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New Mission builder and carreer interactions


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After watching some various youtube teasing about the mission builder, I couldn't answer a basic question

Are the missions created in the mission builder available in a career game or are they just stand alone missions ?


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No the whole system is separate from the Career system.  The only thing you can use in career from the DLC is the new parts.  Too me this is the biggest disappointment in the DLC.  Going to try to see if you can mod in the ability to use Missions created in the Mission Builder into career but some important caveats have to exist.. For instance if the system uses the same Contract objective Parameters for mission goals as Contracts do.  We will see.  If not than well not sure.

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1 hour ago, malkuth said:

Too me this is the biggest disappointment in the DLC.

yep, same. I was thinking that we were going to get a whole little community resource of missions that you could run as part of your career (and maybe never need the stock ones). My hope was that I could say "right, I'm careering off to Moho, I wonder what interesting community missions to Moho exist" and then run those along side whatever else I was doing in career. Pity, I wonder why they chose to build it like that?  There are mods that can add missions into a standard career game, so the means to do that is there, seems like an odd choice to make the missions as stand alone only things.

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Just to add my voice to the chorus. This is what I wanted too. I was hoping for something along the lines of:

  1. If you have a kerbal stranded somewhere that needs rescuing (happens a lot all the time) and if you don't want to spend the time rescuing them, then:
  2. you can create a simple mission, say from within the mission control building, to rescue said kerbal. You will have to put up your own money as a reward. This will keep it a bit balanced. If nobody is taking you mission, you have the option of editing it to increase the rewards. You could even put up your science points as a reward.
  3. The game then uploads this mission briefing to a Squad server, which also gives listings to everybody else so that:
  4. in the mission control building you can also see missions from others and you can select and choose what you want to do.

Something like that which would only be available to DLC purchasers would see this mod fly off the shelves :)

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Hmm, that's very sad. Playing a persistent career with multiple mission at the same time si quite nice. The mission builder is a way to create our own set of missions to play even at the same time.

I hop @Squad will allow that in a future patch.

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Considering the level of control offered in the mission maker, I feel like this would work...poorly.  'Not too sure how well things like wildly out of control mission rewards/penalties, part failures, and the like would really go over.

It smells great for communitity challenges though (save for the paywall of being DLC) -- set up ship constraints, control constraints, goals with point values, disqualifiying/point penalty causing action detection, zones for precision bonuses, character pop-up reminders/feedback, set the success banner as something that can be used as a forum badge or brag flag, and share the completed thing on the challenge forum.  Lots of potential, there.

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