of kraken drive, the Zombi drive. Definitely has some nice features, such as not exploding in a horrible ball of death, working consistently everywhere, and operating at low speeds. However, I haven't seen any throttle-able version of this drive, so I re-downloaded KSP and set out to make one. I ended up making a little bit more, because I didn't like the lack of insane acceleration packed into a tight space. This thing was a bit of an adventure to make, all because I kept trying to make it more powerful or easier to use with fancy robotics sequencer toggles that it didn't need. https://kerbalx.com/TheUnamusedFox/Throttleable-Hybrid-ZombieKraken-Drive-w-Example-craft That little light beside the green one is the indicator light for the k-drive same vessel interaction toggle. If it's on, you are channeling the kraken. Zombi drive produces ~284 Kn of thrust. K-Drive produces ~1200 Kn, depending on planet, speed, altitude, and price of tea in china. Fine throttle mode k-drive can produce as little as ~2 Kn, but is dependent on the same variables [Action Groups] 1 - Toggle K-Drive [Yellow = On] 2 - Zombi+Kraken Afterburner [Green] 3 - K-Drive Throttle [Red] 4 - Fine/Limited Thrust Throttle [Blue] 5 - Toggle Zombi [Red face back = off] Zombi only toggleable in mode 2, greatly reduces thrust if at full throttle. Also prevents re-engagment of zombi drive if you throttle down.
  4. This one have 2 variants Stock: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Hue-H7-Lynx kOS: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Hue-H7K-Lynx kOS variant uses a set of scripts to enable full cyclic controls, enabling the helicopter to be way more responsive/maneuverable.
  5. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's safe ejection from the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle, I put one together in KSP. The LLRV (and subsequent LLTV (Training)), were created to allow Apollo lunar landing pilots a way to practice landings without leaving Earth. The coolest thing (I didn't know) was that the central jet engine wasn't actually controlled by the pilot... it was on a separate mount with massive 20 degree plus gimbal, and automatically controlled to maintain a vertical orientation, even when the main frame was tilted 20+ degrees. This allowed the jet engine to be throttle to provide only 5/6 of the thrust needed to keep the craft aloft... effectively simulating the 1/6 Earth gravity of the moon. The remaining 1/6+ thrust had to come from main rocket engines, mounted on the tilting frame, to simulate the actual control and design of the lunar landers. Pilots used RCS to control the attitude (pitch, yaw, and roll) of the frame, and main rockets... the jet engine simply made it "weigh" 5/6 less than it really did. The LLRVs were limited by the available thrust of the central jet engine, and had be be balanced front to back so the craft could VTOL without flipping out.... If you build VTOL craft, you know what I mean. RCS Build Aid is your friend! Luckily, the designers included an ejection seat in that limited mass. As the LLRV was in no way suited to gliding, if something went wrong, there needed to be a way to get the pilot to safely. Even at 2.5 million bucks a pop, preserving the pilot was far more important than saving the machine. Totally doable in Kerbal, and the same balance rules apply. (There are lots of ejection seat outtakes https://www.twitch.tv/dasvaldez/clips To make all this work in Kerbal, there's a simple krakentech bearing in the middle, which separates the jet engine structure from the rest of the frame. The Jet engine has fuel, a probecore, and plenty of intakes, and is is throttled down to .83 TWR (5/6 G) and set to SAS hold radial out before decoupling. The jet engine continues to fly vertically, holding up 5/6 of the weight of the craft... and the TWR < 1 makes it fall, so the pilot has to control the main frame and use rockets to account for the other 1/6th. You can download the craft from KerbalX.. best flown out at the Dessert Airfield if you have it. https://kerbalx.com/KSpaceAcademy/KSA-X-KLLRV Entire build is on Twitch, which is half ejection seat shenanigans, if you've got 5-6 hours. Enjoy!
  6. Winch cable not included: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Hue-64b-SkyKrane
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