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  1. It takes a trained eye, and years of KSP experience to detect the subtle differences between the rockets. Nicely done!
  2. I'm pretty dumb, so forgive the dumb questions. How do we find and/or store LH and antimatter? How does the Mk2 cockpit wrapper attach? Thanks.
  3. December 1978. I doubt I'm the oldest, but I'm not a kid anymore.
  4. Is there something else besides the main mod and it's dependency I need to download? I'm not seeing any of the added buildings, so far. EDIT: Yes there is! I'm old.
  5. I'm in the same boat. I hadn't played KSP in about two and a half years, then I saw this planet pack. Now I'm back in the saddle, modded to the nines, and taking my time to explore and enjoy this planet pack. Without exaggeration, these are among the most gorgeous planets I've ever seen in KSP.
  6. I've given them as much as ten minutes to settle down, but no luck. Going to give your mod a try. Thanks for the link!
  7. Does anyone have any examples of working submarines? I followed the guidance on the Wiki page as best I could. I've tried massive amounts of ballast, massive amounts of trim, on all sides, fore and aft, and everything in between, with varying levels of flow control. Nothing seems to get to get the boat to rest level at neutral buoyancy underwater. It either sinks to the sea floor, or bobs at the top, and never level. Could it be related to Scatterer? I think it changes the water physics, at least when on the surface.
  8. I've only had the chance to fly around Alter Kerbin for about 30 minutes today, and I have to say the topography and scenery is nothing less than stunning! Peaks that reach over 15,000 meters high! Frighteningly deep canyons and steep slopes, that are a thrill to fly through, and make the imagination race with with possibilities for unique base-building. Imagine designing and flying a VTOL craft to haul cargo to some secret base in the mountains! I'm genuinely excited to explore this whole system, which is a feeling I haven't had in a few years with KSP. Nothing new under the sun, until now. I know this is a work in progress, so I don't know if this is relevant, but the ground foliage seems to cover nearly every square mile of the home planet. I know you're working on it around the KSC, and hope the mountains will be mostly cleared of vegetation, as well. These criticisms might be premature, but I just wanted to mention them. Even still, I'm beyond impressed with your work! Amazing stuff. Absolutely amazing!
  9. An older version of the mod, or an older version of KSP? The world needs to know!
  10. Wow! These are looking absolutely amazing, TheOrios! I'm really looking forward to your release. You've clearly poured a ton of time into these, and it shows.
  11. I finally found the culprit, and it's the latest version of Infernal Robotics (version 3.1.9). Someone said reverting back to 3.1.8 solved the issue, though I haven't tried that myself, yet.
  12. I'm also having the wing symmetry problem, and finally tracked it down to this mod. It breaks the heart!
  13. Sorry, no answer here, as I have this exact same problem. It seems like a rare bug, and there are no answers online that I can find. It started after I installed Editor Extensions, but persisted after I uninstalled it.
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