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  1. @voicey99 - glad you got it sorted
  2. It does not quite work this way By the time you see something compiled there - there would have been a new release.
  3. Not without making a new thread. Which I will do either with @Snjo's blessing, or if I see he's not around for several months.
  4. Two points. First, yeah. Check the attitude - a bad one kicks you out of the conversation. Second. a 5m kontainer is not required... you could do it with a bunch of 1.25's if you were so inclined. (Bold emphasis mine). There would be zero mass savings, and it would be less efficient volume wise. Also consider just how absolutely massive that ring is, along with all of it's bonuses - it is appropriately balanced. You can also just pre-deploy the ring before launch if you're not concerned with mass. Or to put it another way. Every single part that is kitted out with MatKits can be pre-built. The ability to send it in a smaller package and send up the rest of the bits separately then assemble in-situ is a bonus.
  5. @voicey99 - the Orca should totally not be nullreff'ing in the current pre-release... Make sure you try with the most recent pre
  6. FYI - if you are missing parts, odds are someone is bundling an old version of CCK. Update to the latest CCK (or use the one I bundle).
  7. Save file?
  8. True, but I tend to use GC to drop them in so they can be pretty
  9. If you still have the same issue let me know and I'll take a look
  10. Sounds like a bug - though if possible I'd like you to test it on a pre-release (give me a few to bundle it and I'll ping here once done).
  11. No offense, but this is incorrect. Look at the OP for a couple of example pics. Also - that Tundra module will be a lot easier to deal with if it is horizontal not vertical. Use anchor hubs (and anchor them! They act like KAS pylons) if you want to do KIS assembly. Use Salamanders and their corresponding landing module to drop small pods of bases. Use two ball hubs and a truss to make horizontal six-module 'dog-bone' style bases. Use Karibous if you want something mobile. Use PAL equipment to move bits around. Focus on 'pods' of disconnected bases to make a larger outpost. It saves you from the Kraken. I could go on of course, and I expect there are going to be a lot of base pics posted today Also @ruiluth - KPBS != MKS. It's like comparing apples and tractors. MKS is first and foremost a gameplay mod. KPBS is primarily a parts mod (though the integration pack @DStaal works on changes that.
  12. @ethanwdp - just toss a PR on the Firespitter repo.
  13. All will be moved eventually, other than community bits like CRP and CCK
  14. Correct - as long as the folks are on your base (even if partially disconnected), you should be good to go