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Playing with planes.  Created one that doesn't seem to suck too much.  Managed to fly it to 12+km.  Not bad.  I am going to have to stop recovering vehicles and lossing Kerbals, soon I am going to have to delete this game and start a new one.  Did someone say this was a prerelease?

Being able to change the wings as much as we can is cool.  Gives us really good control of configuring the plane.  Easy enough to create a plane that will fly.

Yesterday I launched a rocket and orbited Mun.  Had some issues with warping to the Mun SOI in that it just kept on warping at high time warp.  Ended up having to orbit around a few times till I could get captured by the Mun.  Circleized at a reasonable orbit.  To bad I hadn't made my rocket so it could land.  So, just headed back home.  I had way too much dV and ended up dumping an almost full final stage before reentry.   Safe landing after reentry.  Wow, the ocean was rough and really threw the capsule around.  Recovered the vessel after the mission complete.  Wait?  Where did the Kerbals go!  Good by Jeb....

I really miss MechJeb.  Remembering how to do all this manually isn't tough but a lot of these things get tedious.

I wonder if we can connect parts in space.  Maybe I will try to make a space station.

Back to Space!


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Here is my little plane ready to take off.  Doesn't handle too bad.  Seems like it can fly forever on a full tank.  Doesn't go too fast 150 to 200 mps.  But it can reach up to 12km. Takes little runway to get into the air and raise the landing gear.



Here we are still climbing.  I like the contrails off the tips.LtJOklJ.png

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Editing the wing sizes using the Procedural Wings options allowed me to make the wing span greater to get more lift and play with the angle on the wings so I could get the center of lift just infront of the center of gravity.   I moved the control surfaces on the wings out to the end as they will provide a better moment arm for roll there.  I increased the size of control surface on the Ailerons as I was having issues with not having enough control to keep the nose up the way I wanted.  In order to get better control of your plane it is important while creating planes that you go into advance controls and set the wings for roll only, the tail fin for yaw only and the ailerons to pitch only.

I put an inline air intake just before the each engine because altitude is severally limted by how much air you can get as it gets thin.  There is another air intake up front. As that made it hard to place the tail fin, I went to dual tail fins.

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Building and flying planes is pretty much only thing I have done successfully since I bought KSP2 on day one.
Procedural wings are great indeed. Not free of bugs, the part placement is painful and "move and rotate" tool became "my favourite" in KSP2.
Though I think it has to be possible to build things without using it at all. Like it worked in the old game.
Anyway, I managed to build and fly the high aspect wing plane. It handles quite well. And the bicycle landing gear looks like a charm.


Also the simple and best handling plane so far.
Goes to Mach2+, lands easily. The only thing I miss on it is a air brake.
Unfortunately, the control surfaces do not induce any drag, so "crow" brake won't work.

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