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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone! Over the past few weeks I've been putting together a website for uploading/saving/sharing your KSP 2 builds and I've finally got it to a place where I feel comfortable sharing it. It's currently still in beta so I'm hoping some of you lovely people can try uploading some of your builds and see what you think (hopefully not quite as buggy as the game currently is...) It's completely free to use and you can check it out here at ksp builds , although it's going to look a little barren currently as it's only been me testing it out so far. There are a few features I'll be adding such as te ability to create folders to organize your own builds, the ability to have your builds be public or private, and a way to quickshare your build without having to signup (like if you wanted to quickly send your craft to a friend). And as of right now the 'search bar' doesn't search the database yet, just the builds you're currently looking at, but that is being worked on as well so that you can search by name/tag/creator/etc If you have any feedback/suggestions I'd love to hear them! If this isn't right right forum to post this in mods just let me know. Fly safe!
  2. Hello my fellow Kerbals, I wanted to create this thread to test the waters and get an idea of the amount of people who would be interested in taking part in a persistent shared space program. For years me and my two brothers (all early to mid-20s with various career paths from engineering to accounting) have conducted joint space programs together in the standard KSP manner of coming up with mission ideas and passing around the share file. We have traditionally made our space program a USSR themed Soviet era type space operation for kicks. I thought it may be fun to make this more formal and open it up to the community. If you are interested keep reading I have come up with some ideas on how to keep this organized as well as the general game guidelines. 1. Space program divisions and Chain of Command 2. File settings and rules * File Settings: -The file would be vanilla KSP no mods to keep sharing simple -File would be backed up when shared, the backup would only, be used if someone was to intentionally spam the file i.e. destroy all our space stations, launch a bunch of rockets without approval etc.. * Game Settings & Rules: -Biggest rule- DON’T KILL JEB I love that crazy little guy. -The game would be set to hard (no quick saves revert flights perm death etc..) again don’t kill Jeb -Game will be set to sandbox mode (don’t worry operations Division 2) will keep you busy -To keep things “realistic” all Kerbals would have a 5 year contract, example being if Jeb goes to a space station on year one a retrieval craft needs to pick him up on year 5. A tracking sheet (see section 3) would be kept for all Kerbals on mission and the HR director would be responsible for communicating with operations to ensure all Kerbals are being relived -Be Honest, its ok to crash, leave a Kerbal in space etc.. It keeps things interesting. Division 4 (Investigations) will conduct a formal investigation but you will not be kicked off the team. Repercussions will consist of anything from temporary license suspension to license downgrade. -When in possession of the file only conduct approved missions, if possible record the operation of the mission. -Only Use Approved Space craft’s see section 3 for further details -All approved missions will be added to the mission tracker (see section 3) Control specialists will be able to request a mission with the Mission Control head. If they are found adequate they will be assigned and given the file along with the file checkout/in sheet see section 3 for further details 3. Approval Forms and documentation -ugh paperwork, I know this sounds boring, but I have designed a system of approval forms and documentation in order to keep the file updated and organized. See below for the required forms by division. Forms will be in word docs and retained and passed along with the file. Division 1 Mission Control- -File checkout/in sheet- Every time a mission specialist is given the file they will be issued a file check in/out sheet where they will record the mission they completed (or failed to complete) as well as Kerbals used/ spacecraft used and start and finish time of the mission (Kerbal UT time). These forms will allow us to actively track the file and its progress so we are not just playing hot potato with the file. -Licenses – Control specialists once they have passed initial mission flight tests will be given a license to conduct missions to their degree of skill. Division 2 Operations- -Mission Request form- can be submitted by the community will detail the objectives and purpose of the mission, operations analysts will read these and submit them to the operations head for approval. If approved it will be added to the open mission log to be completed at the discretion of the mission control head. Division 3 Engineering- -Spacecraft Approval form – Can be submitted by the community or engineers will include the capabilities i.e. delta V, TWR etc.. purpose, and also a checklist to ensure it has all the basic necessary components to function engineers will be allowed to approve Crafts from the community, the Engineering Head will oversee the engineers and also have ultimate approval. Division 4 Investigations – -KID report (Kerbal Investigation report) - KID will provide a report on the results of all investigations conducted. Division 5 HR and Admin – -Kerbal Tracker- will track all Kerbals currently on mission in order to keep track of when their designated contract is up. If a Kerbal is due for relief a mission request will be sent to operations for their recovery. -Mission Tracker- obviously KSP tracks all active missions but this will list and track missions that have been approved but are still open. This will be open to the Control specialists so they request passion of the file -File Tracker- Will utilize the file check in/out sheets to track who has the file and progress made. **Request this request that Blah Blah I know this sounds dumb but it will keep the file organized so we can have some fun! Section 4: conclusion: All positions are currently open YAY! And I am looking for some motivated people who would like to get this kicked off. I have more ideas but I wanted to keep this as an overview to see in anyone is interested. Comment below or message me if you are interested. Additionally please note that due to forum policy rule (2.2.j this post is strictly for recruiting
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