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  1. I dont know if i should be sad ... ..Or happy/excited.. I know one thing for sure though, i enjoy my journey with KSP. Now that yours has ended, and you've reached the end, only thing that matters really, was the journey there. I hope that you did enjoy it, as much as the rest of us players did, and yeah, i think im getting more excited than sad after all
  2. I just discovered this mod... i dunno what to say ... superb structural parts adapters and concept, amazing IVA views, best integration/combination along the parts with each other .. hell even best visual match for stock parts .... then you got a whole bunch of other mods compatibility, without any of them to be required.. And those 4 and 6 way hubs that transform visually with connections in the vab, the landing legs/gears implementation ... Im loosing it... :confused:
  3. I dont usually make requests, but yeah this needs the 3.75m bay version, along with the 1.25m dock port, then it will be 100% complete in my eyes. Still its pretty usefull as it is, so thanks!
  4. [quote name='Captain Vlad']I was wondering if the crew frequently enjoyed wine. Red, red wine.[/QUOTE] [quote name='Redshift OTF']Where was this made? Kingston Town? XD I'll get my coat...[/QUOTE] After a few glasses, Bob is thinking "Where did i go wrong" while Jeb and Bill are singing something about a Tyler Kerbin guy... :P
  5. This has "stock" written all over it :0.0: I agree with Andersenman ...but.. must ..resissst..urge..arghh
  6. I dunno why i didnt get this mod earlier, i always had it in the back of my head... ah well better late than never right? Huge thanks to the original author, and you for keeping this up, it makes big difference in gameplay.
  7. [quote name='NecroBones']....I could still redesign it to do that. We'll see....[/QUOTE] Nononononono, the MRS LP decoupler is one of my favorite parts, dont mess around with it please hahah! The one with the solids inside in your picture is super nice though!
  8. Thank Kerbin (and you of course) that you did the updates for both mods (VX and CC) today, cos i just discovered them :cool: Instagrab, nice-looking-and-for-a-purpose engines. And the CC of course, because it awakes the lego-kerbal in me, with adapters clusters and such.
  9. Take my words with a pinch of salt, since im out of my league concerning IP4 and emo stuffs but... ..is it just me or the pros < cons in this move ?
  10. Something is wrong with the 2 crewed modules. I use only the NehemiahIncSciencePack_0.2_alpha_mw-4.zip pack. So no KLS, or Kemini, or KEES. Make new craft in VAB. Use any of the 2 modules, no other parts needed. Launch. (make sure you got 2 kerbals inside, not just one) Now if you EVA a kerbal, you will see the log get spammed with: [B][NE] init E Racks internal model null[/B] If you go back and EVA the second kerbal, the spamm stops. If you put 1 kerbal back inside, the log starts again. If you put the second kerbal inside, so basically fill the crew slots, the log stops the spam once more. Everytime the spam stops, it does with the messsage: [B][NE] init E Racks successfull[/B] It doesnt matter where you are, or what parts you got. I made another test in orbit, with a station full of stock and this mods parts. If i EVA a kerbal from ANYWHERE, (even a command pod, or a crew cabin or anything), the log spam starts running, as long as that station has at least 1 of either [B]MSL-1000[/B] or [B]MEP-825[/B] hub docked with crew inside. [B]The log spam stops if those hubs are EMPTY of crew, if those hubs are FULL with crew, if you dont have any EVA kerbal around KSP visible/physics range, OR if u STOP/PAUSE science generation on those 2 modules.[/B] I hope i made sense :sticktongue:
  11. I also made a quick test on 1.0.5 Started a new Science gamemode, and cheated a few points in to unlock tree. All seem to work fine. Experiments provide sci points, contracts are up for grabs, no log errors, etc etc. Also its working when not in focus. The actual points that you get for the experiments, seem a bit on the high side, but still, since it needs some work to get it done, i think its ok. I hope ethernet comes back and does more with this mod, as it feels very good having to get the experiments up/down, resupply kibbal to a station etc. @OneFourteen: Theres no other mod dependencies, so basically it should work out of the box. Maybe you got a mod conflict going on? Or didnt researched the parts?
  12. Thanks for the heatshield cfg, although its easy to make, i think people not used to making MM configs will appreciate it much. One thing though, your heatshielddecoupler.cfg link points to your jomt.cfg [SIZE=1]And yes i know i can get the correct one from the spoiler, just for the people i mentioned above[/SIZE]
  13. Thanks Nothke! I really like how they all fit together.
  14. [quote name='Tekener']Please look at my screenshots, I'm not starting the engine to cause the old stage getting decoupled... ;)[/QUOTE] If you stage exactly like you do, but keep the throttle at 0, then raise it gradually, then you will not have any explosion. Especially if you do it in normal flying mode (aka during launch or during orbit), in which you normally get a bit distanced from the lower stage, and not while sitting on the pad.
  15. Oh yeah a mod that shows me exactly what i need. Thanks DaMichel you are DaMan
  16. Ah well no worries. In other news, if anyone wants some nice black or white fairings to go along grab KSA Better Fairings Sweet black combo with them and one of your tanks.
  17. This is so nice, thanks allot! I made this, with your black fairing, and Necrobones tanks.
  18. While i really dont mind having all 6 of your packs cos i like them all (thanks for all of them btw ), do you think it would be better to just make a pack with only the textures? So we could have the MRS, the HL, FTP etc etc using just stock textures, and then if anyone wanted the texture switch with the extra ones, he could just get the NTP mod (i call it for fun Necro Textures Pack) with all your textures there. Since, from what i understand, each one of your modpacks already uses shared textures method, i dont see a problem anyway. This way, a guy could have only FTP, or only HL, without the need for any other pack beside the texture one. By the way the CCC produces slightly different looking textures for the 2.5m parts, from lets say 5m, is that normal? or should we expect a change?
  19. Yep in my case was "KSP [Exception]: IOException: Sharing violation on path ..." Thats why i said "write permission" thingy. Anyway i dont have that log anymore, i just see it after looking at my browsers search history.
  20. The problem with Space (lets stick to KSP space, and not RL), is that once you are there its over. Thing is, Squad said that they dont have life support plans for the near future, as they want to do something on their own about it that fits their design, and since we got a few working mods that fill the need already, they dont see it as a topmost priority. We got a space station in Duna orbit, that will stay there forever with absolutelly no need to do nothing. So i dont have to worry about fuel, power, food, comunications, or even Kerbal mood. We got an option to make fuel on Duna. But whats the point? Its easier to just launch a second ship from kerbin, avoiding the fuss. Why? Simply because i got the time for it. Or should i say Kerbals got the time for it. So unless you want to do something, theres no need to do so. Its one of those Sandbox things, i guess. Why are gamers play more with planes, land and sea? ( dunno if they actual do so, someone above me said so ), because you got stuff to do. You want to go land on point B ? You have to actual fly/drive there, paying attention to speed, heat, fuel/air flow, etc etc. Its not open map, make a node, burn for a time, and watch paint dry in time warp. In the end (again im talking stock KSP here) its all in Squad hands, how and when they introduce Kerbal needs, and/or spaceship part failures/malfunctions, that will spice up gameplay, and give reasons to EVA and maintenance, Launch Resupply Missions for parts or resources and the list goes on. I considered this game Complete, so long ago.. but still Squad keeps pushing updates, that i will not be surprised if at some point we got the above stuff in the stock game. Lets not forget that we started with Kerbin, then Mun, then Minmus, then the rest, after a while came stock docking and yada yada. What we do for the present? Well theres a huge list of mods to fill your needs, Roverdude mods got you covered for bases, IP travel and a bunch of stuff, Scansat got your exploration, satellites bit, you got a dozen mods for rocket parts (stock-alike or not), you got TAC, you got KAS KIS ABCEFGH .. cmon you got everything in there plus more... So you either Roleplay a situation, or get a mod that does it for you, and wait for devs future updates, which for the love of God they actually provide for FREE???.. in the end i dont know what we arguing about here, or what exactly is the problem (other than the lack of patience, im guilty as charged as well).
  21. I had this problem myself, the log showed some exceptions and stuff (sry cant remember exactly), but anyway it was a "write permission" thingy. So the solution (if im not mistaken it was written in this thread somewhere) was to: Right click KSP shortcut, go Properties, from there go to the Compatibility Tab, and tick the "Run this program as an Administrator" check box. And btw, i first tried to run as admin from just the right click menu, as i normally do for windows programs, but no joy (which is bloody weird).
  22. Both http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/ and https://www.kerbalspaceprogram.com/kspstore/ work for me just fine, you may want to try again.
  23. Theres no long load times with stock game, the game you payed for. Theres no weird stuff going on, or any game-braking bugs, again if you play vanilla. Theres absolutelly no rush for a 64bit version, if you play without mods, as the current memory usage is in nominal digits imo. I would consider KSP ready for 1.0, same time i actually bought it. 2012 if im not mistaken. I got a hip ton more than i payed for, and while it was a fun game to pass the time, they decided to keep putting free stuff on, that other game-companies would probably milk you to death for. And of course, even with the above things mentioned about the stock version of the game, which in all honesty thats what you payed for, a gazzilion of modders went all the way and made a huge amount of crazy-insane-usefull-absolute-must-have mods for the game, bringing it even higher to the scale. Its up to you, to read about them, and get info about any problems using them, and still the community here is 100% nuts, teaching the rest on how its supposed to be done, by giving info and the whole nine yards about the mods, and even the stock game. (not to mention the crazy science discussion all over the place) Yeah i probably sound like a blindfolded fanboy, but to me what i said is the truth. KSP has a STRONG community behind it, who work in tandem with Squad that gave us this game with all these updates for free 4 years later ..jesus... Really now, if someone has to say something bad about the game, i wanna punch him in the face, end of story. And by the way, i would really wanna hear someone mention some game that went RELEASE status, that doesnt have flaws, or even worse no decent gameplay with just a few mentions of a plan-for-the-future here and there. In all honesty im suprised with the poll results so far, and even more suprised about whats so special about a game going 1.0 2.0 3.93 etc. TLDR Version: Basically what he said
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