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Mini SR-71 Drone

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Mini SR-71 Drone

This little craft has been a Diamond in rough. I started testing it and shared it with @klond for further testing and he discovered that the craft can Circumnavigate! This was a shocker, further testing was revealing some takeoff problems. The craft was not holding very well to the center of the Runway, I've try a few configurations with the location of the fuel and this helped, also the amount of fuel was making a difference. I decided to leave the craft light on fuel for better takeoffs and performance. If you would like to Circumnavigate Kerbin you will need to top off the entire craft with fuel.

The craft was looking a little fast paced so I decided to go with some classic rock for the video.

Operations: Use SAS and the entire Runway. If your using full throttle you may need to give quick taps to steer back to the center of the Runway. Full Warp is ok. Landings are a little difficult but the craft will brake suddenly after touchdown.



Klond's Test Flight





High Altitude Testing



Here I was going for more details but the craft was not handling well, nor was it looking clean.





Going places quickly




Something had my curiosity 


Yep! Jeb can ride on it...



Craft File: Mini SR-71 Drone
Parts: 28
Mass: 1.726t
Height: 1.8m
Width: 3.7m
Length: 5.8m

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4 hours ago, Bubbadevlin said:

Cool! Even more fitting that I just saw an SR71 today! 

Thank you, and seeing one must have been really cool. I've seen photos of a few of them together, didn't realize so many were built.

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