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[1.2 - 1.4] Real Scale Boosters, 0.16 (2018-03-12)


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Real Scale Boosters - Parts Pack

Realistically scaled rockets, heavily based on real world counterparts, with reasonably accurate stats.


NOTE: This is still an alpha/beta development project. New parts are still being added, and things can and will change!


Required Dependencies:

  • Module Manager

Highly Recommended:

  • Hangar Extender   (practically a must-have)
  • QuickSearch   (you can just type "atlas" or "delta" or "saturn", for example, to find related parts quickly)
  • Kerbal Joint Reinforcement   (big parts = big flexing?)
  • Real Solar System
  • FAR
  • Community Tech Tree (if not playing in Sandbox mode)

Currently Supported:

  • SMURFF (as in, we have flags set to keep it from overwriting our engine masses)
  • TweakScale
  • CommunityTechTree and/or SpaceY-Lifters's tech nodes

Supported By:

  • Real Fuels + Realism Overhaul (support is provided from their side)






Included Sample Rockets (as of 0.13):

  • Ares I
  • Ariane V
  • Athena Ic
  • Athena IIc
  • Atlas V 401
  • Atlas V 431
  • Atlas V 502
  • Atlas V 532
  • Atlas V 552
  • Atlas V HLV
  • Carrack Medium (ETS)
  • Carrack Heavy (ETS)
  • Delta II
  • Delta III
  • Delta IV M+ (4,4)
  • Delta IV M+ (5,4)
  • Delta IV Heavy
  • DIRECT-Jupiter (theoretical)
  • Saturn I
  • Saturn IB
  • Saturn IC (ETS)
  • Saturn V
  • Saturn C-8 (theoretical)
  • Saturn Multibody Heavy H03 (ETS)
  • STS (Space Shuttle) Lifter


These rocket parts ARE NOT stock balanced! They're using the real world mass ratios, thrusts, ISPs, dry weights, and so on. They will certainly WORK in stock, just with severe overkill.


This is still in alpha/beta development. Parts are still being added, and things can and will change!



This pack is intended for use with "Real Solar System", or otherwise a more realistic scale version of Kerbin (such as 6.4x scale). The parts included will likely be severe overkill in a more normal KSP installation.

This pack provides a variety of "Kerbalized" versions of real world boosters. These are not meant to be true replicas. Where we've been able to get decent numbers for the real world counterparts, we have tried to get the sizes, masses, fuel capacities (in terms of mass), thrust, and ISP numbers close to correct. The art assets attempt to capture the overall shape and look of their real counterparts, matching the colors and dimensions, but perhaps not all of the details. Precision wasn't a requirement in building this pack. Rather, it's meant to be closer to the "SpaceY" art style, but functionally replicating real boosters.

You will also notice that this pack includes only the boosters, and not the payload portions of these rockets. For example, the Saturn V parts are included from the bottom, up to and including the third stage (and Instrument Unit), but no Apollo spacecraft. The Space Shuttle parts will build you a working LH/LOX tank ("soon") and SRB combo, but does not have an Orbiter. The idea is to build your own payload and use realistically performing analogs to the boosters used in the real world. To that end, some adapters and fairing parts are included so that other KSP parts will function with these boosters.

While some parts already have a diameter close to a standard KSP size, they're still slightly different. If it's close enough, I've included a little bit of a rim that will help hide the transition when attaching stock parts. If it's too far off, an adapter is often the better way to go. For instance, the Atlas V's first stage is 3.81m. A simple rim works in this case when attaching a Kerbodyne 3.75m tank.


Usage Notes:

    * Inside the "Ships" folder, there are several example rockets already assembled.

    * None of the engines have bottom attachment nodes, or auto-shrouds. Instead, the mod functions more realistically, with interstages that are matched to the stages that use them, and engines can be mixed and matched inside of them (space permitting). Usually you will need to place the engines first, and then snap the appropriate interstage on afterward (whose attachment node may be hidden inside the tank).

    * Because different rockets historically have had different staging sequences, some of which place ullage motors on the interstages (Saturn V for instance), sometimes the stage's fuel tank has a decoupler node. Attachment nodes for the interstages may be hidden inside the tank butt, and usually are aligned with the exterior fuselage, rather than the end of a bulging dome or tank butt.

    * Realistic numbers have been used where possible, but sometimes available data online is rounded or imprecise, or have changed over the years so they are inconsistent. Numbers may be tweaked in the future if better information becomes available. Part sizes should be reasonably correct, but sometimes we lose a half meter or more somewhere.

    * In the available data, SRBs often are described in terms of either peak thrust, or average thrust. In the real world they have a highly variable thrust profile (by design). In KSP they use a single, invariant thrust level. We've opted for using a number somwhere between the average and peak thrusts. You may find the burn times shorter than the real world counterparts as a result, unless you use thrust limiting.

    * Real world RCS and attitude control thrusters tend to be very weak compared to what we're used to in KSP. For example the thrusters in the Delta IV upper stages are supposed to have less than 0.04 thrust. In KSP that feels almost useless, so we've opted for numbers closer to KSP's usual RCS thrusters.

    * By default RSB uses the stock LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, and MonoPropellant, but with the correct amounts of mass, so that the performance is consistent with the real rockets. Compatibility patches for Real Fuels (for example) should be forthcoming eventually.

    * These rockets are reasonably stable under the stock joint strength, and stock aerodynamics, since the part count is low. KJR and FAR are still recommended for a good experience though.


Known Issues:

  • The Atlas V 500-series procedural fairing doesn't want to stretch straight up cylindrically around the Centaur at the correct diameter. It has to widen slightly first.
  • Career-mode costs of parts and their unlocks are all out of whack, and need a balance pass.

Wishlist / To-Do:

  • Several generic radial decouplers and Ullage/Retro SRMs.
  • Ariane V - (added in 0.5) - Possibly add ES variant?
  • (maybe) DIRECT-Jupiter (shuttle derivative) - (usable, could use more parts)
  • (maybe) Proton (Russian)
  • (maybe) SLS, CDR version - (would love to, but multiple mods already have this)
  • (maybe) Titan III family
  • (maybe) Falcon 9R - (would love to, but multiple mods already have this)
  • (maybe) Energia (Soviet)
  • (maybe) PSLV/GSLV (Indian) - (PSLV added in 0.6)
  • (maybe) Orbital Antares
  • (maybe) Mercury/Gemini rockets: Redstone, Atlas D, Titan II
  • (maybe) Tsyklon, Cosmos, Vostok (Russian)
  • (maybe) Lambda, Diamant, Viking, Vanguard
  • (maybe) Long March (Chinese)
  • (maybe) H-IIB (Japanese)
  • (maybe) N1 (Soviet)
  • (maybe) Chrysler SERV (SSTO)
  • (maybe) Thunderbolt (Eyes Turned Skyward)
  • (maybe) (new) Juno I/II
  • (maybe) (new) NEXUS
  • more selections of realistic clamshell fairings




Simply copy the "RealScaleBoosters" folder into your GameData folder. If upgrading from a previous version, be sure to delete the old one from GameData first (this is the cleanest option).



There's not a whole lot to go wrong in RSB by itself. If you are using the "stockalike" patches, some problems can arise due to either ModuleManager, or CKAN screwing up the installation/removal of various mods (and thus confusing ModuleManager), or maybe there is a new mod interaction that I'm not aware of.

Some basic things you can do:

  • Try deleting "ModuleManager.ConfigCache" in GameData. Always try this first. MM's cache can get out of sync and the only way to know that the problems you're having are real is to delete this file, and fire up KSP again, and let it rebuild the cache, and see if you are still having problems.
  • Try completely deleting and reinstalling this mod, and anything else that might be interacting with it, such as mods that make sweeping changes to fuel tanks, fuels, engines, or rescaling.
  • Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of this mod, ModuleManager, and anything else they might be interacting with. If KSP has just recently updated to a new version, some of these mods may be broken at first.
  • If you're using CKAN and have removed any mods with it, recently or at any time in the past, make sure those mods actually are completely 100% removed. You may have to manually delete the folders since CKAN is very inconsistent about properly removing things and cleaning up after itself. Even if a mod's folder is completely empty, the fact that it exists will make ModuleManager believe that the mod is present.
  • If you're loading the included sample rockets, and the size and fuel capacity is all wrong, make sure you're using the right sample rockets. For a regular RSB installed, they all have names that start with "RSB". For the "stockalike" patches, you should only be using the sample rockets that start with "RSBstock".



Download From:







***optional***  RSB Stockalike (stockification rescale patches)  ***optional***






Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike



Change Log:


0.16 (2018-03-12) - Tweaks, Compatibility, etc
 - Added an exclusion for RP-0, for the RSB customized Tech Tree.
 - Corrected a ModuleManager error in the customized tech tree.

0.15 (2016-10-12) - KSP 1.2 Update.
 - Updated categories for many parts.
 - Added KerbNet and transmitter modules to probe core parts.

0.14.5 (2016-06-22) - Fix.
 - Restored the flag decals to the correct shader now that KSP 1.1.3 has addressed the transparency issue.

0.14.4 (2016-05-31) - Hotfix.
 - Fixed a capitalization error in the tech tree patches.
 - Corrected the logic surrounding whether to use SpaceY or CTT tech nodes when both mods are present.

0.14.3 (2016-05-25) - Stuff.
 - Switched attachment positions for verniers on sample Delta II & III rockets.
 - Added a correction for the RS-25 engine to use the correct stock model even if Ven's Stock Revamp attempts to change it.

0.14.2 (2016-05-23) - Hotfix for RealFuels.
 - Disabled RF mulitplier patch. SolidFuel amounts were getting muliplied twice when RealFuels is used without RealismOverhaul.

0.14.1 (2016-05-20) - Tweaks.
 - Slowed hose-retraction animation in umbilical tower.
 - Widened base of umbilical tower just slightly, to avoid z-fighting when clipping two together.
 - Added "secondary" umbilical tower that can more easily be clipped inside the main Delta tower.
 - Added small box-colliders to the hose mounts on Delta umbilical towers, to be able to grab them individually when clipped together.
 - Added second umbilical to sample Delta II and III rockets.

0.14 (2016-05-19) - Launch Stability.
 - Updated sample rockets to stage the engines ahead of the launch clamps.
 - Added multiple launch clamp designs, plus a Delta Umbilical Tower.
 - Updated several sample rockets to use new launch clamps & tower.

0.13.1 (2016-05-08) - Texture Recompression.
 - Re-compressed several DDS textures to the correct size.

0.13 (2016-05-05) - Update.
 - Adjusted all white textures to make the speckling slightly more subtle.
 - Probe core parts (upper stages with avionics, Saturn IUs) "keep-alive" electrical usage lowered by 20% to match 2.5m stock probe core.
 - Added more Delta-II components: Delta-K upper stage + engine, interstage decoupler, fairings.
 - Updated sample Delta II rocket.

0.12.3 (2016-04-25) - Bug fixes and Cleanup.
 - Added a config patch that cleans up the "RSBclass" log spam.
 - Fixed many "transparent flags" in the VAB by switching to the KSP/Alpha/Cutoff shader.
 - Fix for surface-effects on Castor 30/120 and RL10B-2 engines.
 - Added missing decoupler FX for several parts.
 - Re-enabled Atlas V 500 boattail style procedural fairing.
    - Fixed a "NullReferenceException" associated with this fairing.
 - Fixed a visual glitch with some of the Atlas interstage/fairing parts.
 - Corrected some radius issues with Atlas V procedural fairings.
 - Added a note in the description for all parts that decouple at the bottom node.

0.12.2 (2016-04-22) - Hotfix.
 - Adjusted the custom tech nodes to still be created when the optional stockification patches are used.

0.12.1 (2016-04-22) - Transparency fix.
 - Corrected the "always transparent" problem in the VAB editor for interstages/decouplers in 1.1.

0.12 (2016-04-22) - Update.
 - Enabled surface attaching to the Saturn procedural fairing bases (for strutting).
 - Disabled Atlas 500 procedural fairing boattail from menus, since it's not attaching properly in 1.1.
 - Added Atlas 500 procedural fairing based on the interstage instead.
 - Added decoupling node to bottom of Centaur, Agena, and Castors, and updated sample rockets.
 - Adjusted and added more settings for the Stockification patches.
 - Added search tags for the DeltaIV SRMs (GEM-60).
 - Added collider settings for procedural fairing bases.
 - Corrected radial attachment point for Delta III first stage tank.

0.11.2 (2016-04-18) - Tweaks
 - Lowered the snap radius threshold for some procedural fairings.
 - Corrected Delta II tank fairing attachment points.
 - Added the correct Delta II procedural fairing base (it referenced an existing model as a placeholder prior to this).

0.11.1 (2016-04-17)  - Update.
 - Corrected the Carrack procedural fairing's starting radius, instead of breaking it. :wink:

0.11 (2016-04-17) - Update.
 - Added Delta II First stage tank, procedural fairing, and nose cone (other parts delayed).
 - Converted Delta II/III texture to DDS.
 - Corrected GEM-40 radial attachment point.
 - Corrected the Carrack procedural fairing's starting radius.
 - Added some variables and various adjustments to facilitate optional stockification patches.
 - Fixed a problem preventing Ariane V SRBs from gimbaling in both axes.
 - Added a fairing base (8.4m) for the STS/DIRECT rocket family, matching the existing decouplers.
 - Enabled surface attachment on most procedural fairing bases, for strutting.

0.10 (2016-04-10) - Update + KSP 1.1 readiness.
 - Renamed the radial decoupler "SRM Decoupling Kit" to be more generic than "GEM-60 Decoupling Kit".
 - Added URLs to the README.
 - Deprecated & disabled the "default custom tab" for the VAB/SPH menus.
    - Config file renamed to ".txt" ("RealScaleBoosters/Category/CustomCategory.txt").
    - Can be renamed back to ".cfg" if you want to experiment with it.
    - Will no longer be maintained, due to improvements in the VAB search options.
 - Added search tags to many parts.
 - Added Athena parts (and sample rockets), utilizing the existing Castor 120 stages.

0.9 (2016-03-18) - Update.
 - Removed the remaining deprecated RCS config from the Delta III first stage tank's part CFG.
 - Added Saturn S-II-8 and S-IC-8 stages, and associated decoupler, to enable making Saturn C-8 (Nova).
 - Added Saturn C-8 sample rocket.

0.8.1 (2016-03-14) - Fixes
 - Altered the ETS Saturns (IC & Multibody) sample rockets to use F-1A engine.
 - Altered the blue engine FX to be slightly more stockalike (particularly, less spread and less saturation).
 - Fixed colliders on the GEM-40 (Delta II) SRM.
 - Fixed missing Carrack procedural fairing base.
 - Removed RCS-Verniers from Delta III first stage tank.
 - Added LR-101 Vernier Engine, and updated Delta III sample rocket to use it.

0.8 (2016-03-12) - The "briefly flew" update.
 - Added Delta III parts and sample rocket.
 - Added Saturn I variant parts (S-IV stage + interstage-decoupler, S-I stage fins, RL10-A3 engine, etc).
 - Split the Agena-D model into two pieces, for easier modding of this mod.
 - Spherical propellant tanks moved to FuelTank menu category, and fuel oriented tech node.
 - Added Castor120/Carrack procedural fairing base.
 - Rebalanced the audio slightly for many engines.
 - Added more support for FilterExtensions, with icons.
 - Added Rocketdyne F-1A engine variant (using the F-1 model, config tweaked by VenomousRequiem).

0.7 (2016-03-06) - Fictional update, and Tweaks.
 - Converted ISRO PSLV textures to DDS.
 - Added a nose cone for the 2.8m ISRO PSLV, for converting its lower stages for use as strap-ons.
 - Added ISRO PSLV parts to the custom menu tab, and FilterExtensions tabs.
 - Added Saturn S-IVC, S-IE, & S-IF stage tanks, and second 6.6m nose cone, to enable the fictional Saturn 1C/Multibody (Eyes Turned Skyward).
 - Added Castor 120 solid rocket motor, plus ETS Carrack parts (decouplers, fairings, boattail, nose cone, etc).
 - Added flag decal to Saturn S-IVB tank.
 - Added a simplistic normal-map to the STS (shuttle) ET texture (also used by new fictional Saturn tanks).
 - Added surface attachable monopropellant spheres.

0.6 (2016-02-28) - New rocket & Tweaks.
 - Renamed and reorganized some of the ModuleManager patch files.
 - Enabled a multiplier for propellants to bring them back up to the intended mass with RealFuels/RealismOverhaul, for parts that don't get the propellant replaced by those mods.
 - Added a "FOR" statement to the TweakScale MM config.
 - Adjusted Ariane V core stage texture: Broke up the tile pattern somewhat, to look less repetitious.
 - Converted Ariane V textures to DDS.
 - Corrected Ariane V clamshell fairing flag decal to not cast shadows on itself.
 - Added clamshell fairing attachment points to aid in making non-standard rocket configurations:
    - Ariane V core stage, and interstage decoupler.
    - Delta IV CBC, and 5m interstage decoupler.
    - Atlas V didn't make sense to add, since fairings are sized only to the Centaur or to the "boattail".
 - Rotated clamshell fairings 180 degrees, to attach from the left, and use positive ejection charges. Saved crafts will need to be updated.
 - Added ISRO PSLV rocket parts.

0.5.1 (2016-02-19) - TweakScale Patch.
 - Completely replaced the TweakScale config. Much simpler now, and fixes a variety of problems with scaling.

0.5 (2016-02-13) - Alpha Dev.
 - Split out another model component from the Delta IV DCSSs for the thruster platform.
 - Split out models for Atlas Centaur, similar to Delta DCSS, to permit scaling the tank separately from the helium/hydrazine spheres.
 - Moved the DIRECT rocket parts to the experimental (or "massive" in SpaceY) rocketry tech node.
 - Reduced Centaur dry mass to account for adapter mass.
 - Increased Centaur monopropellant to 154 kg (to match reality).
 - Added the STS ET and DIRECT adapters to the TweakScale config.
 - Added Ariane V parts, core stage, second stage, interstage, SRB, Vulcain 2, HM-7B engine, fairings, decouplers, etc.
 - Added Ariane V sample rocket (with dummy payloads).
 - Added VAB transparency to clamshell fairings (when mousing over the bottom end).
 - Fixed VAB transparency on Interstage decouplers.
 - Added some missing TweakScale settings.
 - Added a custom VAB menu tab/category.
 - Added subcategories for FilterExtensions for Ariane and STS/DIRECT (custom icons still needed, and FE support still work in progress).

0.4 (2016-02-02) - Alpha Development.
 - Enough changes since 0.3 to call it 0.4.
 - Atlas V CFLR adjustments:
    - Re-added thruster capability to Altas V CFLR, default 0 propellant.
    - Corrected direction of standard ejection charge on Atlas V CFLR.
 - Re-tuned PLF (payload fairing) ejection:
    - Re-tuned ISP (and thus total impulse) of the ejection thrust.
    - Defaulted propellant to 50% (so user can tweak up or down).
    - Added standard ejection charge, proportional to mass.
 - Radial Decoupler adjustments:
    - Increased standard ejection force, considerably.
    - Defaulted thrust propellant to 50% (so user can tweak up or down).
 - Updated sample Atlas V and Delta IV rockets with the above.
 - Added struts to sample Atlas V 500 series rockets, connecting CFLR to PLF, to stabilize PLF & Centaur.
 - Added DIRECT v3 Jupiter engine enclosure. Still incomplete vehicle, but somewhat usable now.

0.3.3 (2016-02-01) - Alpha Development.
 - Moved the STS External Tank's top attachment node to accomodate DIRECT-Jupiter adapters.
 - Added two variants of DIRECT-Jupiter adapter decouplers, 8.4m and 7.5m. Incomplete vehicle at this point.
 - Replaced solid propellant with plain ejection charge on CFLR pieces for Atlas V. (Known issue: ejects forward)
 - Enabled surface attachment on CFLR pieces for Atlas V.
 - Updated sample Atlas V rockets with CFLR changes.
 - Adjusted masses of the Atlas V interstages and Boattail.

0.3.2 (2016-02-01) - Alpha development.
 - Added 8 retrorockets to the Atlas V CCB.
    - updated sample rockets (propellant and staging).
    - Starts with realistic total 4.2 units (31.5 kg) propellant. Can be increased to 8 units.
 - Added missing "vessel type" info for the Atlas V and Delta IV upper stages.
 - Added F-1B engine variant (with "best guess" stats).
 - Added MM patch to add SMURFF exclusion to all RSB parts, if SMURFF is detected.

0.3.1 (2016-01-31) - Alpha development.
 - Renamed the Atlas V SRB "AJ-62", and shortened it to 17.7m.
    - As per http://www.spacelaunchreport.com/atlas5.html
    - Updated sample rockets.
 - Added flag for RSB.

0.3 (2016-01-31) - Alpha development.
 - Adjusted the descriptions of the STS/Ares SRBs.
 - Corrected the "manufacturer" for the Saturn S-II tank.
 - Added menu filter for FilterExtensions (currently still missing the custom icons).
 - All procedural fairing bases renamed to say "Procedural Fairing".
 - Added STS (Space Shuttle) External Tank.
 - Added clamshell fairings for all Atlas V and Delta IV configurations.
 - Added payload adapters (decouplers) for the Delta IV upper stages.
 - Updated sample rockets.

0.2.1 (2016-01-26) - Alpha development.
 - Added heavy strut.
 - Converted textures to DDS.

0.2 (2016-01-26) - Alpha development.
 - Added Ares I parts: Upper stage, fairing base, associated decouplers/interstages, J-2X engine.
 - Added Atlas V parts: RL-10A-4-2 and RD-180 engines, Centaur upper stage, Common Core Booster, adapters/interstages, strap-on SRBs, etc.
 - Added a generic "GEM-60" SRB radial decoupler. Works well for strap-on booster cores too.
 - Moved Delta IV fairing bases to the Etc folder.
 - Fixed radial attachment radius for the Saturn S-IVB tank.
 - Improved atmospheric ISP of the Saturn S-IVB auxiliary propulsion.
 - Specified sea level ISP of the Delta IV SRMs, using numbers from the Atlas V SRBs which use the same propellant.
 - Updated the sample craft files.
 - Updated TweakScale config to set most parts to "free" scaling.
 - Various Tech-Tree updates.

0.1 (2016-01-14) - Pre-pre-alpha. Not yet ready for actual release.
 - This is a test copy available on dev forum thread.
 - Includes only Saturn V, Saturn IB, Delta IV (medium and heavy), Shuttle SRBs.





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8 minutes ago, Felbourn said:

If this mod were not awesome enough already... here's its memory footprint in my RSS install:


Good to see that it's low.  That's pretty common with mods by NecroBones.

BTW, I love how Project Alexandrea is coming along.

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4 hours ago, NecroBones said:

Also posted a quick update:


0.2.1 (2016-01-26) - Alpha development.
 - Added heavy strut.
 - Converted textures to DDS.



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1 hour ago, Felbourn said:

If this mod were not awesome enough already... here's its memory footprint in my RSS install:


Cool, it's nice to see a visualization like that. Yep, I'm trying to maintain that "tradition" of keeping the memory footprint small. This pack has the largest textures I've ever made, but they're still heavily shared, so there aren't many of them.


1 hour ago, Felbourn said:

Necro, you used two fonts in the title image. One is Nasalization. What is the other?

It's called "Future".

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2 hours ago, Phineas Freak said:

Wooo, it's RO time!

BTW, since that you are going to create the Shuttle ET: could you take it a bit further and and an engine adapter like the one from DIRECT?

  Hide contents


(you have all the parts for it. Well...almost!)

It looks pretty straightforward. I'll just have to see if I can get some good numbers for it. I like it a lot, it's like a mini-SLS. :)


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Started working on the RO support. First stop: Ares I




It flies beautifully (t even gets the shock effects of the Ares I-X)! @NecroBonesyou have done a really professional work!

The only problem was the luck of retro motors for the RSRM...also, i had the impression that Ares I could not inject a full Orion into LEO but this thing managed it after two test flights :confused:.

Edited by Phineas Freak
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19 hours ago, NathanKell said:

Certainly not a winged monstrosity of 80t dry mass, no one would be that silly. :P

Certainly, that would be crazy talk. ;)



Question for everyone, and this may come down to a simple preference. If I make the DIRECT/Jupiter rocket parts based on the shuttle parts, I can see two simple ways of getting the External Tank we need:


1. Keep just the one Shuttle ET, but make both a decoupler and a fairing base that are designed to fit over nose of the tank, and turn it into a cylinder. The benefit is that the tank only shows up once in the menus.


2. Just make a separate Jupiter version of the tank, and then the decoupler and fairing base can be more typical flat parts. This means two separate tanks in the menu, but is perhaps a lot more versatile since it'll be a standard cylindrical tank design, even if not much else is out there in 8.4m diameter.


Either choice can also have adapters to neck it down to 7.5m and 5m standard diameters.


Any preference?

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27 minutes ago, Phineas Freak said:

When i made the suggestion for the mount, i thought that the ET was 3 parts, the "nose cone", the main cylindrical tank and the rounded "butt". I could see the first option work fine though.

Yeah, that certainly would be the stock-alike way to do it, but in this case I'm favoring fewer parts (and therefore fewer joints). I've put stack attachment nodes on the ET though, so things can still be attached at the ends. I figure with the right adapter pieces it can do double duty. ;)


EDIT: Technically that is option #3-- Break the nose cone off into a separate part, and have a cylindrical piece that can be snapped on in its place.


Edited by NecroBones
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1 hour ago, NecroBones said:

EDIT: Technically that is option #3-- Break the nose cone off into a separate part, and have a cylindrical piece that can be snapped on in its place.


I'm actually getting tempted to do it this way. The ET could end with an exposed tank dome, and the player decides which covering to snap onto it. It adds a joint, but it also allows me to control the mass numbers and keep the fuel capacity designation in the one tank part.

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