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High-jumping Kerbals

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Small problem related to kerbal weight (I think) in the latest release. (1.11.0) 

When a Kerbal jumps on Kerbin with just a parachute or nothing at all, they appear to jump a lot higher than normal, e.g: 2 to 2.5, maybe 3 meters in height, vs the regular just under a meter.

NOTE: I play with JNSQ which impacts results slightly.

My (quite extensive) mod list here:


ClickThroughBlocker, ToolbarControl, AnimatedAttachment, AnimatedDecouplers B9Partswitch, BD_Extras (No Warranty), BDBNIC, Bluedog_DB, BoulderCo, CommunityCategoryKit, CommunityResourcePack, ConformalDecals, CryoEngines, CryoEnginesRestock, CryoTanks, CustomPreLaunchChecks, DeployableEngines, DistantObject, DMagicScienceAnimate, DynamicBatteryStorage, EngineIgnitor, EngineLightRelit, EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements, JNSQ, KerbalKonstructs, KerbinSideRemastered, Kopernicus, KSCExtended, MechJeb2, ModularFlightIntegrator, ModularLaunchPads, NearFutureExploration, NearFutureLaunchVehicles, NearFutureProps, NearFutureSolar, OSSNTR, PhotonCorp, PlanetShine, RationalResources, RealPlume, ReStock, ReStockPlus, SCANsat, scatterer, SimpleAdjustableFairings, StationPartsExpansionRedux + metal extra, Tantares, TUFX, TundraSpaceCenter, X-20-Moroz, and both DLC's.



With parachute:screenshot559.png


Without parachute:



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This is intended- a Kerbal without the heavy RCS pack and parachute is now a lot lighter than before so can jump significantly higher and faster- I saw over 4m/s from a standing jump, pretty impressive considering they’re still wearing spacesuits! It does make things a little bit problematic though as they can jump so high that their legs crumple on landing...

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