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USS Enterprise-K & Shuttlecraft

Bill Zarr

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USS Enterprise and Shuttlecraft
This is an all stock Kerbal-version of the Star Trek USS Enterprise, ie it's small compared to the Star Trek version & obviously has no warp drive. (253 parts including shuttlecraft when docked in orbit, ~4770m/s  ∆v, Shuttlecraft (49 parts) ~1678m/s  ∆v)






Additional Images:
Mission Albums for more pictures of the craft, launching, docking the shuttlecraft, landing on moons etc.

USS Enterprise

Enterprise Notes: It's a bit tricky to fly into orbit (I doubt the fairings bug helps tbh). Remember to switch control to the big probe core before launching! Turn on the aerodynamic overlay, keep an eye on the light blue line that comes out the Cupola, pitch forward to keep that as small as possible. Once the SRB's burn out it's relatively safe to gradually pitch over to horizontal. The final stage should get it to a 100x100km orbit with fuel to spare. The launch mission album has a couple of pictures that show values. Action groups are listed in the craft details. (Click title in VAB) The thrust is not perfectly balanced, but it is close enough that the reaction wheels can easily cope with it. Moving fuel from the body and neck to drained tanks in the saucer section will improve balance slightly too.

Shuttlecraft Notes: Have fun docking this! It has a total of 7.5 units of Mono-propellant. Use this only for docking, LOCKING the mono-propellant fuel tank in the cockpit is advised at all other times, otherwise you may deplete it when using the belly Vernors. Oh and toggle those Vernor engines off when you're trying to dock. It's a tight fit & you need to reverse in. The front tanks of the Enterprise nacelles have extra oxidiser so the shuttlecraft can be completely refuelled at least once. I would advise locking all the bi-propellant fuel tanks on the shuttlecraft when docked with the Enterprise, since the Enterprise RCS Vernors will drain from all tanks. Mono-propellant can be refuelled from tanks in the shuttlebay. Remember to close the shuttlebay door! The dorsal Twitch engine has been set to have slightly reduced thrust so the craft thrust remains fairly balanced. Action groups are listed in the craft details. (Click title in VAB) Hitting the brakes will activate the Launchinator, elevating the shuttlecraft into a handy launch position.

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[quote name='Azimech']Nice, but why does no-one ever build the 1701-A?[/QUOTE]

[COLOR=#252525][FONT=sans-serif]The [/FONT][/COLOR][I]Enterprise-A used the same shooting model as the preceding NCC-1701. When first unveiled in the concluding sequences of [I][URL="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek_IV:_The_Voyage_Home"]Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home[/URL], the main hull numbers are changed to [I]NCC-1701-A, but the smaller hull numbers on the side of the lower part of the model still read [I]NCC-1701, an oversight by the effects crew.[/I][/I][/I][/I]
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