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What is your favourite TV show?


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Favorite of all time: The Simpsons

Runners up: Seinfeld, Office (BBC), Perfect Strangers, Lost, Are You Being Served, Golden Girls, Cash Cab, Night Court, IT crowd, PTI

And my most recent favorite show, are you intrigued? Si, si, I\'m very intrigued.

Dan Le Batard is Highly Questionable

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I don\'t really have a favorite, but that\'s because there\'s very few shows on TV that I feel are even worth watching.

-Eureka; it\'s a good show, and sadly in its last season

-Warehouse 13; another good show, but not back in season for another month

-Doctor Who; who doesn\'t love this show?

-Top Gear; the original (British) one, not any of the bad spin-offs

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Here is a list! I can\'t just choose one :D!

1. The Adventures Of Tintin

2. Star Trek: The Next Generation

3. Star Trek: Voyager

4. Doctor Who (The 10th Doctor rocked!)

5. The Universe

6. Star Trek: DS9

7. Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

8. Mythbusters

9. Avatar: The Last Airbender

10. The Twilight Zone (Original)

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I watch My Little Po PROMPTLY SHOT

Since we don\'t air anything good here, i rely on the internet for shows, especially subbed or english shows (as in, created in an english speaking country to begin with)

This is mostly stuff that used to air on Cartoon Network, yup, and it was pretty good to...

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That\'s easy Avatar The Last Airbender. If it has to be on tv currently Legend of Korra followed closely by MLP. I really don\'t tv much though nothing really interests me anymore except for stuff on History( which is slowly becoming the Redneck Channel ::) ) and discovery.

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