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  1. Even better would be a PR Additional configs are pretty cheap.
  2. There's no issue in alternate ISM configurations - but rather than changing the color it probably makes more sense to just increment the number decal. If you come up short, let me know (I can always make new ones).
  3. tbh unless something in USI Tools is causing you grief (which I doubt, it is mostly part modules) then roll with it.
  4. @DStaal - yep, since a 20 ton base part is twice as effective, the relative change should be smaller with a smaller efficiency part. Mass is the main lever, volume is the limiter. If you find a loophole, by all means let me know In theory, 20 tons of refinery should be the same regardless of whether it is one part or ten.
  5. Log a ticket, ideally with a save, and I can see what's what Also a heads up - closing on a house tomorrow so I will be a bit out of pocket, but still around
  6. Hey @DStaal as noted, everything is balanced by the constraint of mass and volume. Once you know the mass, we use this for e-multiplier. So a refinery with a total mass (including any costs for expanding, as well as machinery) of 10 tons would have an eMultiplier of 10. An efficiency part with a mass of 5 tons would have a multiplier of 5. The resulting efficiency on the refinery would be 150% (100% plus 5/10)
  7. FYI - Catalog in my sig is fixed, and welcome @TheRagingIrishman and @TauPhraim to the USI Team
  8. Ahh... I have an idea on why, will sort that
  9. Sorry, not enough context on that one. Best guess is your hab reduced when the vessels decoupled
  10. Yeah... that will do it
  11. There's an entire KSPedia and Wiki covering all of this. Short version - drill for stuff. Refine to usable materials. Combine into stuff to make rockets.
  12. As noted earlier, locking is fixed in an upcoming release. Also repeating what I said earlier... Locking is fixed in an upcoming release.
  13. That's not a service module And the answer is very.
  14. To be clear - Organics should not be an input, but they absolutely need to remain a required resource. Suggestion would be to lock them in the edge case where you have assembly and agriculture on the same vessel (a disconnected vessel would not have this issue).