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  1. Reported Version: v0.2.0 (latest) | Mods: none | Can replicate without mods? Yes OS: Win10 Pro | CPU: I9-11900K | GPU: RTX 3090 | RAM: 64GB After launch of a craft, toggling the lights button for all lights or just the individual illuminator results in the illuminator blinking on briefly then off and and then ceasing to work. This is the case for all lights in the Light group of Utility. A simple craft to test was a MK1-3 capsule, Z-4K battery, and anything from the Light group from Utility. Severity: medium. Rovering in the dark is problematic Frequency: high. Always occurs. Even after quick save and revert and game reload.
  2. Hey @Angelo Kerman Glad you've come and rejoined. @JadeOfMaar got me sorted out on taking out the most problematic (for me) waterfall effects for the warp drive. Heh... I've grabbed and warped both asteroids and tetrahedrons around and about. The afterburner bit you added to blueshift is oh so helpful there. Have you had any opportunity to have a look at the resource utilization issue for the warp drive when in interstellar space? (goes to zero)
  3. By now, you should be getting the idea for building up Buffalo2 rovers. You will need a rover to go and collect the graviolium that is harvested - and very importantly - you will need a place to store it until you load out a ship with graviolium and fusion pellets. This is my solution These are DSEV tanks that have configurable omnistorage. Configure for fusion pellets and graviolium. Don't forget to add a way to get the resources into and out of the tanks. The FLP-1 Deluge fuel pump provided by WildBlueCore (required) is your friend. It's got a 100m range. Also, the KAS bits for moving resources is very useful. The FLP-1 has some quirks.
  4. Once you have built your Geology rover, go drive around and look for Graviolium lodes. Start at the runway, check - click the geology module and click "Prospect for Resources'. If you come up empty, you will need to travel 2KM to check again. Set up a search pattern until you find one or more lodes. This will be very important for jump starting your gravatic and FTL program. You can just use the graviolium cheat and fill in the SPH or VAB, but it costs - a lot - and... well... it's cheating. Once you have found graviolium lodes, you then need to go extract it. Here's my Buffalo lode driller. Command module, habitat module, 2 B2 fuel tank modules (configurable), Gold Digger Portable mini-drills and plenty of power. Normal drills will NOT collect a goldstrike lode. You need the Gold Digger available with the Pathfinder mod.
  5. KSS2 Colonization: Rovers WRT rovers, I am speaking to Buffalo2 rovers. A few things I've learned from hard experience: - Try to keep part count low. This will help on many fronts. The Buffalo chassis has numerous options for length. Use that. - Make sure advance tweakables is enabled. If you don't know - then look it up - Enable rigid attachment for all parts on your rover. This will help with the tendency to "wander" at interstellar distances Here is a very vital rover you will need. L-R the primary modules are: - Command Module - Habitat Module (gotta have bunks - 2) - Geology Module. This can detect lodes of valuable and vital resources. Starting off, you will want to drive this thing around and find Graviolium lodes on Kerbin. Those lodes will kick start your FTL program. Once you build this guy, you should start to get an idea of how to make a rover to extract said Graviolium. A note on rovers: If you are not familiar with various wheel settings, review and try out the recommendations here It will save much pain.
  6. KSS2 Colonization: Resources Needed In general, the 3 resources you will need to get to Aethera (with the WildBlue mods listed above) are Graviolium, Fusion Pellets, and Equipment. Fusion Pellets / Graviolium: These power the warp engine and the gravatic drive. Fusion Pellets provide the power to compress Graviolium which in turn generates Gravity Waves that make the warp coils/rings take the ship FTL. In particular, you will need lots of Graviolium. It is found in lodes on every planet (more later), in orbit of Jool (in substantial quanties), and on Dres and Eve. In all cases, it's pretty rare and your resource chain to acquire this will be important. Equipment: This is needed to erect and reconfigure the Pathfinder structures that will define your colony (as long as you choose to require resources to reconfigure) . You will need to take along anywhere from 3000-5000 equipment to kickstart your colony depending on how clever you are with the loadout. Wherever you land, you will need the availablity of resources to make equipment on site (Precious Metals, Minerite, Ore). Disclosure: I have tweaked the configuration of the converters (fusion pellets in particular) to fit my play style and will provide those on request. A note on facilities: Various WildBlue mods provide bunks for crew. Not just seats. My personal play style is to provide a bunk per crew member for colonies. This doesn't really apply for ISV since the transit times are pretty short. In the short term, I'll have crew hot bunk - that is, one bunk for 2 crew where they swap out. I feel it adds a realistic dynamic without lifesupport mods.
  7. Welcome. I'll be documentation the colonization of the soon to be released KSS2 interstellar mod for KSP1. This system contains a number of unique and interesting features. Get yourself a nice beverage that tastes almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea and follow along. I will be primarily focusing on the needful for FTL trips out to the Aethera system. Unless you are doing this in sandbox mode, there will be considerable buildup of infrastructure and resources (particularly graviolium and fusion pellets) to support the 4-9 day trip. Note: My primary mods Blueshift FTL drive KFS gravatic drive Buffalo2 for rovers Pathfinder for habitat DSEV for various ships Other mods: Custom Barnkit: This provides for a Level 4 Tracking Station. You will need this for communication across interstellar distances GU Parts (legacy): In particular, this provides the antennas with the necessary range to talk back to the KSC. This is desired if you are going to do anything with probes. I'm not sure where this can be obtained now. DM me if you need it. Kerbal Attachment System / Kerbal Inventory System : In particular, KAS in conjunction with DSEV has parts that make the construction of a shuttle craft able to carry all the needful to a planet A note for STL cats: Do not think that you can use stock engines for Aethera. If you are new to Interstellar travel, get yourself acquainted with the numerous mods available to provide blowtorches with the required ISP to get you there - and more importantly - settled into an orbit.
  8. @Angelo Kerman there seems to be a math error with regard to interstellar resource utilization for Blueshift. It is set to the default (10%) but as soon as you go IS, resource utilization goes to zero. Planetary and Interplanetary utilization is correct. I found the portion in the code for the warp engine, but it is.... arcane to me.
  9. The bow wave effect is very cool but the outer effect is very hard on my eyes and head. @JadeOfMaar helped me out here. This MM patch will remove the outer effect, but leave the bow wave and works a treat. @PART:HAS[@MODULE[WBIWarpEngine]]:AFTER[Waterfall] { @MODULE[ModuleWaterfallFX] { !TEMPLATE:HAS[#templateName[ftlWarpField]] {} } } I agree that the overall effect is very very cool - it just hurts me.
  10. @Angelo Kerman Hey man. Hope you're doing well these days. It's been a while. Is there a way with module manager to disable waterfall for blueshift? I like it for chem rockets, but the FTL effect is pretty tough for me.
  11. @Angelo Kerman Hope things are well for you. Long time no chat. I'm wondering about an issue I'm having with WBIColonistContract. Send tourists out to remote destinations with no requirement to bring them back. The issue is that once the contract is complete, the tourists are in sort of an in-between state. They can't be retrained. I brought some back to Kerbin where even after recovering the vessel, they are unable to EVA on Kerbin and cannot be retrained. Here is an example: PARAM { name = WBIKerbalStayParam enabled = False state = Complete values = 0,0,0,0,0 vesselName = Emerald Hab 2 kerbalName = Bersted Kerman totalStayTime = 259200 timeRemaining = 0 lastUpdate = 30495406.016751837 isAtLocation = True PARAM { name = WBIFerryKerbalParam enabled = False state = Complete values = 0,0,0,0,0 vesselName = Emerald Hab 2 kerbalName = Bersted Kerman } } Are these tourists lost causes? I suppose I could change isAtLocation to False and see what happens.. Thanks
  12. You have a choice of fuel other than graviolium for the FTL and for the gravatic. LqD or Fusion Pellets. I've gone with the pellets. In either case though, consumption of <not graviolium> is really insignificant.
  13. The tetrahedrons will impart knowledge - I.E. randomly bump you up along the tech tree. If you are fully filled out - then they are just interesting things to play with. Jeb built a hotel/resort out of several. That was fun. As for moving a comet. Whether you will be able to do it at all will depend on the mass and the warp capacity your ship has. I've moved tetrahedons with warp ships and it's a slow go. I would think that a comet would mass too much for you to be able to enter warp though. A heavier thing will require more graviolium for the trip than a lighter one by virtue of the fact that the trip will take longer. Graviolium usage rate is constant for each engine regardless of throttle setting. If you have plenty of graviolium, then warp on out - then use the gravatic engine to adjust the orbit. Really though, if you are looking to harvest graviolium - look to Jool
  14. Back on Kerbin, yet another mob of tourists waving giant sacks of funds show up wanting to head out to the stars for the glamorous life of a colonist. They have obviously gotten their impressions of what it is to be a colonist from playing "Earth Space Program". They're paying cash up front though and a space program ain't cheap. And this is becoming kind of routine. So... off to Elno with them.
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