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  1. The ability to build things during a flight has been a feature I've been wanting for years. This has opened up so many different mission profiles it's super cool. As an example, I recently put up a science base on Minmus. It's been a long time since I'd played, so I had forgotten the finer points of science processing. I didn't have enough battery power. Before this update, this would have been a failed mission. However, with 1.11, I was able to send up an engineer with a few batteries and extra solar panels in stow. I was able to fix up my mistake, and now it looks kinda makeshift too, which is pretty cool. Great update fellas!
  2. As mentioned before, it's thrust-to-cross section isn't the greatest. However, when one considers that with an engine plate one can get as many engines as needed, it begins to look better. For a small mass and part count penalty, one can get a Skipper's thrust on a 1.875 stack.
  3. Finally got around to playing with helos
  4. I think I've perfected my early game science bomber. It only requires the first plane parts and flies like a dream. It's the best plane I've ever made.
  5. Still early in my career so getting some more science around KSC
  6. I've been playing KSP after like a four year hiatus. Built my classic science bomber and deployed a rover with the scanning arm. All that trouble for a measly 5 science!
  7. Surprised and excited to see this. Time will tell if I get just as hooked to the sequel as I did to the original
  8. It's in the account settings of your account.
  9. If by been on the team the longest, I think it might be Supernovy or myself. If by age... well I'll let them answer that :p. EDIT: Forgot about Purpletarget and SJWT, they were here before me.
  10. I play the game from time to time. For Dwarf Fortress playing with the minimalist UI is part of the game for me. The outside dwarf management programs like Dwarf Therapist make the game too streamlined for me. I think using the shoddy interface accurately represents how a fortress run by drunk maniacs would function.
  11. Start small. Just this year I took for the first time a class on programming in Java. My goal, time permitted, is to eventually create a game that plays Tic Tac Toe by itself and after a given time realizes it can't win and print's out the text "Interesting game, the only way to win is not to play". I have no idea how to go about this, but I'm trying everyday to get further. Honestly, sometimes we get caught up in imagining what it must look like at the top of the pyramid that we forget to take the first step up the stairs.
  12. While the "total" delta-v budget may seem to be the same, the actual details of the missions differ. A mothership that spends all it's time in orbit can have much more efficient engines (LV-N) so it has a larger payload fraction than a liquid rocket engine. This means that for comparable masses, an LV-N rocket will have more delta-v than a conventional rocket, or for comparable total delta-v, it will have less mass. Now consider that a circular orbit, equatorial orbit, eliminates four out of the six different parameters you need to match in order to dock with the vehicle... you only need two pieces of information to dock with a vehicle: it's velocity, and it's position along the orbit. Therefore it behooves one, if only for the sake of simplicity, to take your third option whenever possible. Just send more fuel up, or even cooler, have a little sub ship that attaches to asteroids, mines them, and then returns the fuel to you.
  13. If anyone has ever heard of Outer Wilds, my wish for KSP 2 (which was actually my wish for KSP 1) will sound familiar to you. I would like something similar to what we have now; Lego meets Orbiter meets Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space. I love that aspect of the game. I would, however, radically change Career mode, to the point that it might turn off a lot of people. Please bare with me. I like me some Sandbox gaming, but honestly, a scripted story with set goals can be very fun too. I wish for a KSP "Story" mode would actually give missions that need to be accomplished to progress an overarching story... that is the discovery of a Stargate like thing at the edge of space! The campaign should be roughly aligned with the discovery of new technology. At first, you are doing simple things like reaching orbit, putting satelites, etc. But, as you start exploring the planets, you can really unlock the secrets of those planets. This is where the idea of Outer Wilds comes in. It's sandbox, but there is still obviously something behind the scenes going on. As the career progresses you might find, say, a cave in Minmus. To enter the cave, you have to build a rover that allows you to move into the cave and explore it. Within it, you discover some ancient artifact or whatever that's a map to something on Duna. Doesn't have to be something like that, but it should lead you in that way. Obviously, at no point should you be stopped from diverging from the "story mode"; you can do as you please. In some ways, I want there to be soft "broken bridges" of sorts to encourage the players to continue the story mode... I mean, that's why you are playing story mode as opposed to the other modes, but it should in no way lock you into it. Kinda like what The Long Dark wants to do with it's story mode eventually. I've never really developed the idea too much, but it's always been of interest to me.
  16. Cambrian period because I've always been fascinated by the Cambrian explosion.
  17. I play career mode because the monetary restrictions and penalties to lost Kerbals means there is some risk. Furthermore, I'm a sucker for "progression" in games, and anything that allows me to "feel" that sort of progression sucks me in. Minecraft, for example, I tend to play in Hardcore mode when single player and I tend to do no more than collecting resources to "progress" in the game. I don't really mine out huge elaborate mines, nor do I build large quarries for materials. Rather I prefer to go spelunking for the minerals I need to reach the end to beat the dragon. In Factorio, I tend to build the minimalist factory I need to progress to the point of launching the satelite into space. Etc. Therefore, Career, though it is not my ideal, is the closest thing to such risk/reward KSP offers, and as such, i tend to play it exclusively.
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