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More manageable KAL-1000 tracks

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The KAL-1000 is brilliant but it needs some work to make more complex contraptions. Specifically, we need a way to save/store/copy KAL tracks the same way we can save/store/copy subassemblies. Currently I haven't found any way to do this; even saving the entire craft then merging the save will have both KAL controllers talking to the originally-open version's servos. It's also super clunky to, say, replace a servo with a heavier version if the original didn't work, since you have to reprogram the new one from scratch.

My proposal:

  1. Make KAL scripts persist when merging craft that contain them.
  2. As above, when cloning subassemblies that contain a KAL and all the parts it controls.
  3. As above, for subassemblies saved in the subassembly tray.
  4. Make KAL scripts persist even when the controlled subassembly is removed, and make it possible to assign another device to it.

Feature (4) could work like this:

  • When removing a controlled device, the corresponding field goes red in the action group window, with an "Assign" button appearing on it.
  • When clicking on the "Assign" button, you're instructed to click on a device to link to it.
  • When clicking on a device of a compatible type, it gets assigned to the field.
    • All hinges, servos, pistons, and rotors are compatible with each other, but e.g. hinges aren't compatible with servos, nor servos with rotors.

With these changes we could store KAL tracks like subassemblies, simply by saving the fully-programmed KAL as a subassembly, without its parts.

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