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Did you like the KSP .24 update?  

  1. 1. Did you like the KSP .24 update?

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Speaking as an exclusive sandbox elitist jerk, the contracts and science don't interest me, but the ability to add any and every mod I've always wanted in their full glory, has reinvigorated KSP for me. For the very first time, I had that feeling. "I'm in space, and I'm orbiting high above a real planet." That's gaming magic, right there! The 64-bit version hasn't been trouble-free, but in time, I'm sure it'll be smooth as glass.

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There's just one issue I have with the contracts. It's hard to differentiate them all when they're all bunched together in a list like that.

Like... when I'm given a test mission, I often can't remember which part they're talking about based solely on the name. I find it much easier to identify a part based on it's picture. Maybe they could do that, for each test mission they could show a small icon next to it reminding you "This! This is what we want you to test." If the mission isn't part-based but location based they could show the planet/moon around which you have to perform it. And for rescuing Kerbals, they would show an icon with a Kerbonaut.

Oh, and I'd also like a way to sort them by different priorities. Like sort by the soonest to expire vs longest to expire, sort by highest rep reward vs lowest. Or highest science reward vs lowest. And vica-versa if you want to see which missions have the smallest rewards.

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Pretty sweet update on the whole.

Things I liked:

- Above all, I love how comprehensive the system feels. There's a ton of room for expansion here, and it would be a great pity if more content and mission types weren't added. Down the road, I'd like to see endgame missions, more NASA-inspired shenanigans, and encouragement to build specific crafts like unmanned probes and rovers.

- Rescue missions are official now and not just the result of your screw-ups! I'd like to see them expanded to include Kerbals that are actually on the planet surface.

- It was fun to see how many of the contracts made for fascinating engineering challenges, even into the late game. Having contracts that asked you to do really weird or unique things was probably the most game-changing part of the update for me.

Constructive criticism:

- The game feels really daunting to play now. It was complicated enough as a rocket simulator, and now between juggling burns, staging, and maneuvers, collecting science, and meeting extremely specific criteria all at various points on the same mission, it feels like I never have time to sit back and enjoy the view anymore or do missions just for fun. It would be nice to have fewer buttons to constantly press.

- After the first few missions, the budget doesn't add much to gameplay beyond stopping you from spamming boosters, since you can spam contracts to take out a loan of sorts for a mega-mission. I would like to see more situations that force you to do some low-budget MacGyvering.

- The flood of part test contracts gets old. It would be nice if those were automatically shuffled to the bottom, reduced in quantity, or held some other reward (such as fully unlocking a part on the tech tree you haven't otherwise reached if you complete it).

- Once you complete a mission, a little check mark and extra cash/reputation doesn't feel like a tangible enough reward. There should be an achievement hall to commemorate completed contracts and your most successful missions.

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Yeah, what Xavven said. Good elements, just need balancing and tweaking. Contracts need to be made more interesting, failure needs to be possible, and proper debris recovery needs consideration.

THIS. I totally agree with you. Not many of the contracts are fun.

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