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land now ksp parody of show yourself from frozen2


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Every kerbal of me is going
But not from the mun
Something is familiar
Like a mun explore, I can reach but not quite hold
I can sense your on the mun
Like a planet I've always known
I'm comeing
And it feels like I am in orbit
I have always been a rocket
kerblish secrets deep inside
You have kerbals, too
But you don't have to land
land now
I'm dying to land
land now
It's your turn 
Are you the kerbal perfect to land
All of my mission?
land now
I'm ready to learn
Ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah-ah
I've never felt so certain
to land, I've been torn
But I'm here for a reason
Could it be the reason why im hear?
I have always been so bad at landing
kerbal rules did not apply
Is this the kerbal?
Are you the way
I finally find out how?
land now
I'm no longer scared
Here comes the lander
I've come so far
You are the answer I've waited for
All of my mission
Oh, landing
Let me see the surface
Come to land
Open your hatch
Don't make me struggle
One moment more
Oh, come  touchdown
Open your hatch
Don't make me struggle
One moment land
Where the North pole meets the sea
Ah-ah, ah-ah
There's a kerbal
Ah-ah, ah-ah
Full of srb's (memories, memories)
Come, my darling, homeward planet
I am a kerbal
land now
Step into the surface
don't kill yourself
crew depends on you
You are the one you've been waiting for
All of my life
All of your mission
Oh, land now
Ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah
Ah-ah, ah-ah
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