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Found 5 results

  1. I'm moving this out of the forums of @Angel-125 to here as a more appropriate place for these Mission Reports. Bit of context and back story... The Kerbin Admiralty launched and commissioned their first Kerbin Warp Ship KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" and Valentina was made captain of said ship. On the first cruise to the Jool system, Valentina came out of warp too close to Vall and did indeed explode the ship all across the planet.. Subsequently, --------------------------------------------------------- Huhhhhh.,.. I'm sad to report that KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" has indeed exploded all across the surface of Vall. Captain Valentina and 6 other kerbal crew who were on a training mission were lost. Warped in too close to Vall, flamed out the warp drive and couldn't recover in time. Sigh! UPDATE: About the same time that KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" departed on the training mission to the Jool system, KSP scientists and engineers completed development of technology to allow the upgrade of the tracking station to level-4. This upgrade greatly increased the range of the tracking station and distress beacons have subsequently been detected in the Jool system indicating that at least some of the crew were able to get to life pods and eject before destruction of the ship. KWS-2 "Are We There Yet" is nearly ready for launch and it appears that its maiden voyage will be a rescue mission. in a follow-on ---------------------------------------------------------------- Breaking news from the Kerbin Admiralty about the "Disaster At Vall" Following the disaster at Vall with KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode", Lt Chad Kerman was given command of KWS-2 "Are We There Yet" and dispatched with minimum resources to the Jool system to rescue any surviving crew of KWS-1. In a happy twist of fate, Capt Valentina was able to get the entire crew off of the ship before it exploded all across the landscape of Vall and kept them together in low orbit of Vall in hopes that their distress beacons would bring aid. In spite of having no prior experience with Warp Ships, Lt Chad was able to maneuver the ship into an eccentric orbit around Vall with a dangerously close perigee - well inside the warp cutoff limit - and rescue the crew from KWS-1 and return to Kerbin. In recognition of his skill and bravery in this rescue, Lt Chad was promoted to full Captain (5-star) and given permanent command of KWS-2 "Are We There Yet". Having lost KWS-1 "Oh Please Don't Explode" and over 75% of the Kerbin graviolium supply, Captain Valentina was reduced in rank to Ensign (0-stars) and reassigned to Minmus, piloting a supply shuttle. This over objection of some Kerbin Admiralty members who wanted to just "feed her to Jool".
  2. The Juniper-1, there it is sat on the pad, a small sounding rocket to test the abilities of such a mission, BigStar in the cockpit ready for launch! This would be the first rocket ever where he only had to press one button to make it work, here goes nothing! AND THERE IT WENT! off into the sky, SAS off for science reasons, no stability at all, it gains a heading of 273 degrees and continues heading west, the first stage decouples perfectly, and the launch escape system activates, due to drag the capsule starts flipping retrograde as the sepratrons are still running, the launch escape system decouples, and the capsule starts tumbling, slowly it reaches an apoapsis of 22,432 meters, still waiting for the parachute to deploy, it's been more than 30 seconds, BigStar might just have to save this one, 10 km in the sky and falling, in the background Bigstar hears the first stage hit the ground he gets scared and presses the staging button to deploy the parachute, falling still, chute ready to deploy, it deploys what feels a little late, and perfectly he touches the ground, seconds later the explosions from the launch escape system hitting the ground near by ring in his ears! WOW FOLKS! What a mission! And he only had to press two buttons! What a wonder! Stay tuned for more of BigStars KAL Kontrolled Rocketry Adventures!!!!! A comment from BigStar Kerman: It was quite the flight, I've never had such ease flying, or well, not flying a rocket before. I just pretty much sat there and let it do its thing. Jeb was of course jealous that I was the one that got to save the day this time hehehe. Once I hit 10 kilometres I knew for sure that the KAL wasn't going to deploy the chute, but I waited until 3 kilometres to actually press the button in case there was a malfunction in the timing ore anything else. I'll be speaking to the engineers on ways that this could be improved, such as an auto-SAS function, which sounds repetitive, but it might just work, some way to keep the capsule headed safely towards the eastern seas. Have a great night everyone, and don't forget to fly with BigStar Aerospace, we've got nothing short of adventure!
  3. KerbX is rocket manufacturer founded by Elon Kerman. I will be playing in 1.10 sandbox mode. Mod List:
  4. Hullo again forumgoers! This is sort of a revamp of my mission report thread, but instead of comments from me on the missions, it'll be set completely in-universe. So not really a story, but these reports are all supposed to be from the records department of the KSC, or something. We'll start with a bit of an explanation of my KSP headcanon...I hope to get a sort of abridged 'what I did in KSP this week' report out on this thread every week or so, but I doubt I'll be able to keep to that schedule List of reports below: And now, let's begin!
  5. I just got back into KSP after taking an extended an extended Haitus. I had read through most of Brotoro's mission logs a while ago, and I was inspired to do my own. *NOTE - Selene is the mission designation for mun missions, after the Greek goddess of the moon, I know, I am super original. Jeb - "This is Selene 1 to KSC, staging malfunction during decoupling of drop tanks during de-orbit. Transfer stage has detached, thrust still on full. It's stuck to us, going into a spin..." (Explosions) Bill - "KSC, this is Selene 1, command pod has detached from the rest of the lander." This was an actual mission failure that I had, leaving nothing but a capsule in a polar orbit around the mun. Instead of reloading I decided to send a rescue mission. This is Selene 1.5 on the pad. This mission, headed by Valentina, along with Anla and Siglie is preparing to launch. The rocket is built with three in atmosphere stages around the main transfer/rendezvous stage, the outer tanks have drop-tanks on each side, these are asparagus staged. Selene 1.5 was a rush build, hoping to rescue the big three, Jeb, Bill, and Bob, as quickly as possible. Selene 1.5 lifting off, for some reason my game was hating the mainsail thrust animation, and whenever they were burning my fps would die. I am never flying a rocket at 2 fps again, it is fine now though, so... Valentina - "This is Selene 1.5 to KSC, we have dropped our first drop tanks, and are beginning our gravity turn, ascent path is good." Anla - "Apoapsis is approaching 75 km, preparing to cut engines and drift up." Anla - "Approaching apoapsis, beginning circularisation burn." Valentina - "We are performing transfer burn... Apoapsis aproaching mun, and... We have an encounter. Adjusting inclination." Valentina - "We are beginning rendezvous burn, expected closest approach is at 5.7 km, hang on guys, we are on our way." Anla - "1 km, and closing, visual contact confirmed, is it just me or does that look a little bit big for a command pod. Selene 1, do you have a visual on us?" Jeb - "Negative Selene 1.5, we do not have visual contact, we are not getting a ping from you on short range sensors either." Siglie - "Um, guys, that looks a bit like the rest of the lander, aren't they in the capsule... KSC, are you seeing this?" KSC - "Roger that, it seems that the rover cockpit is still sending telemetry, and is also claiming to be Selene 1, rechecking munar orbit for the pod." Val - "Are you telling us that you sent us to the wrong place." KSC - "Affirmative" KSC - "We have acquired the capsules orbit, sending now." Val - "Beginning rendezvous... And... we are closing in, closets approach it 13.2 km, I couldn't get any closer, we will have to adjust once we get closer." Val - "Closing in, 9.6 km out, hang on guys, we are almost there." Approaching Selene 1, it is hard to see in the picture, but the capsule is just off to the right, at this point I had been working on this rescue mission for over an hour, and it was getting very late on a school night, so I was in a rush to get the boys home. Approaching Selene 1, took a few tries to get relative velocity down to less than 0.1 meters per second, and for some reason, the Selene 1 cockpit was responding to wasd inputs even though I was controlling Selene 1.5. Jeb - "We have visual contact, it's nice to see you Val, what took you so long? We have been sitting here for days now." Bill - "Yhea, do you have any idea what it is like sitting in a capsule with Jeb having nothing to do for days on end, I am lucky to be alive." Val - "Sorry guys, blame the boys back at mission control, not us." Jeb - "Crew preparing for EVA to Selene 1.5, it's gonna be nice to stretch my legs for a bit." After Bill and Bob made their way over to the rescue ship, Jeb was the final one to make the walk. Jeb - "Back on structure and preparing to board." After the crew was all on Selene 1.5, Val began burning back to kerbin, everyone is on their way back home. Only a 479 m/s burn to get back to wonderful kerbin. The trajectories mod was telling me that this was just enough to get caught in kerbin's atmosphere, and land. Making the burn back to Kerbin. Val - "This is Selene 1.5 to KSC, we are on our way home, make us a batch of coffee. Val began burning off most of the excess fuel, because they are landing anyway. Might as well slow down, the tank is just going to burn up anyway. Also you will see how much fuel I have left, even with the amount of unexpected maneuvers we had to do. I have a habit of overbuilding my rockets, and quite frankly, I am happy to have excess fuel. Val - "We are coming in hot, heat-shields are holding up fine though." Selene 1.5 was a rush build, the engineers slapped it together from scratch in a matter of hours. Yeah, they are that good. But in the rush, the engineers forgot to consider the excess weight of the hitchhiker crew cabin, and the extra weight that entails. This means that the cabin came in much faster than normal, so drogue chutes should have been included. Val - "KSC, we are coming in hot, parachutes are still red, altitude is getting low, please advise." KSC - "Copy that Val, stay on, don't pull your chute until they go green, I repeat, don't pull the chutes." Jeb - "KSC, we are getting very low, speed is still very high, we have to pull the chute." KSC - "We repeat, don't pull the chute, you are too fast, it could tear." Val - "600 meters... 500... 400, chutes are still red... 300... 200... Screw it, pulling the chute." KSC - "Selene 1, are you there, impact at 150 m/s... I repeat, Selene 1.5 are you there." Val - "KSC, this is Selene 1.5, high velocity impact, hitchhiker was destroyed. Jeb, Bill, Bob, please respond." Jeb - "Copy that Val, we are still here, That hurt a lot though." Actually, yeah they died, but sandbox mode, so they are just going to spend a bit of time in the sick bay, and will be back in a little bit.
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