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Shark Expedition

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Shark Expedition

Another team project with Klond and his amazing Engineering Gadgets. I have to say his talents have been inspiring me to push myself to do better. This project started when Klond requested a Boat to be built for a Crane which I thought was cool enough then he said wait I am going build a Shark........I said A SHARK??? Couldn't wait to see it! This was something that he was already working on and finished it for this project. I think he surprised himself with the outcome. Now we have a 62 Passenger and Crew Diving Vessel, Cranes, Shark Cage and a fierce looking Mechanical Shark, it was time for a movie short. With ideas from Klond I followed his lead and we decided on Shark Expedition for the title. We hope you peeps like the finished work. Thanks for the downloads, rep and comments from us both and please give Klond Rep on his comment to this post. Also a BIG thanks to Klond for his work that makes my Boat look so much better with his talent (Cranes, Shark Cage & Shark).


At launch switch control to the remote under the Diving Vessel you will see it between the Engines in the center. High Speeds will break the Automatic Doors you can avoid this by pressing Action Group Abort. Pressing Spacebar will Engage the Main Engines, the next press will be done in the water to release the small steering gear on the bow, this will reduce drag while traveling on the water. The third press of the Spacebar will release the Anchor the Fourth press will release the Port Crane (Left Crane) then pressing the Spacebar again will release the Starboard Crane (Right Crane). 
Set Throttle at Full and use the Action Groups for short burst of Thrust, 1 to toggle Main Engines, 2 will toggle Reverse, 3 to turn Left (To Port) 4 to turn Right (To Starboard).

Action Groups

1 Main Engines
2 Toggle Reverse
3 Toggle Thuds to turn Left
4 Toggle Thuds to turn Right
5 Toggle Lights and Scanners
6 Toggle Lights
7 Toggle Lights
8 Toggle Lights
9 Toggle Lights
10 Toggle Lights

Craft File: Diving Vessel
Parts: 1241
Mass: 743.610t
Height: 18.1m
Width: 13.5m
Length: 47.9m

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Shark Expedition - The Movie turned out so good!

1st draft of movie poster for those that haven't see it yet.

"Jeb knows there's danger, but he must study these eating machines."



Here's our main antagonist


He's got his own kerbalx.  Feel free to use this guy for whatever.

Of course, the awesome boat from the movie.


 Castille7 put a helipad up front, neat antenna masts, cage platform there, maneauving jets, walkways, stairs, life preservers, crew quarters - everything a captain could want.  You can see the dual cranes with little shark cages on chains :)








and anchor



Cranes, cages, anchor, everything are all part of the boat available on Castille7's kerbalx.

Thanks to my man Castille7 for putting together the neato boat and making/mashing/creating the video.

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This is why I love KSP.  How many people get a game about building rockets and going to other planets, and then make sharks with it?  Kudos guys, for making this truly remarkable collection.  Folks like you are what makes the KSP community so awesome.

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The Making of Shark Expedition

Here are some ideas that were not used and some ideas that helped us to shape the final outcome of the project



Head too big or door way to small?



We looked at the idea of a Helipad like this and it was not looking like a good fit



How do you get Sharks to a Location so far away? Anyway you can! 
The plan was to land, release the Shark on the bracket that was made to cradle it then recover the Boat leaving the Shark floating on the water, well....the Shark was causing the Boat to flip forward and this was actually working just as good or better. 



A new meaning to the Word Flying Fish!!



This was an idea to get a Shark and Filming Crew to Location



Early Stages of the Diving Vessel's Fabrication



With practice you to can be a Fish Delivery Pilot!



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9 hours ago, Kaiser82 said:

If i were less of a gentleman, i'd respond with an expletive, followed by the word "awesome"

Thank you! 

Wow our first sticky as a team! Thank you all and a huge thanks to @klond and his engineering talents that drew so much attention here I'm sure!!

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