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[1.0.5] Kosmodrome - Space Centre v1.0 Career Edition (24.02.2016)


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Kosmodrome - Space Centre v1.0 - Career Edition

Rescaled, relocated, new Launch Pad


Kosmodrome - Space Centre has three Launch Pads, a Runway, a Heli/VTOL Pad and two additional spawn points on the runway. The site is on the equator in the desert. The floodlights can be activated and deactivated by mouse-click.

I made this mod because I wanted a Space Centre for all the great Soviet/Russian inspired part mods. The rocket pads are modeled after real sites: Gagarin's Start and the Proton site in Baikonur and the new ESA Soyuz site in Kourou.



This mod requires KerbalKonstructs (included).



  • Copy the contents of the GameData folder from the .zip into your own GameData folder.


Update from a previous version


  • Before updating, recover any vessel from the Kosmodrome.
  • Delete old "Kosmodrome" folder in your GameData.
  • Copy the contents of the GameData folder from the .zip into your own GameData folder.


Known issues


  • Launch pads are not always automatically cleared after launch. Launch clamps must then be recovered via the tracking station.
  • The mod RecoverAll/DestroyAll can help by recovering all landed debris at once.


Credits and Thanks


  • AlphaAsh: KerbalKonstructs and some of the textures
  • medsouz: KerbalKonstructs
  • Lack: Train model
  • Raidernick: Soyuz launch pad in previous versions.
  • Beale, Raidernick, Orionkermin, AlphaAsh: Inspiration.






Kerbal Konstructs:

The MIT License (MIT)

Edited by Divico
upload to Spacedock
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Did I get this right - you are able to let the kerbalnauts spawn at another point than the craft itself? So they are able to walk to and board the vehicle?????

Huh? No. "Kosmodrome Control Tower" is just a normal spawn point next to the runway.

For example, launch a space plane at the control tower. Go back to the SPH and launch a rover or bus full of Kerbals at the Runway, which isn't occupied now and only a few meters away. Drive over to the plane and board "manually". Or refuel and load the payload if you have KAS and the robotic parts. Then taxi the plane to the actual Runway and take off.

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  • 2 weeks later...
does this work with .25

It works with the latest Kerbal Konstructs version v0.4-PRE3.

Floodlights work too.

... Do you now where can I find guides for Kerbal Konstructs? ...

KK doesn't have a tutorial yet. The guide from KerbTown may help you, it's similar.

PM me and/or ask in the Kerbal Kostructs thread if you need help.

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...Now I am trying to find a way to integrate it with RSS...

I just tried to create configs for RSS. Looks like Kerbal Konstructs has issues with RSS, so it's not possible at the moment.

Does the Proton mod still work with 0.25 or is that just an old picture?

Old picture. Haven't tried it in 0.25.

Anybody got .cfg data for putting a remotetech control station at the kosmodrome? If not Ill just try and work one up and put it here!

Add this to your RemoteTech_Settings.cfg (desert):

Guid = 5105f5a9-d628-41c6-ad4b-21154e8fc490
Name = Kosmodrome Mission Control
Latitude = 0
Longitude = 217
Height = 400
Body = 1
Omni = 7.5E+07

I'm not using RT2 myself, but this shows a red dot at the correct location. I assume it's working then...

For the north location, change Latitude to 45, Longitude to 206 and Height to 255.

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This mod seems very interesting.It's compatible with Kerbal construction time?Thanks.


Lost my patience and tryed by myself.It seems it work but i don't have the floodlight and i'm unable to make the provided Remotetech settings work.The only small problem is that everything you want to launch at the Kosmodrome is contructed under SPH(spaceplane hangar)I'm using the latest build of Kerbal construct...and many other mods anyway.

I love it :D

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  • 5 weeks later...
Any word on an update?

Sorry for my absence. Yes, I started working on an update.

But for now, 0.9b is available at Kerbalstuff. It has only updated config files for the latest Kerbal Konstructs.

This means it has now open and close costs in career mode. I've set it to 1000/500 for now (place holder values).

-> How expensive should opening a Launchsite at the Kosmodrome be?

  • Cheap, since it's depending on the original KSC anyway (partnumber and weight are still limited by the KSC)
  • Expensive, since this is a "complete" new Space Centre and should cost a lot
  • A mix. One cheap Lauchpad, one expensive etc.

Some feedback would be welcome.

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A quick preview:

Launchpad K (Kourou) at the KSC. This will probably be optional. I'll use this model as a base for Launchpad V (Vostochny) at the Kosmodrome.

It's much smaller than the current Gagarin's Pad and fits the HGR Soyuz and is just a bit large for Tantares :)

(You'll have to carefully center the rocktet in the VAB)



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