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Stone Blue's Top & Odd Mod List (and Mods to KSP Vers. Matching)

Stone Blue

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Hello, my name is Stone Blue, I have OCD, and I am a KSP mod hoarder...

I have had a spreadsheet going, which I have been using to keep track of mods that I use, or find interesting, since before KSP v0.25. This is by NO means a complete, all-inclusive list. This is MY personal list, so there will be lots of popular mods NOT on here.

Since, I, and it seems many others still play older versions of KSP, I'm getting caught up on an updated list for every version of KSP from 1.0.5 to 0.25, that has the most recent (last) versions of mods for each version of KSP.

I also wait a month or two after each KSP release, for mods to catch up to the new release, before I start playing the new KSP version. It makes for a lot less broken saves and crashed games. Instead of scrambling around every few days as modders hurry to push working mod updates, I update my list. Once the dust settles after a few weeks, and everything tends to stabilize, THEN I will have a nice organized list to quickly work thru for getting STABLE, mod updates for the new version of KSP.

I play heavily modded, and "collect" every version of every mod on this list, and then some... That makes it difficult to keep track of mod updates & new releases. It especially gets crazy when a new version of KSP drops every few months...

Once I get it completed, it will make it easier to keep track of mod updates as I jump from each current, to each next future KSP release. It will also help me clean out (delete) lots of old, unnecessary .zips, and make it so I have (hopefully), only the latest copy of each mod, for each version of KSP.

I thought I would share it, not only because there are a lot of "odd", unknown mods that get little love, that people might like, but mainly as a spreadsheet people can download it if they want, and use it as a template of their own, and add or delete the data as they wish, to keep track of the mods THEY use.

So here it is. I have just over 600 mods on it.


Unfortunately, its gotten bigger and bigger, and its now WAY too much for me to keep current.

I had previously posted it, and had some offers to help maintain a live list. At the time I wasnt sure it was a good idea. I guess I STILL dont know if it would be or not. But if anyone is interested in colaborating, please post. (Serious offers only though...This will take a bit of time & dedication)

At this point, I guess I'll throw it out there, and hopefully get feedback on whether this is worth publicly maintaining or not. Feedback on ways to structure it, or to make it easier to maintain for private use would be welcome also. I'm about ready to trash it, as it takes up too much of my time.

I know people who use CKAN, which seem to be the majority now, will probably see absolutely no point in this list, but maybe there are still enough of us holdouts to get some use out of this.

This is downloadable, in case anyone wants to download it, and use it as a template and add/delete/maintain THEIR favorite mods privately.

Right now its a bit of a mess. Anything with “zd” AND is highlighted green is pretty much up to date (within the past few days as of Apr 1, 2016). So use it at your own risk, ALWAYS check the release thread for the most current info. DO NOT pester mods or post on release threads about ANY information directly from this list (ESPECIALLY about old versions). PLEASE post questions, issues, noted discrepancies, feedback and opinions on THIS thread ONLY.

I also welcome feedback and opinions from mod authors on having this information publicly listed in one location like this. If any author would prefer not to have their mod listed at ALL, feel free to PM me and I will see its removed.

ALWAYS, ALWAYS, USE YOUR HEAD, AND CHECK THE MOD RELEASE THREAD FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFO. ESPECIALLY BEFORE POSTING ON THE FORUMS THAT A MOD IS BROKEN, DOES NOT WORK, OR YOUR SAVE GOT DESTROYED. On outdated mods, 98% of the time, I bet someone has already asked/posted about any issues, so DO the research if you want answers!! That is what I created this sheet for: keeping links and notes that I've had to dig up and/or research ONCE, so I dont have to keep doing it all the time.

ALWAYS make sure the mod version matches the KSP version you're playing.

I removed the links for direct downloads. Also, this is WIDE...It goes over all the way to column " Y "...

And now the DOWNLOAD LINK:

Stone Blue's Top & Odd Mod List





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I'm reserving this post for future updates

EDIT: Partially updated list for Apr 01, 2016

This does have mods marked as being compatable with, or being "W"-orked on for PRE-RELEASE v1.1.
Keep in mind that the PRE-1.1 is supposed to be for STOCK bug finding first and foremost. Dont start flooding mod release threads with "This mod does not work for me (in 1.1), can someone help me?" posts...

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  • 4 months later...

Holy cow...that's incredibly impressive. I suspect I am in a similar situation as you (hoard mods, organize them, although not in a master spreadsheet, just spreadsheets of parts, reorganize configs and file structures, etc), so I can appreciate the level of effort you have gone to, especially settling on a single organizational system. When I ever get around to switching to 1.1 (who knows when that will be), this will most likely be useful, and I will most likely make my own sheet to keep track of stuff.

Are you open to feedback? If not, that's cool, since this is a pretty personal matter (organizational preferences). If you are, maybe make a trimmed down version for the public? There is a lot going on here, and it's clear that it's very individualized. I doubt the average user needs to know every revision or hand that's touched a mod (you or I might find it interesting though). I found myself continually scrolling up to the legend at the top to see what things meant, and that's a bit of a scroll:P. Lastly, color choices....I'm more of a earth tones kind of guy myself:D. (I suppose maybe you were going for a "highlighter" look? Which doesn't work if you highlight the whole page, heh:lol:).

Overall though, yeah, this is really useful.



Also, isn't there any software out there better than a spreadsheet for grabbing links to this sort of stuff? Seems like you set yourself up for continually checking, manually, link validity, which would be a nightmare.


Really people? 1/5 stars for the man who single handedly catalogs 600 some mods for 1.1 compatibility and ya'll don't even leave a comment? It ain't perfect, but really? Imma go flip a table...

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On 11/9/2015 at 10:41 AM, Stone Blue said:

Hello, my name is Stone Blue, I have OCD, and I am a KSP mod hoarder...






Dang, I thought I was gonna have to live with my OCD in a closet forever after using an excel spreadsheet this past weekend to keep track of my current mod build.  Granted, I have not yet reached the level of sophistication as your mighty fine specimen there, but I have been tracking mod name, download size (per ckan so that I can maintain some sort of objective baseline for how much load I'm placing on RAM), and version number.

But now!  It seems I'm not the only freak in the universe. :D  Mon Frere!  Mon semblable!!

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