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Put a Face to the name


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I got this idea from orbiter forums. So I thought, why not do it here on KSP forums. Ever wondered who the face is behind the name of the people you chat with on KSP forums? Post your pics here of yourself if you like. And as always lets keep it civil and within the forum rules. :)

Well this is your friendly KSP moderator Redneck at work in between moderating and my real life job spraying printed circuit boards with a protective weatherproof coating.


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You sure? I always thought you were one of those adult nerds-in-a-box. What do you occupy yourself with/do for a living?:

Well currently I work out of the house because I have to care for my dad, but I am a professional computer nerd, yes. So yeah, lots of downtime for KSP right now.

That pic was taken 6 years ago or so in my office at my old workplace, a public school. I was their netadmin, entire tech support department, and a computer instructor. I was 26 then, 32 now. :)

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Guess it\'s bragging time? Don\'t read if you don\'t want your mind blown.

Alright, I\'m 16 and at college. With a full-ride scholarship.

If you can beat that, I\'ll strap myself to a booster.

Where I live, Primary school is 'High' school, and 'High' school is called a college :P

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