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[Bug 0.15] Spaceplane-parts explode by time-warp


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What happens: If you activate time-warp in spaceplane-flight, some spaceplane-parts explode.

How to reproduce:

* Build a Spaceplane

* Fly with it

* activate time-warp


* various parts explode

* not ever: but the parts are not stable when time-warp is on.

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Which parts?

How high and fast were you flying?

What warp factor? If you were in the atmosphere it was only 2x; which means you could have just sped up an engine that was slowly overheating.

Have you been able to repeat it at all with the same plane, or was it a one time issue?

If you can make it repeat at all, post the craft file and describe how you were flying it.

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Well, I used one spaceplane (this is explodet).

It was a one-time-issue and I don\'t know at which altitude and speed it was, but what I can say is that the spaceplanes in time-warp (in atmosphere; 2x) are not so stable like in the normal time. Most parts waggle. The parts they are explodet are wings.

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The Rocket ASAS has a bad habbit of using full deflection and slamming the control surfaces and gimbals back and forth rapidly to maintain a a straight trajectory.

If your space plane is using a rocket ASAS, the resonant wobble from it can easily tear the ship apart at 2x in some situations.

You\'ve got 2 options. You can use the space plane avionics package, which acts much the same as ASAS, only you can actually steer the plane while it\'s on and it doesn\'t do that wobble thing.

The second option is to use a lot more struts until things stop shaking off your plane ;D

EDIT: just looked at your craft. You need more struts holding the front engines to the hull, and the rear wings to the front hull as well. (you can see the hull section the rear wing is attached to is sliding about on it\'s collider like it\'s about to fail)

If you add some struts I think it will get rid of your problems.

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Try this craft file instead! It\'s your craft, with a few more struts on it. See if you can make it break now :D

[mod]I'm going to move this thread to the "General discussion" section because I'm pretty sure it's not a bug after looking at xanthie's craft. If it turns out to be a bug after all I will happily move it back to the dev section and wear a dunce cap for a week. [/mod]

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