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Career mode progress


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How's everyone's career modes going, and what's the overall game plan, money/science/reputation building strategy, upcoming/progressing missions, etc?

Seems there aren't very many of these threads going around anymore, so I thought I'd start one.

As far as mine goes, I'm rich, with $5,000,000+ in funds. I just depleted my 2,000+ science by unlocking another 20% of the tech tree, which is now over 80% unlocked. I try never to do a mission unless a contract is offering me money for it, which is why my administration building has strategies in place that take well over 50% of my funds to yield extra science and reputation. Minmus is my main science bank, but I've nearly bled it dry by now, so the Mun is my source of emergency science. I can land 1 Kerbal on either the Mun or Minmus for just $35,000 per launch, and if I hop around on Minmus 2-3 times I can multiply my science gains. (I try to make my launches as cheap and efficient as possible. I try not to clip parts, but my rockets are, I think, still fairly aesthetically pleasing.) I launched two probes that successfully entered orbit, and transmitted science back from, Eve and Ike. I have a Duna mission planned that will cost $120,000; 4 Kerbals will travel to Duna, and 2 will land and return from the surface. (Getting them back down after they've returned will be tough -- I'm considering building an SSTO to fetch them, since, although I have built many successful SSTO's in the past, I have never built one in career mode before.)

My end-game will be to have some kind of Grand Tour mission. The rocket will probably cost a million or two, but getting science from every single solid body in the Kerbol system all in one launch should be well worth it!

Below, a screenshot from a recent landing on Minmus.


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I just stated Year 6 (Day 6) and $800k in the bank after building some big ships. I'm in the process of shifting my focus from science and money to just plain expansion via ISRU and the Simple Construction mod. I've got a miner landed on Minmus and another headed to Duna, and I'm starting to fear that the one headed to Duna will be stalled out because all the surface base does is mine, and I've not got enough fuel there to lift the ore into orbit to the refinery. So, I'm prepping for a fuel run from the Minmus base (which isn't quite up yet either) before the next Duna window.

I probably won't make much more money in this save, as I'm going to just stop even paying attention to contracts. The only ships I'll be launching will be passenger ships to send people to Minmus for eventual ejection to other places. That's the plan at least.

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