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  1. The latest Github repo is 1.3 compatible. Otherwise read back a few pages for some discussion on how to update it on your own. Welcome to the forums!
  2. There is usually a lot of copy/paste when I make a part config. The solar panel is still being worked on. I will look at a SAS upgrade.
  3. Update Github repo updated Changelog so far: Beta 0.15.1 New Parts: ==Probe Cores== * CA-100B 'Landvermesser' B Core (Inspired by Surveyor B) ==Antenna== * CA-A20-B HGA Antenna (Inspired by Surveyor B) ==Electrical== * CA-ET120 Solar Array (Inspired by Surveyor B) Updates/Fixes: * Corrected and added more Science results for GroundOps experiments * Updated SCANsat support for the new version 18.0 * Fixed a symmetry issue in the Landvermesser lander core * Fixed a texture load error for all the normal maps (Thanks to Gordon Dry for the fix) * Fixed Node orientation on the Landvermesser HGA * Fixed Node and fairing issue on the Landvermesser core * Disabled antenna power upgrades!!!! To prevent a potential CommNet bug. Verify the DSN range to any active distant probes before upgrading to this version!!! * Updated Tweakscale configs (Thanks to JSO) * Updated RemoteTech configs (Thanks to Jimbodiah) * Updated included dependencies of Firespitter (Version 7.6.0) and DMagicScienceAnimate (Version 0.19) New parts are not yet fully balanced but let me know how well they fit so far. The Surveyor lander is likely to get a propellant capacity nerf, heads up!! Let me know how your testing goes and I can try and finish this release. ~cheers
  4. @CobaltWolf That looks very nice, but other than for completion I have to question its size for KSP. How big is it?
  5. There is an issue open for this already in Github, but thank you. I think this is just an old reference left over from the Unity export of those models. Firespitter overwrites the texture loading for those parts, so it should be working. They're all normal maps so it could also be something I did wrong in the Firespitter texture switching config
  6. I don't know what to tell you. Everyone else who has posted recently with problems getting the mod to load has since gotten it fixed by updating something, often a dependency. Diligently go through your GameData and make sure everything is the correct version. If that doesn't work, check for conflicts, or just sit tight until the next version of ProbesPlus is released.
  7. I see a ton of theses errors: Not just with my mod either. There are other errors with Kopernicus that make me think that there is a conflict. @Knezz, your DM science animate is out of date. You guys please be sure to check that all your mods are up to date, not just mine and its dependencies, just in general.
  8. @DarthVader @Knezz Can you post your latest log files of a crash with Coatl Aerospace installed?
  9. DMOS actually uses custom modules and not the generic "ScienceAnimate." I think you still need the latest version of Science Animate. Go ahead and download it anyway and give it a try. Links are posted somewhere in the last couple of pages
  10. Far too many people have been having issues. I am not going to wait to get parts done, I'll get a patch out in a day or two to disable power upgrades along with the other little fixes
  11. Good chance. You guys are my quality control so, thank you. @Mihara what do you mean?
  12. It is not. I don't remember if I ran into issues or anything. I can follow up
  13. If this continues and I am unable to track it down, I may just disable the power upgrade in the next release. I have heard this bug happen before and it is, as you said, related to the way DM science animate does things. Auto science mods are written more towards the stock science module so they do weird things. I though the problem where it does reset with a scientist was fixed though. Correct, that experiment does no sample collection at all, though one could argue some regolith would surely stick to the manipulator. The way it works is that the arm disturbs the surface regolith to expose subsurface material. Then the survey cameras image the ground to capture physical properties. The purpose of Surveyor was to determine how to land men on the moon, so they wanted to learn about surface features to help determine how to plan the Apollo landing mission. This is just a case where KSP has a video-game science system so there is no way to accurately portray the experiment more realistically. I am open to discussion but this is why this and the dust sampler cannot have specimens collected. For balancing reasons, you do not get full science return but you will eventually get another soil scoop with 100% data return. I don't have my notes right now, and I don't remember what mission it is based on.