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TAC Fuel Transfer?


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I saw mention of this mod in a 5yr old reddit, but I do not see it in CKAN. (TAC Life SUpport is there though)

For background: This mod should allow fuel transfer between ships without having to deal with one tank at a time. I can transfer many to one, but I have 10 tanks and 2 kinds of fuel on each ship, so still cumbersome.


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TAC Fuel Balancer

The mod thread does say that it is available on CKAN and updated for KSP v1.12, so you should not have any trouble there.  I did look through the history to see whether, in the chain of people who have maintained it, anyone changed the name from 'TAC Fuel Transfer' to 'TAC Fuel Balancer', but didn't find it.  The mod does transfer fuel, so I think it's just a case where someone got the name wrong and the wrong name caught on.

I'm not certain that it does precisely what you want it to do, but at least now you can try it and find out.

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I was not seeing it in CKAN because I was looking only at those listed compatible(with 1.12.3). It is however compatible with 1.12.2 and I installed it anyway. I took it for a spin and I am happy to report that I saw no problems so far.

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