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  1. This thread is so intelligent it can figure out what theme you are using: you are using light theme. you are using dark theme.
  2. Hello everyone! Gear up Kerbonauts, engineers are required for some in situ reassembling! Stack up your inventory with parts and tools in order to prepare for any contingencies. With a reimagining of the game’s inventory system and the introduction of a new EVA construction mode, KSP is here with new content for everyone! Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is the game’s latest major free update and with it, we’re adding some significant and game changing elements that give players added flexibility and a more immersive KSP experience. Pack an inventory for your missions and modify your crafts or even assemble a new vehicle on the spot with the help of your engineers, or bring an EVA Science Experiment Kit and have your Kerbals undertake fun animated experiments. In addition to some new parts, visual enhancements, and some bug-fixing, Some Reassembly Required continues to enrich the KSP experience. Let’s go through some of the update’s highlights below: EVA Construction Mode This mode gives your engineers tools similar to what you find in the VAB/SPH to manipulate parts in their inventory or within their range while on EVA in any location. Need to make some adjustments to your Vallerian SSTO, or build an improvised Munar rover in situ? Now you can! Inventory System Changes This update expands upon the inventory system and gives it deeper meaning and functionality! These changes include the option to carry and stack various parts in your craft’s inventory and adds to the ability of Kerbals to carry an inventory of their own. All while making it easier to get access to and manage all of the inventories on a craft. Just remember to think wisely on what you want to bring with you on a mission… New Lights and RCSs Some Reassembly Required adds new lights parts to the game, including some smaller, physics-less lights as well as a couple of deployable lights that work without the need for an attached craft or EC power source. And not only that, two new smaller Reaction Control Systems are being added to the part repertoire! These smaller RCS are perfect to make your probes, drones or smaller crafts more mobile and versatile. Joolian Moons’ Visual Improvements With this update, we will continue with the overhauling of the rest of the Joolian satellite system with Bop, Vall and Tylo. These moons have been popular destinations for intrepid space explorers and now they will look better than ever before, with high-quality texture and graphic shaders. And more! To learn more you can read the full Changelog here: =================================== v1.11.0 ============================================================ +++ Improvements * Improve version checking for save files to prevent incorrect compatability messages. * Added game setting to enable Ghosted Navigation Markers. These let you see targets behind you by presenting a faded marker on the navball as if you are looking through the navball. * Text in action group labels now moves if truncated so the text can be fully read. * A notification is displayed on the Fairings PAW when it has a flag attached and the sides and edit Fairing options are blocked. * Robotic Controllers like KAL can now be accessed by EVA Kerbals to Play and Stop the Sequence. * Revamped Vall! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Tylo! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Revamped Bop! It now has a low, medium and high quality shaders as well as a new scaled space textures. * Launchclamps will now default to the earliest stage on a craft. * Added a speed slider to the Axis Groups Binding so players can control how fast a binding will move. The value shown is in % of full axis range per second. * Expanded on the Warp to Sunrise button functionality. It's now available in flight and Tracking Station whenever it makes sense. * Added onscreen tab to Map Filters panel to make it more obvious and changed the behaviour to be click to toggle like the navball tab. * Implemented Menu Navigation on the Action Groups in Flight. * Added new Color Picker for the Kerbal Light Color during Flight. * Parts of the same type and variant can now be stacked in a single inventory slot. Each part has a maximum allowed stack amount. * Change PPD-10 Hitchhiker and Mk3 Passenger Module mass to align with passenger/mass ratio of Mk1 Crew cabin. * Change PPD-12 Cupola Cost and Mass to align with cost/mass ratio of Mk1 Capsule. * Change Mk2 Crew Cabin mass to incorporate wing mass. * Don't put parachutes in the first (launchpad) stage by default. * Crewable part masses revised to account for crew mass and their cargo. * Crew now have mass when on IVA (inside parts) along with their cargo. * The Flag browser now categorizes flags into groups. * Added RocketLabs and Electron flags. * Added EVA Construction Mode. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Some large parts cannot be put into cargo containers but can be manipulated in EVA construction mode. * Players can no longer assign the Undock node Action. This has been removed as it was causing confusion with the Decouple node Action in some parts. Crafts with the action assigned can still fire it. * Construction Mode provides CoM CoT CoL overlays. * Kerbals stop climbing on reaching the end of a ladder. A new toggleable game setting Check ladders end enables/disables the behavior. * SEQ-3 and SEQ-9 Cargo Containers are now Stock parts. * All Cargo Parts can now be searched by the tag cargo in editor and mission builder. * Flight Info debug window now shows the angle of the surface the vessel is currently on. * Asteroids have new textures and shader. * New rover construction contract for career games. * New vessel repair contract for career games. * New satellite upgrade contract for career games. * Improvements over the Kerbal jittery movement. * Comet visual FX performance improvements. * Added a repair kit part. Now repairing broken parts uses up repair kits, be sure to have some in your Engineer's inventory. * Added new EVA science experiments and animations. * Kerbal Jetpack and Parachute are now cargo items that kerbals must carry in their inventory to use them. * Kerbals in EVA use EVA propellant from EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks that they are carrying. * EVA cylinder parts and Jetpacks are refilled when they are transferred back into a vessel from a kerbal. * Amended dV and orbit calcs to use Double precision. * Make render probes fade in better when a new render probe is added. +++ Localization * Removed line breaks in the Orbit's Ejection field tooltip. * Fix missing localized text in the Robotic controller name input field. * Multiple bug fixes for all languages. * Navigation console had missing space for the field IZQUIERDA which affected only Spanish. * Fix fairing variants having wrong language on textures in English and French. * Multiple string additions and corrections for some languages. * Fix spelling of BepiColombo and Rosetta. * Multiple KSPedia fixes all languages. +++ Parts * The LFB KR-1x2 Twin-Boar Liquid Fuel Engine now has the correct diameter. * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Removed the gaps of the FL-R25 RCS Fuel Tank when attached to other tanks. * New SEQ-24 Cargo Storage Unit and new SEQ-1C Conformal Storage Unit. * New Place Anywhere 1 Linear RCS Port. * New RV-1X Variable Thruster Block. * New Repair kit part. * Added new EVA science experiment kit. * EVA Fuel Cylinder cargo part. * Fix gap in the Mk2 Cockpit IVA. * HG-5 High Gain Antenna is now placed correctly in mirror symmetry. * Fix LFB KR 1x2 'Twin Boar' off placed surface attach underneath. +++ Bugfixes * Revised the instructions on several tutorials regarding the recent changes to the flight UI mode toggling. * Fix issues with fairing shaders when width/height ratio is extreme. * Craft file name is now independent of command pod vessel naming, preventing accidental overwrites when re-naming command pods. * Fix flickering orbit lines in mapview. * Fix an overlap in some languages between the Header and vessel stats field in the craft browser dialog. * Fix part joint failure including autostruts when target RigidBody is same as host RigidBody which can occur in some edge cases. * Fix tourists from being EVA'd from a command seat. * Fix steep textures shaking on lower quality shaders after reentry. * Fix payload inside fairing not being released when decoupled and fairings are still intact. * Fix resource transfer failing when opening and closing a parts action windows several times. * Fix inventory part tooltips lingering on the screen when changing Camera Mode. * Fix EVA Kerbal walking animation sync, timing and bounding issues. * Fix EVA Kerbal sliding issues. * Fix menu navigation issues when navigating between columns in the Action Groups menu. * Fix craft thumbnails not showing fairings. * Fix Female Kerbals not walking correctly on some low g bodies. * Fix Incremental speed sliders now update on symmetric parts on the Action Groups Menu. * Fix Comet Sample contracts not completing if comet is renamed by the player after the science sample is taken. * Fix AOOREs and flow on effects that occur on vessel markers for vessels that use ( as the first character in their name. * Fix issue with flags on parts that are set flipped that also have variants set not flipping the flag textures. * Fix AOORE on temperature gauges when parts explode. * Fix NRE on adding any action to action groups. * The crew inventory initialization doesn't break the kerbal roster initialization on the astronaut complex. * Fix alignment in action group text in the action group editor window. * Fix localization of tech tree node names in UI. Including Part Upgrades. * Fix Camera controls are now enabled when the Action Groups panel is open during Flight. * Fix Staging is now Locked when Action Groups panel is open during Flight. This could cause firing unintentional staging while having the panel opened. * Fix issue with SEQ-3 search tags. * Fix inconsistency in the detection of hatch obstruction. * Fix click-through issue occuring with the main menu expansion dialogs. * Fix Action groups UI becoming non-functional on pressing the KAL's Action Groups button more than once. * Fix Kerbals rotating when walking on hills. * Fix System set to Time Zone that KSP can't handle from crashing the game. eg: Hong Kong. * Fix the Comet and Asteroid showing up in the Size3 Bulkhead filter. * Fix issue that prevented fairing panels from exploding when colliding. * Fix mistake in the 1.10 section of the changelog. * Fix the white rectangle showing in both Advanced Grabbing Units when rotating in the part picker. * Fix multiple comet comas blotting out the sky when a comet breaks up on reentry. * Fix lighting issues in Terrain System. * Fix issue with forward axis not updating properly. * Fix Fuel tanks could get stuck with no references to transfer resources when opening and closing PAWs while a transfer was being done. * Fix Kerbals neck showing when swimming. * Fix Grand Tour contracts need a new vessel to be built requirement. * Fix default helmet and neck ring settings not applying on first EVA. * Fix KSPedia continues to work as expected even after closing it abruptly while a slide was loading. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. * Fix comet science contracts failing when sample has been collected but not yet transmitted or returned. * Fix the kerbal ladder sliding. * Fix Color values update correctly now in the color picker for HSV values and sliders. * Fix camera being too far from vessel when exiting map view in some situations. * Fix the Kerbals hands on fire idle arms shrinking at the end. * Fix Paws are automatically opened when hovering a cargo part over an inventory in the Editor. +++ Modding * Inventory system is now persisted as a list of protoparts instead of a comma-separated string of names. The old system is still there for compatibility, but the new one is preferred. * LightOn/Off events have been replaced with a toggle event on the PAW to reduce PAW redraw. The events still exist and can be triggered, but are hidden from the PAW. * Tech Tree now correctly reads all TechTree nodes from gamedata folder. * QuaternionD now supports LookRotation. * Implemented FlightVesselOverlays class to implement the Center overlays to be displayed in flight. * New pre-generated craft and locations capability for contracts in career games. * ModuleInventoryPart.allowedKerbalEvaDistance obselete in preference to GameSetting.EVA_INVENTORY_RANGE. * Parts now have a minimum Rigidbody mass minimumRBMass which affects how small the rigidbodies mass can be. Does not affect part.mass - which is whats used to calculate force, etc - but does affect rigidbody collisions. =================================== Making History 1.11.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added the option "All SAS Modes on all probes" to the Mission Builder Start node Difficulty options. The same option found in Sandbox games. +++ Localization * Fix mission validation report dialog not displaying validation options text in Chinese and Japanese. +++ Parts * Added colliders to all flag part variants. * Fix the LV-TX87 Bobcat Liquid Fuel Engine's attach rules, no more surface attach. +++ Bugfixes * Engine plates now shroud parts attached to nodes inside shroud from airstream. * Fix user is was unable to switch the GAP Vessel Token from Aircraft to Rocket after saving a mission with the Aircraft selection. * Change the error message when you try to launch a vessel in the SPH with the same name in the VAB or vice-versa. * Fix issue with Mission Builder when animating parts are toggled when the flight scene loads. * Fix the seam on the Making History suit helmet. * Fix active vessel not switching when explode part node fires in missions. * Fix undo in editor with fairings changing materials on cargo bays. =================================== Breaking Ground 1.6.0 =================================== +++ Improvements * Added toggle to enable or disable a KAL controller. +++ Bugfixes * Fix InventoryModules adding mass to a part even if there was no cargo in it. * Fix floating Mun ROCs by adjusting the meshes. * Fix NRE in deployed science when retrieving experiment parts. Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required is now available on Steam and will soon be available on GOG and other third-party resellers. You will also be able to download it from the KSP Store if you already own the game. As with every release this thread will be used to bundle all general discussion about the new version so that the forums can continue to actively host threads on other topics as well. CLICK HERE for the official release announcement for Kerbal Space Program 1.11: Some Reassembly Required. Happy launchings!
  3. Hello all, today i'mma make a thread about, random science facts! What do you do? Post some random science facts! Thanks to the people at for inspiring me to make this thread! I'll start: Some fun facts about light and shadows that may answer some questions. A electron can move faster than light in water. Photonic booms, sonic booms but with light instead of sound, are possible, and exist. Light has force. It can move things. You technically weigh more under light than in darkness, that the city of Chicago weighs pounds more on a sunny day, and light can move a spacecraft travelling from Earth to Mars 1,000 km off course. The brightest point of a shadow of a circular object is the middle. Sources and more information:
  4. Sometimes there are builds that are so inspiring, so crazy, so innovative or just so Kerbal, that I think they should get a shout out. This week, for example, I have been running a challenge to get a rocket powered soley be Sepratrons to Orbit. @mystifeid came up with a rocket capable of a Mun flyby, with over 2000 sepratrons! Then there was @Brikoleur's rotary Eve ascent Seraph. And @AHHans's entry for the KSP Hype Train Challenge (not to mention his flying asteroid). I could go on and on. There are so many more cool things being posted in challenges, in craft sharing or simply in "What did you do in KSP today?" It would be nice to give a few a shout out. The stipulation is that the craft selected have to go above and beyond in the categories mentioned above: innovation, Kerbalness, creativity or the MOAR factor. So, moderators and forum gurus, this suggestion is not for Squad but for you: An official Craft of the Month to accompany "Thread of the Month". Perhaps it could be staggered by two weeks, and come out mid month, even.
  5. The Gemini Replica Thread Here is a place to put all your Gemini replicas, as well as unused propoals (i.e. Big Gemini) An excerpt from the Wikipedia page about project Gemini: Project Gemini was NASA's second human spaceflight program. Conducted between projects Mercury and Apollo, Gemini started in 1961 and concluded in 1966. The Gemini spacecraft carried a two-astronaut crew. Ten Gemini crews flew low Earth orbit (LEO) missions during 1965 and 1966, putting the United States in the lead during the Cold War Space Race against the Soviet Union. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_Gemini ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my list of Gemini recreations! (All stock) This is one is one of my first. Not exactly first, but, it is the first time I used the Communitron 88-88 as a sort of "Multi Layer Inlusation Foil". This is one is orbiting the Mun, as part of a contract to get science data from around the Mun. Onto advanced Gemini, we see here a Centaur upper satage docked with Gemini. As Kerbin is a little bit small, this craft would be overkill for a Mun orbit and landing. Instead I sent it to Duna, and land there instead. (Note that I did put an SPS engine in the back) Since KSP models planets a lot smaller than in real life (what is that?), the Titan II that I recreated had enough Delta V to send a Gemini capule, adapter tank and engine to the Mun. So technically it actually is a Gemini Direct Ascent craft . And the Titan II craft which delivers most of my Gemini craft into low orbit. I remember there was a thread about the Titan rocket family, but forgot where it went. I should post the link at the bottom when I find the thread. And Finaly, the last image, showing a Gemini rescuing a stricken Lunar Ascent Stage being rescued by a Gemini Space Craft (No Anti-Aliasing, so all pictures look like MS-DOS games)
  6. Hello folks, just a pair of questions . 1) I see that many people link in their signatures the forum threads related with their own addons. Some of these links are in the form forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/thread/6digits but, when I enter my own thread http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/155653-wip122-realisticcomponents-suite-02-02-17/, I get this very long and bad URL; this is pretty annoying, also because it contains the title of my thread, which changes from time to time because I like to put there the date of my last update. How can I obtain the 6-digit code to refer to the thread independently of its title? 2) My RealisticComponents Suite is still WIP. As soon as I move to the release, do I have to keep the WIP thread in Add-on Development and create in parallel a new thread in Add-on Releases, or is it better to delete the one in Add-on Development and keep just the new Add-on Releases thread? Thanks in advance!
  7. Here is the Unofficial Official Motivation Thread! You can post pictures etc, let me start it off! It took an unusually long time to make this. Sorry if it looks bad I'm not good at Fireworks. Also! Special Thanks to @legoclone09 For giving me this idea! By the way, all photos are allowed e.g. KSP, Funny, Etc.
  8. It's always exciting when you see one of your threads was stickied. Share your stories about your first sticky here! Mine was "A guide to the change to the forums" right here in the kerbal network, right after the new forums came out.
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