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Help with USI LS


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Hi guys, was wondering if you could help

I wanted a life support mod which kills kerbals... but also wanted kolinization (it looks amazing)

I figured i would get USI ls and configure it to kill kerbals (setting the effect to 5  in config for both vet and non vet when running out of supplies, ec etc...)

I did this because i read that USI kolinization no longer supports TAC or doesnt work as well and i don't mind having resources grouped as "supplies" instead of individual resources too much.

Anyway after setting it all up and testing in both career and sandbox mode i found that after the 15 days of "starving" the kerbals become tourists and do not die.

Ive checked the in game settings which shows it is selected to K.I.A for both vet and non-vet... any idea why this is happening... i just want my kerbals to die!

Any help is much appreciated!

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did you set it to KIA bifur thy turns tourists?

post this in the USI-LS tread whit the logs from datax64 and ksp.log
preferably add a list of mods you have
if you use a small number of mods maybe add the save too

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4 hours ago, regex said:

What's the point of life support without the risk?

good point. I like USI LS because all that happens is that they turn into tourists lol.

20 hours ago, Spricigo said:

I think you are not paying attention. 


why.... why would someone do this!? :o:0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0::0.0:

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I have a Roving base on the mun that has LS supplies for 155d, 2d, 1y33d -  

My orbiting station around mun has LS Supplies for 204d, 4d, 1y22d 

Transfering from the surface base to the station, with a 3 kerbal lander, caused all three to go tourist during the ascent. Having a probe core allowed me to dock and then they would be all ok. 

You would be looking at three green corpses who died for inexplicable reasons.



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