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40 minutes ago, CatastrophicFailure said:

Perhaps only tangentially related at this point but dang this is an enlightening article:



Wow.  Impressive, but also very kerbal.  Still, at ⅕ the cost had NASA done it non-commercially there is some slack to be given.  Too bad about the surface plume experiment and data though.  That was critical for better understanding fluid dynamics in a vacuum and safely landing larger craft. 

This should probably be in the CLPS thread, btw

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A large amount of content has been removed, due to:

  • politics
  • off-topic content
  • arguing about arguing
  • telling people what to do or not to do (a.k.a. "backseat moderating")
  • responding to any posts that do any of the above.  When we remove a thing, we gotta remove everything that responds to it, lest we create "dangling responses".

Folks, please don't post politics, surely this reminder shouldn't be necessary.

A few bits of advice:

  • "Here's what government should do" or "here's what public policy should be" tends to be political, so if you see yourself writing that kind of thing, treat that as a warning signal and reconsider posting it.
  • Responding to someone else who posted politics, is politics.  Even if you say "not political, but".
  • Discussion of environmental issues per se isn't really about SpaceX, so it's off topic.  "SpaceX is having difficulty with a launch permit because of environmental issue" is fine... but extending that to "what our environmental policy should be" or the importance of such issues is off-topic.  (And almost invariably political.)
  • Please don't tell anyone what to do or what not to do, even as a "suggestion".  You're not a moderator, it's not your place to give orders.  If you think something's a problem, just report it and don't respond.  That engages the moderators, whose job it is to deal with that sort of thing.  It's what we're for.
  • When you know that someone else's stuff is off-topic, please don't try the maneuver of responding to them in the same vein, and then inserting a token "obligatory SpaceX" remark, in order to somehow make your post "OK".  It just makes things worse.  When we remove the other thing, it means we have to remove your stuff, too.
  • Please don't respond to anything political or otherwise problematic with the rules, even if your own post tries to steer clear of those problems.  Because we can't have "dangling responses".

Thank you for your understanding.

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Since being selected as the lander to return humans to the surface of the Moon for the first time since Apollo, SpaceX has completed more than 30 HLS specific milestones by defining and testing hardware needed for power generation, communications, guidance and navigation, propulsion, life support, and space environments protection.

From https://www.nasa.gov/image-article/nasa-spacex-test-starship-lunar-lander-docking-system/, emphasis by me.

Nice progress :cool:


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IFT-2 investigation has been closed.

Edit: Sorry, Monday's news. May have missed this being shared earlier.

Only 17 corrective actions is a marked improvement on IFT-1 which required 63.

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Why has there been little discussion of using Starship for planetary probes? Wouldn't access to a cheap, super heavy launch vehicle allow missions like Dragonfly and the Uranus Orbiter to be much quicker by allowing direct routes instead of needing multiple gravity assists? I know Starship isn't an operational vehicle yet, but if NASA is willing to use it for as its plan for Artemis in just 2.5 years, why don't any missions slated for 5+ years in the future, when even pessimistically Starship will be available, plan to use it? A faster mission profile also reduces the plutonium requirements. 

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