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Anyone know how to mark a kerbal as missing?

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So, I’m in science mode with crew respawn turned on, and i had landed bob on the mun, and the lander tipped over and rolled into a crater leaving nothing but the command pod and the science experiments left, and the hatch to the command pod is facing down, and the revert feature is greyed out. Could anyone possibly help me with this?


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Couple of possible solutions.

  • Cheat, or use the F12 menu to reposition the pod.   Not much fun, but works.
  • With most rescue missions, you still gotta get Bob out of the pod-
  • If the pod still has enough electricity, try rolling it, as @bewing suggested.
  • Not enough electric?  The latest update allows you to ‘weld’ small components onto vessels.  Try adding a reaction wheel, some batteries, and solar panels.
  • Still can’t roll it over to get Bob out?  Perhaps a rover could ram it to roll it a bit.
  • Perhaps the hardest solution would be to use a Claw to grab the capsule and either take it back to Kerbin, or at least move it so Bob can get out.  Using a Claw to grab something on the Mun is quite difficult with a rocket- I don’t recommend this route if you’re new to the game.
  • Which capsule is Bob stuck in?  Some capsules have more than one way out...
  • Instead of welding on batteries and reaction wheels, try welding on an Inflatable Air Lock.   I use that trick a lot now.   Have an engineer add an inflatable air lock, and you can get a Kerbal out of (or back into) just about anything.
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