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The Official HypeTrain 0.90 Voyage Thread (Experimentals! Choo Choo Dangit!)

Whirligig Girl

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If you managed to get the 0.90.0 release early, don't play it. It was a goof with an accidental release to the main server. It's not a full release, and is extremely buggy.

Kerbelles and Gentlekerbs, brilliant time has finally occurred! The 0.90 HypeTrain is going to depart from The HypeTrainStation of Experimental Hype. Indeed, the 0.90.0 update will mark a grand milestone in Kerbal Space Program's History. We're finally going to enter Beta, and as such a new station has been constructed along the HypeRailway. It's a grand one too! The HypeTrainStationofBetaHype is the destination.

And the HypeTrain has been updated too! No longer is it a mixed-traffic Black-Five MT, it's now a beautiful Gresley A3, rebuilt at HypeCrewe workshops at Derpcaster. She's been almost completely reassembled! Also, she's now alive. We installed an A.I. module in the smokebox, so she is like a Railway Series character, (except without a face, the animatronics were too expensive). She's now a full-blown passenger engine, as the freight service is now being fullfilled by a new engine bought from America. (It was a Big Boy, what else?)

So here's the glorious new Hype07A in all of it's glorious glory!


Definitely fit to carry the 9001 coaches required for this train! Indeed! Buy your tickets now! The HypeTrain has departed from the first station! Kerbal Space Program: Beta Than Ever is now in Experimentals!

It's 0.90.0 NOT 0.9.

0.9 already happened. It added struts, better manual editing of stages, and made the parachutes deploy at a certain altitude only.

And what of the HypePlane? JediAerospace has allied with HypeRailways, and thus the HypePlane service is still available, if you want. (but remember, the HypeTrain won the race to 0.25.0.)


Not to be confused with "QA", or Quality Assurance, which comes before experimentals

Why 0.90.0? Shouldn't it be 0.26.0?

0.90.0 will be the last alpha version of KSP. The version number is being bumped up due to the fact that KSP is entering Beta. k_cheesy.gif Also, please do not pronounce it "Zero-Nine-Zero", there was already at 0.9. It's pronounced "Zero-Ninety-Zero" or "Zero-Point-Ninety-Point-Zero" or "Zero-Point-Ninety" or something of that nature. We're not dealing with decimals. We're dealing with version numbers. 0.90=0.9 in mathematics, but not in version numbers.

What are the planned features of 0.90.0/Beta Than Ever?

Editor overhaul - Boy has this one been a long time coming. We’re getting improved part sorting, adding 3D "Gizmos" to make building way easier and overall make it a more pleasant, reliable experience. No more fiddling to get things to fit! Part clipping has now been enabled by default, though not for putting 100 engines in one area.

Kerbal Experience - Using the created experience tracking system, Kerbals are now getting traits. These traits will level up as they partake in missions and accomplish goals, increasing the unique passive bonuses each Kerbal will be generated with.

Extra Contracts - We’re getting a couple new contract types. We’re also getting integration of the related mod ‘Fine Print’ to stock. S’really good.

MK3 Overhaul - Devs are working with Porkjet to get as much of this as we can for 25. The general scope for this one dwarfs the content in SP+, so we hope you can understand this one will take time. Attempts to clone Porkjet have so far been unsuccessful.

Upgradable buildings - The last big feature missing from career mode and the reason why SQUAD's art team has been chained to their desks for months now. Every building is getting a tech progression path which will slowly unlock all of their current capacities and some new ones. Take your space center from an amateur project to a world class space center! The Tier 1 space center has been removed from 0.90.0, but the Tier 2 space center will take its place!

Building Restrictions - Each building will have major restrictions. The tracking station tier one, for instance, does not allow map view to show orbits, just location. The VAB limits how many parts can be used on a ship at one time, and the launchpad and runway will explode if something that is over their weight limit. The first runway is extremely fragile. The R&D limits how much science can be spent at once.

Every Planet has a Biome! - Tanuki Chau of KSPTV has spent a long time creating and revising biomes all over the Kerbolar System! Every single planet has biomes! Some of them might even be rather special.

Ladder-Climbing - Kerbals can now climb over ledges between ladders Astronaut Mobility Enhancers. This means no more bobbing up and down trying to get up the ladder.

EVA Restrictions - No longer can you skip large parts of the tech tree by sciencing on the various buildings around KSC. You can't get out of your capsule until you've researched enough tech to unlock EVA suits.

HypeTrain Easter Egg on Mun - Unfortunately I made this up. But you never know!

Medium and Large Landing Gear - The current landing gear will be small to a medium and large set.

Piloting by Kerbals - Kerbals can do basic piloting, such as holding a certain heading or pointing at a maneuver node. Without a pilot, there is no SAS. Probes have different levels of piloting skill depending on their technology. What a Kerbal can do is defined by his/her* experience.

Reparing by Kerbals - Only Engineer Kerbals can repair rover wheels, landing gear, and pack parachutes.

Science by Kerbals - Scientists buff the science gain of ships.

Reconfigured Fuel Flow - You can now flow fuel into one tank from any amount of other tanks. The External Fuel Duct code has also been completely rewritten along with the Strut code that controls it.

VAB/SPH Combination - Aside from looks and vertical/horizontal orientation, the VAB and SPH are now the same code, and you can switch from radial to mirror symmetry.

Slight Tech Tree Rebalance - The Probe Cores have been rearranged in the tech tree to correspond with the pilot-leveling-XP-system inside the probe core's little silicon and gold brains.

No More Propulsion Category - Propulsion has been split into "Fuel Tanks" and "Engine" in the VAB/SPH U.I.

*female Kerbals not confirmed for 0.90.0

Can we have a sneak peak of anything?

No, but if you want a sneak peek, then here you go.

We have the following:

Part highlighting:

Javascript is disabled. View full album


Javascript is disabled. View full album

Mk3 Parts (They're so beautiful! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw them!

Javascript is disabled. View full album

compare to this old design

Kerbal Piloting Menu:


As Experimentals progresses, it is possible more information is revealed, and shall be posted on this thread as soon as possible!

When are we getting Black Holes and Warp Drives and Other Stars????!!@!111!1112!

Probably not before 1.0 k_smiley.gif

EDIT: Click here for the 12/5/2014 Squadcast Overview.

EDIT2: Beta Than Ever Playthrough!

Click here for the 12/12/2014 Squadcast Overview.

Where's the HypeTrain Playlist?


Choo Choo!


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Eeecks...ee.....Experimentals? :0.0:

I'm not missing the train this time!!!

*nabs seat part of an aisle in first coach* Sorry, but it's hard to fit in here...


Woah, hold the phone, is that an MK2 to 2.5 meter adapter?!?

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0.90 is the most feature rich and deep update we have done, even more than 0.18. Just in the biomes department, the game has over 100 now.

Compare the feature list to 0.18's feature list:

Probe Cores, Docking, Electricity Requirements, Music, Pol, Dres, and art pass on Kerbin and Mun, minor editor overhaul.

These were BIG FEATURES. And even though the devs must deal with Development Asymptotes, 0.90 is still rearing up to be far more game-changing. I remember how big 0.18 was. It was a totally different game before 0.18. 0.90 really will push KSP forwards in a big way!

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Can someone tell me what the status is for building upgrades? i know tier 1 is out for .90, but other than that, is this "complete"?

And its been 2(?) years since our christmas gift of eeloo, i wonder if something will be hidden again....

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I would like to announce that Gregox and I are partnering this time! Membership with the HypePlane club will get you HypeTrain ticket discounts, and vice versa!

Wait a minute. You bought us? Come here for a minute... *chases Gregox*

What? No. It was probably a joke KasperVld slipped in when he posted the thread.

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Hello! May I merge HypePacific Railway Co. with you?

EDIT:Got confirmation from the boss i am offically merged. I tracked down him,he was at Walt disney world...

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Wait, how did Kasper post it with your profile, Gregrox?!?

I actually made the post a few days ago, and as soon as I posted it he hid the thread for me. Basically, I didn't want any chance of the entire HypeTrain post being delted so Kasper let me post it and he unhid it a few days later. (Today)

And Kasper can edit posts.

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