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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, I think the trim function when flying planes is very confusing! (I am talking about jet planes in atmosphere, < 10,000 m). (I am talking about KSP 1.6.0, I think this behavior exists until the TRIM function exists...) Let me explain the "strange" behavior in KSP: A pilot assumes that if you trim pitch elevator DOWN (with ALT + W) that the nose will go DOWN immediately a bit, and vice versa, if you trim pitch elevator UP (with ALT + S) that the nose will go UP a bit. Instead, KSP will keep pitching UP when you tip or hold ALT + W (instead of going DOWN immediately) until you reach the "upper reversal point", then it will pitch DOWN, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. After reaching the "bottom reversal point" it will keep pitching UP, regardless if you press (tip or hold) ALT+W or ALT+S. This behaviour is absolutely unrealistic and very confusing while flying planes! This should be fixed very soon... Where can I report such a "bug"? Sorry for my English (I am German), I hope you understand what I mean... Answers are welcome, maybe you can check and confirm this behavior...
  2. I've been trying to find if anyone else has this bug but no luck. My MEM pod seems to have it's axis inverted so when I want to pitch down it pitches up and viceversa, same on the other controls. Any clue?
  3. Hi all, I got some problem about guidance and control with the vector. After nearly two years of gaming I decided it should be time to finally make a first trip outside of Kerbin sphere of influence and due to a closest launch window have chosen Duna. Here is the launcher : It's full stock and got a total of 12 Vectors with 4 at the main core and 8 in side boosters. Now here is the problem, the launcher use to be uncontrolable once it reach approx 100 m/s, it start to lean on pitch or roll without any inputs from me and with the SAS on and staying on manual (with a smooth less than 2g acceleration at 60% of thrust). I've read many other topics before where it was wrote to limit the engines gimbal to 5 or less, I tried it but she still was flipping quickly after 100 m/s, I even deactivate the gimbling on the boosters and just keep 5 fore the core vector, same results. So I've tried another version of it with 4 Mainsails and 8 Kickbacks to confirm if it was a design fault, in that configuration she flies pretty well and is stable, just a bit underpowered. It's enough for a Duna ride but for the next flight I would like to go to Moho and here will need the Vectors again. What can do that ? It's not an unique case for me, each other craft made with KS-25 used to be uncontrolables in any configuration tried, 1 central, 2 to 8 on sides. I use these mods : - AB_Launchers - AtomicAge - B9_Aerospace - BahaSP - BobCatind (the Soviet engines pack) - BoulderCo - CactEye - Chatterer - CommunityResourcePack - CrossFeedEnabler - CryoEngines - EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements - ETC - FASA - Firespitter - FuelTanksPlus - HGR - HGR_Redux - HorizonAeronautics - InterstellarFuelSwitch - JarDev - JSI - KAS - KAX - KerbalJointReinforcement - Kerbaltek - KIS - Klockheed_Martian_Gimbal - Klockheed_Martian_SSE - Kopernicus - KWRocketry - MechJeb2 - Mk3MiniExpansion - ModuleAnimateEmissive - ModuleRCSFX - MP_Nazari - NASA (it contains the Shuttle by Mike-NZ) - OPM - OPT - PersistentThrust - PortraitStats - ProceduralFairings - QuizTechAero - SmokeScreen - SolarSailNavigator - StockPlugins - SXT - Tantares - TantaresLV - TextureReplacer - Trajectories - TweakScale - UmbraSpaceIndustries (SrvPack) - WaypointManager Thank you in advance.
  4. I've just started using the Farram Aerospace mod since the 1.05 patch. I'd gotten very used to the stock aerodynamics so I'm having a hard time adjusting. One particular thing is the ability to set control surfaces to only control pitch, or only control roll or yaw etc. Right click on the control surface in stock, and you'd have a simple ENABLE/DISABLE button next to each ROLL/PITCH/YAW axis. Now, there appears to be a 0-100% slider where each button used to be. I presume this is to offer more fine grained control, but for example, setting ROLL to 100% and PITCH and YAW to 0% on my ailerons appears to have no effect. They still attempt to move in response to pitch commands, indeed, when i pull back on the yoke, the animation shows both ailerons drooping together and the F12 aerodynamic forces overlay shows increased lift coming from both parts. Which is odd, because they are behind the centre of gravity and centre of lift, therefore by drooping they are actually generating a pitch down moment, in opposition to the canards?
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