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Making messages display for longer


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Hey guys, quick question.  Is there a mod or a file I can edit to increase the amount of time messages remain on screen?
I'm visually impaired, and when I started playing with the Kerbalism mod, I discovered you could increase the amount of time the messages from that mod stay on screen.  It is SO much easier to read them when they hang around for 30 seconds instead of 3.  Any ideas?
Thank you!
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'Message display duration' would be a great option to have in settings.  It's not uncommon for me to fail to read them in time as I'm concentrating on the navball or something, and my only 'visual impairment' is wearing specs.

I will post it in the 'suggestions' section.

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50 minutes ago, NFunky said:

Amazing!  There isn't a 1.2.2 version by any chance?  I'm playing with RO, which hasn't been updated for the newer versions of KSP.

There should be, if you click "changelog" in the spacedock page, it will list past versions. 

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