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A Rant


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I don't know where to put this

I am beyond liquided off because I think this could have been resolved relatively easily but it seems that things were made harder for no reason and I do not know how to get into contact with you.


I forgot my password. That is what it is.


Why the hell am I expected to spend an hour or more screwing around with the effing captcha to recover my account? Why is this so stupidly hard? It's harder to recover my account here than it is to recover my banking account. Captcha liquides me off  because it makes my life harder for no gain. There is no security benefit... But it liquides the user off. Is that the goal?  I get that it's supposed to weed out the bots but does it actually do that? I'm Gen X and if this thinks I'm a bot... Then I can only think what it thinks the following on generations are

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