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  1. What you are going to find out is that the ideal mix is a combination of some multipliers and some quarters. They are like peanut butter and jelly. I've been chatting with him on it. It's being discussed, and something I would like to see happen, but out of my hands unless I scare up some time to code it.
  2. No. A Kerbal's helmet is 0.605m in diameter at it's largest point.
  3. You still need a part to enable pushing or pulling from Planetary Logistics. Either the Duna Logistics Center or Tundra Pioneer/Logistics Center for push/pull, or any of the new processing modules for push only.
  4. What part do you have on that vessel that is PL enabled? Hard to see in the dark Need to talk to @allista on that one, but yeah GC is pretty solid.
  5. @jd284 - give the current one a go
  6. Let me noodle a way around that.
  7. @jd284 - try what I just checked in. (Actually - hold off a second...) (ok now try!)
  8. tbh it probably just needs to persist will poke at it
  9. Sure, incoming shortly. Will be in USITools - let me know if it works out
  10. Trust me on this one (source: Wrote the stock resource system) Already sorted this in my dev code
  11. What is happening is very likely an issue with LastCheck since that's the guard clause (PostProcess is called at the end of FixedUpdate from the converters). Since we use FiixedUpdate, they will always be in lockstep (which is why FixedUpdate is used for precision). In this case what it looks like is that after the first tick, since LastCheck is being set to universaltime, you're missing the remainder of your catchup chunks. So for these, it makes sense to use an increment vs a straight set.
  12. That's pretty much my thought, @DStaal - hence free push, but to pick it up and deliver (pull) is a different kettle of fish. Tho what I am making is bigger than just a probe core Those were cases where I had an intentional delay though (most of which I dropped). FixedUpdate is part of a MonoBehavior.