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Hoverbike, Skycycle, got it


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Most people like to think big: Go big or go home. But how about going small? I 've designed a small VTOL. Hoverbike, Skycycle, whatever you call it, it's small (barely one ton), fast (It can cruise at up to 62 m/s, although ~55 m/s is advised), and with excellent endurance. And it seats two kerbals!

Running on batteries is how I got it so small. twin rotors and SAS wheels keep it stable. Truth is, it's  got more power than you'll actually need.


*edit* how do I attach images?

*edit2* fixed with KerbalX mod







Here's the lowrider on KerbalX:  https://kerbalx.com/lucho/Lowrider


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Because I'm too dumb to upload images
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59 minutes ago, lucho said:

*edit* how do I attach images?

Just upload the to imgur and get the direct link


Then copy that to here:

https://i.imgur.com/63R4xGZ.png <- Like this (clicked the "keep as link" option to demonstrate how to upload pictures). If I had left it as "embed image then it would show a picture (like above).


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