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  1. Glad to see this version of BDA finally being trotted out "officially", separate from Runway Project. It's such a huge set of major and minor improvements and feature-additions from old BDAc, and hopefully now more people will enjoy them.
  2. I've got a few (needed to be gone over to ensure I've left them full-stock) AC planes made, issue is really just getting them to a state where I feel comfortable releasing them and so on. As for the specific planes you mentioned, I do have a Raven and something I can easily make into a proper Morgan (cockpit is currently COFFIN-style instead of proper Morgan cockpit), but once again those currently are outfitted with BDArmory mod parts so I'd have to refit them to full-stock.
  3. Gründer Industries ADF-01 FALKEN [Stock] A super-maneuverable, supersonic jet fighter, the ADF-01 (Advanced Dominance Fighter 01) "FALKEN" is a fictional jet from the Ace Combat series of video games- a rare prototype design produced by the fictitious South Belka Munitions Factory Gründer Industries, featuring a distinct forward-swept wing layout and massive twin engine nacelles sunk into the fuselage, as well as an assortment of fins and canards. Additionally, the FALKEN is the first production aircraft in the Ace Combat games to prominently feature the fictional "C.O.F.F.I.N." (Connection For Flight INterface) windowless cockpit technology, and in the games is known for its devastating special munitions it can carry (such as lasers, fuel-air bombs, and multi-target missiles ). For the purposes of KSP, this stock replica of the craft is fairly faithful to the original (fictional) plane- minus a few things impossible to replicate without mods (i.e. lasers or other weapons, and so on). The engines have been setup to have functional 2D thrust vectoring, and just like in the games this FALKEN is super-maneuverable, with a high amount of wing loading allowing you to pull off some impressive post-stall maneuvers, tricks, and sharp turns. The C.O.F.F.I.N. camera/sensor array across the nose of the plane has been replicated as well, and the aircraft is indeed manned. If you choose to do so, mounting mock FAEBs (Fuel-Air Explosive Bombs) to the plane makes for some fun bombing run times attempting to hit space center buildings. Ultimately, this is just meant to be a fun, fast, and agile replica of a video game plane I'm personally a huge fan of. I originally built it for BDArmory combat, but upon seeing how close I was able to get it to the fictional plane and how insanely fun and agile it handled, I had to stockify it so I could share it around. I hope you all enjoy just as much as I have. Download Link [KerbalX] STATS: Parts - 108 Mass - 14.32 tons Crew - 1 Pilot Powerplant - 2x Panther (2D vectored) w/ afterburners
  4. Very, very excited about this. Just seeing the visual upgrades is stunning, let alone the under-the-hood changes and the addition of interstellar travel, colonization, and MP.
  5. Got my Kerbikoma 2.0 built, now trying to work out all the kinks and hassles of keyframing a walk cycle for it. The abdomen portion is fuel for fuel cells so it doesn't run out of EC.
  6. I know some of you are very excited to see if/when Hatbat puts out a new KS Series episode, but please refrain from spamming this thread with posts like 'when is it coming', et. al, as that isn't productive and just adds excess posting.
  7. I definitely hope you can make some breakthroughs with this, it's about time 1.25m ASMs got dethroned as the king of stock antiship weaponry.
  8. Decided to try my hand at making a BDArmory+Stock plane based off the Ace Combat ADFX-02 Morgan today. Paint is via the DCK Paint mod.
  9. Very nice, reminds me quite a bit of the old A-12 Avenger II concept that never really made it off the drawing board...
  10. So, after rewatching the Star Wars prequels for starship design inspiration recently, I was struck once again by the sleek beauty of the ships belonging to the Naboo, especially their N-1 Series Starfighters. Afterwards, I sat down with KSP and sought to make my closest in-game replica to the iconic ship as I could keeping a rough 1:1 scale of 1 Kerbal = 1 Adult Male Human as possible, and I'm quite happy with the resulting craft. With a sleek profile, twin engines allowing for roughly Mach 1 flight in-atmosphere (no spaceborne version since I designed this on an aesthetics-first basis), and adequate handling, this is a wonderful replica for those wishing to reenact battle scenes from Episode I: The Phantom Menace and its tie-in Star Wars Legends content. Download for the craft here! I've got more to come soon, so stay tuned to the SCE for further unique craft and replicas!
  11. Been working on various odds and ends lately, including this colony ship: and this SSTO fightercraft. I'm hoping to start actually releasing stuff soon, including something I actually made a week ago- a Naboo N1 Starfighter replica.
  12. To the mod developers, I don't think that what ya'll have been doing is 'BS', but I do feel that it needs some major tuning. Like others have said, the current (yes, it is a beta, but that's why there's responses about how it could/needs to be improved) RCS system just is plain inadequate and inaccurate. While yes, the solution you guys have used to calculate RCS in-game is clever, the mere fact that something that arguably shouldn't work (like what gag posted earlier, etc.) works excessively well shows that the system needs refinement and tweaks. I'm personally not a developer for KSP mods, but I'd suspect that not relying 100% on purely what the shader reflects off of (or setting parameters for the types/strengths of return based off angle of deflection, etc.) would be a way to help make it less exploitable and more in-line with reality. Also, I don't believe what the posters earlier intended to say was that the work of the mod devs was 'BS' or in any way wrong, just that the current system has flaws that need to be worked on. Everybody wants the same thing here (I'd assume?), which is a functional, effective RCS system implementation in BDAc going forward. The current public beta's system is not up to par quite yet in that sense.
  13. Working on updating a BAE P.125 replica I made a while back up the current aero model; it's been proving slightly tricky since the wing shaping makes it tend to be a bit yaw-happy. This fighter never quite made it into existence thanks to the U.K. signing on to purchase the F-35 back in the JSF program's early days, but nonetheless this is a neat concept aircraft. The inside of the service bay is a Kerbal-scaled cockpit reminiscent of what the concept showcased.
  14. Here's a tip- turn on advanced tweakables and use autostruts. They're not physical parts so they've got no drag, but still improve your ship's structural integrity.
  15. Custom cockpits like this are great aesthetically, though keep in mind that all those small, draggy parts are *not* occluded in something like this, and thus will impact your jet's performance. That's why I moved to using 1.25m Payload Pays as my cockpits for command-seat-using designs.
  16. After some further tweaking and experimentation, that fighter dev program of mine has yielded a promising (though still using canards, but y'know what- it just makes it work) aircraft. I call it the Gyrfalcon, and it's pretty darn fast and agile, while looking both very slick and very stealthy (save for the canards, but I suspect that they'd not be a deal-breaker with the extra agility they provide the plane). And yes, I did see it dodge multiple BD AMRAAMs and Sidewinders, with the only confirmed kill thus far being a gun kill achieved by baiting the AI into a dive to dodge incoming missiles. 50 parts stock, 85 w/ a BDArmory kit, so I'm definitely giving it a proper testing run and release here on the Exchange.
  17. True, true- though I utilized canards for their added manueverability and balancing of CoL/CoM, something that I suspect might happen in potentially one contender for Navy's F/A-XX or the Air Force's PCA program(s), since just like with the ATF program that produced the F-22 there will likely be some demand for agility from the fighter in addition to stealth. Those 3 designs are just prototypes, nonetheless, and I'll likely make some further modifications and maybe 1-2 more airframes prior to releasing them, as I *think* I may have some WiPs that might fit what you mentioned a bit better. The biggest challenge though, in all honesty, is working within the limitations of stock aero's drag modeling.
  18. After seeing the announcement of a program to develop a 6th-generation fighter to replace the F-22 Raptor from a USAF General in a new article today, I decided to work on a few prototype mock-ups of what a 6th-gen air superiority fighter might look like in KSP... This one is by far my favorite, being medium weight+size out of the 3 and having good agility and speed, with a stealthy shape and good fuel load. This one uses a RAPIER for better mid-high altitude performance (in place of the real-life multi-cycle turbine design(s) being researched by DARPA). and finally, this design features extremely good speed, super-maneuverability, and a custom, Ace Combat COFFIN/British Aerospace p.125-inspired enclosed cockpit, complete with instrument panel. Planning on doing some more testing and refinement and then releasing them as a pack complete with BDArmory-equipped, combat-ready variants.
  19. Heheheheheheheheheh... Intake shape wasn't the easiest to make while keeping it relatively streamlined, but I think I got it. It's most definitely a pudgy 'ol JSF prototype, for sure.
  20. Alrighty, I'll get right on it! Shouldn't take too long, especially since it's a somewhat more traditional wingform to work with than the XFV-12.
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