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The Dunatian, Playable Save File (Like a Scenario)

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The idea behind The Dunatian is to have a save file to add to your game. All the ships and assets are in the file and placed where they need to be in order to take an interesting rover trip across Duna loosely based on 'The Martian' a novel by Andy Weir.


You start at the Ares 3 base abandoned by your crew, only the base of their Duna Ascent Vehicle left behind. It's not their fault, they think you are dead. It's up to you to get your assets together and take your rovers from the Ares 3 base and trek across Duna (seeing interesting sites like mountains, craters, canyons and anomalies along the way) to reach the Ares 4 Duna Ascent Vehicle. There you take off and rendezvous with the Hermes ready for your trip back to Kerbin.

I am trying to keep a common design theme around the Ares/Mars Direct missions the book is based on. It is meant to be able to be played with a stock install. Some mods will be recommended to add to the game-play.

I hope you all have some fun with it and thanks for coming to check out my pack. You can get the pack with all the files on the

The Dunatian Craft
Delta II 7925 with Pathfinder and Sojourner as payload Pathfinder Lander and Sojourner Ares 1 with Orion
8w259T0.png AbwIKgH.png oPK6OH1.png
Ares V with Mk3 Cargo Lander Ares MK3 Cargo Lander Ares Duna Descent Vehicle
0hUuRwT.png xnzyNWo.png spbqswF.png
Ares 3 Duna Habitat Ares Duna Manned Rover and Trailer Rover Ares 3 Solar Farm
O7AMMu5.png hqpBejl.png nTRhCmJ.png
Ares Duna Ascent Vehicle Ares Radio Tower Hermes
NxsjE28.png OxmNseJ.png sZwicS8.png



Ares 3 Base Assets


High Detail Map of Duna


Reference Material

The Martian by Andy Weir










Dev Album

Recommended Mods (not necessary but may improve gameplay)

Kerbal Alarm Clock, Kerbal Engineer Redux, Mechjeb 2, Mechjeb and KER for everything, Environmental Visual Enhancements, Planetshine, Scatterer, Rover Wheel Sounds

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Updated for 1.3
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Good luck getting the Hermes ion drive to work as described in the book without losing your mind over how long it still takes to get to Duna in real time.

I was actually thinking of having the Hermes Hyperedited into a flyby orbit with Kerbin return. The Ascent vehicle has to rendezvous , transfer Mark Kerman and then the Hermes sails of back to Kerbin. I am not sure how doable that is, it did seem pretty far fetched in the book, but the ascent vehicle will have the required dV to dock at least.

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No it's the pathfinder lander petals opening

- - - Updated - - -

Watching this I have been inspired to make my own Duna mission. Based loosely on the Mars direct mission plan.

Is that gif you posted the Sojourner rover?

If you want you can contribute to this pack?

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I tried to do a Mars Exploration Rover with Infernal Robotics, but the lander and the ground didn't play nice. I think I owe a tribute to the MERs, because they are pretty much the entire reason I'm here today and not into sports or art or something else besides spaceflight. Those separatron triggered panels might work... Hmm, I've got time to try this, I can't play any online games for the next few days (modem crapped out on me), so I'm going to try this..,

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I'm not sure a highly detailed Delta II will work, you just cannot make sojourner small enough in stock, my current Pathfinder is 6.6t and 4.3m wide, the original Pathfinder was about half the size

Edit: looking at the photo it was not that much smaller, actually mines 4.3m closed up, what am I talking about.


I am probably going to need a bigger rocket as there is still the balloon and aeroshell.


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It is my first stock hinge and I can already see a few ways to reduce part count and size of the craft, forget the Sojourner at the start of the thread, the one I have for this is much smaller already but I don't think it can get any smaller than what I already have since the stock wheels are so big. You are more than welcome to contribute if you want, I would love it to get some craft files to start adding to the list of resources.

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Hey I think I might be albe to make Pathfinder/sojourner smaller than that.

Yup totally do-able. 1.25m is possible. I made something similar today. A hinge I mean.

Yes the real limit is the size of the smallest wheels..

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WIP on Pathfinder and Sojourner

Pathfinder initial hinge testing, I have some much better ideas, the part count on this was 178! plus it's 6.6t and 4.3m wide closed! On the plus side all docking ports engaged.


Sojourner, don't go down steep slopes ;)


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Hey I'm developing a Pathfinder/Sojourner duo that's less than 2m wide undeployed.

Thats amazing, my current one is about that size. I will post a gif later once I fix the rover panel deployment, it's in but the deployment of that panel has a hitch because of the extra weight.

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New Pathfinder and Sojourner, panels deploy and self dock to the central unit, the Sojourner is detached from the docked panel and roves on its own. Panel deployment success currently is around 70% on the flat launch pad. Which is good enough to continue on now with other things. Will put up a gif of the deployment soon.


Edit: Oh parts, down to 139, mass down to 2.3t, closed longest width down to 3.5m

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cool man! You have that impact effect mod don't you? I like the little noise kerbals make when they fall!

yeah, collision FX, I like the sparks and screeching when you go sliding down the runway.

I don't know how much smaller I could possibly make this stock, I have reduced a few more parts and tweaked the panels some more, it's pretty reliable now and the panels now slope. It doesn't look a whole lot like Pathfinder, though the rover could pass for Sojourner on a dark drunk night, if it was foggy.

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Pretty good dude. so no hinge just the seperatrons and the magnets in the docking ports? Can we see it in motion?

I think its possible to make this without the seperatrons though. It would make for a better opening.

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