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  1. Thank you! I'll go rummage around in the config files to see if I can make Gilly stay in place. Otherwise, great looking planet, really looking forward to sending a mission there. Also nice to have some planet packs that are more light-weight but still offer new gameplay possibilities.
  2. This looks amazing! I'll look forward to trying this out. I already have a save going with probes around Eve, though, so I'm considering editing the config to place Nem in Eve's L4 or L5 point instead. Is that reasonably easily done?
  3. Oooh, had never seen this mod before. Will definitely have to add it to my ongoing game.
  4. I think it could do with a slight extra green tint, but honestly, I like it way better in KSP2 than in KSP1. The ideal, for me, would be the terrain and detail of KSP2, with... about 20 % of the greenness from KSP1. It just doesn't make sense to have a bright green moon so close to the Sun. The change is a creative choice that I fully support.
  5. Thanks a lot! The launcher just adds an unnecessary extra step. Also, congrats on getting the first mod release for KSP2!
  6. Wow, Eve is absolutely gorgeous like that! Looks both beautiful and dangerous, as it should.
  7. I think the red in the canyons here looks rather unnatural. It feels too saturated. Too purely red. It feels more like a dark crimson than a red ochre. I liked the previous version more, actually - the red oxide colour, with some spots and streaks of yellow and black oxide. It's really impressive how many different hues iron oxide is capable of taking on. Red, black, yellow, brown... even some surprisingly vivid oranges if you apply hydrated iron oxides onto a white base. Most artist's paint ranges have a lot of different iron oxide pigments available. Transparent and opaque, in various colours. They're usually very nice to work with, too. I think that something that's mostly like this one: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/224860633525518347/1040710915177324574/screenshot3.png, but with some streaks of yellow ochre and dark areas reminiscent of this one: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/224860633525518347/1040826873954963537/screenshot10.png would be just perfect. But damn, you're a machine. So many immensely pretty images. Jool is stunning. Pol will take some time to get used to, but I like it a lot too. I'm sure that whatever you do, it'll turn out lovely.
  8. Wow, this looks absolutely stunning - and what a massive amount of work you've gotten done in such a short time! Really impressive. I have a bit of critique too. The red bands on Sarnus are kinda bluish in tone, which - to my eyes - clashes with the warm, orange ochre-ish tone. I think they would be much easier on the eyes if you increased the lightness slightly and reduced the saturation a bit on both the red and yellow bands. That way you can also bring the yellow bands a bit further towards the first yellow again, rather than using the orange-salmon colour. As for Eve and Duna, they both look absolutely amazing - much more realistic than the stock ones. However, I think they lose a bit of their "identity", so to say. I think Duna in particular would do well with having its hue adjusted slightly towards the red, making it closer to the stock planet in hue while keeping the more realistic lower saturation of the version you've made here. This would make it more reminiscent of its stock version, rather than just being Mars-coloured. Maybe also adjust Eve's clouds/atmosphere ever so slightly towards purple and away from blue; the current version looks more like a blue-grey planet with a purple and green tint, rather than a purple planet. Ovok looks amazing, but I think Mun, Dres and Tylo must be the most beautiful among all the worlds you've made so far. Dres just got actually interesting!
  9. Is it on purpose that the Bleeding Edge download contains the entire Firespitter mod, rather than just the Firespitter.dll file? I wasn't intending to go all wild with propeller planes just now :p
  10. So, I've been trying to write a config file to rescale my Kerbin, and so far, this code works great: @Kopernicus:AFTER[KOPERNICUS] { @Body[Kerbin] { @Properties { radius = 960000 } } } ...except that the ocean then becomes invisible. It's still there and my vessels can land in it/crash into it, but it just isn't visible. I tried asking in the Discord group for help, but didn't get any replies except a link to KittopiaTech, with which I managed to rescale the "radius" of Kerbin, but not the actual planet model, so the 'surface' ended up at an altitude of -360 km. It doesn't help that there are no guides for KT that I could find - I tried both Google and Youtube and didn't find anything that could be used as a guide. So I gave up on using KT and just went back to making my config file manually. So my question is just: how do I make my oceans visible again after rescaling a body? I've played around with a few of the ocean settings, but none of them seem to do the trick for me.
  11. Lovely to see this is still kicking around. I did miss that linear aerospike engine.
  12. I've said it before, but I'm really happy that you're still working on this nifty little addon. It has transported *so many* kerbals back and forth from space in my games, over many years and game versions - ever since the first version of this addon was released, it has had a prominent place in my fleet of transport vessels.
  13. Ah, thank you - I'll hold off on using those for now, then.
  14. Ah, alright - so it's just a matter of the version numbering not having been changed yet. That does make more sense.
  15. Ah, thank you. That does sound like an interesting solution. Though I do like to have my kerbals run around... Well, I'll have to give it a go when the official update for the mod comes out.
  16. Okay, so I haven't been following along here for a while, and now I see something called WOLF being mentioned everywhere. What exactly is that? Is there a thread for it where I can read more?
  17. I'm curious as to why Near Future Construction is the only holdout that's not compatible with 1.12 yet. I'd expect it to be the simplest one in the whole suite - but then again, weird interactions can happen.
  18. Ah, that sounds about right. I used to be reasonably good at the whole ModuleManager shenanigans, but I took a long break from about 1.0 until... well, a few months ago, so by now it really just gives me a headache to think about it. The functionality also seems to have become more advanced since last I looked, with all those resource switcher mods. Still, I should probably spend a few hours familiarising myself with it, as the payoff seems to be pretty great. I take it that it's mostly the wheels that are broken for the ground vehicles? IIRC the wheel mechanics were changed a couple of times along the way.
  19. Which parts of this mod are the broken ones? I've been away from KSP for quite a while and kinda lost track of what changed when. I know the wheels system changed at some point, so the wheels parts need to be redone. There was also a change to how animations worked, but I think that might have been before the initial release of KSOS? I remember that that was what finally broke BobCat's HOME mods. I still have those lying around on a backup somewhere... But what about the station parts from this mod? Are they also broken, or is it mostly the vehicles and the shuttles themselves that are non-functional?
  20. Do you have enough energy capacity for when you're traveling through the shadow side of a planet?
  21. Is there a set of configs for this mod to add USI-LS resources to the transport spacecraft (Soyuz, TKS, FGB, Progress)? If not, I'll start working on one myself. But I don't want to put in the work if others have already done it for me.
  22. Ah, okay, so it does replace the MH parts. The wording in the OP made me think that nothing at all would happen if MH is installed. Thank you!
  23. I want to install Restock+, but I see that a lot of the parts are disabled for those who own the Making History expansion. I do own that expansion, but don't particularly like the parts from it. So, is there any way to either disable Making History (I have not been able to find a method by searching around), or to enable those Restock+ parts despite Making History being installed?
  24. That mod only contains SLS parts as far as I can see. This one contains Shuttle, SLS, Jupiter and Ares parts, but a smaller selection of SLS parts compared to the other one.
  25. ...what docking port is used for the Orion? I've been looking through my parts list in-game and was unable to find anything resembling the screenshots on the first page, and I also couldn't find any docking port in the mod's files. On top of that, the Ares I seems to have an extremely high TWR if built as suggested. But then again, I believe the real one did have a pretty obscene TWR too.
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