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Lack of Mk1 Cockpit

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Not a problem, as I have done this before unintentionally. If you are using Windows, check your trash can. Often deleted files go here. Simply right click on the trash can (or whatever icon you use), then select explore. Once inside, if you see anything that says Mk1.... then right click on it and select "restore" and presto - you're back in business.

If that didn't resolve the issue, redownload and install KSP again. It will not delete any of your downloaded mods and often will include the latest game tweaks. One thing I would recommend is when you get your mods the way you want them, keep a backup copy handy. If you're looking for the old Mk1 cockpit that looked more like a fighter craft than a Lear Jet, there's a mod out there that contains it and other outdated or discarded original parts.

You can find the Discontinued Parts mod by NecroBones here, or if you prefer, install it through CKAN (recommended).


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If you bought KSP on Steam you can let it redownload missing files.
Just open the Steam client, go to library and right-click on KSP. Select properties, switch to the local files tab and click on the verify button. Steam will now check if the game files are damaged or missing and will download them if necessary.


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34 minutes ago, *Aqua* said:

For me it always worked. Give it a try! ;)

Wow, I wonder why that's the case? By default, Steam is supposed to replace any damaged or deleted file from the game's basic core, to include stuff in the Game_Data folder. The last time this happened to me was a few months ago and one of my *favorite* parts to use, the stock air brake, had disappeared. I had to go into my archived Game_Data folder and copy the missing part! At first, I absolutely hated Steam until I discovered the feature you've highlighted - and once I discovered that - I will admit that Steam has been the ONLY place I buy PC games.  What's even better is when I get tired of games, I can remove them from the computer and still have access to them IF I ever decide to reinstall them (I always hated digging through the old game box...:huh:).


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