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  1. Are there any spaces in the path to your ksp install, or other characters that might be messing with the ckan command?
  2. OK, double and triple-check the path that it's reporting. Copy the text from the path listing and ls -l /the/actual/path
  3. Ok, that looks fine. Can you run this at a terminal/command prompt? mono ckan.exe ksp list That should list your ksp install. If it doesn't, you may need to add it with mono ckan.exe ksp add <name> /absolute/path/to/ksp/directory/
  4. Do you have a buildID.txt file there as well? That is the primary source of version number. What does it say?
  5. Yes, as is often the case with SVE updates, the packaging method is all different. You will now need to install "Stock Visual Enhancements", which requires you to install one of the three texture options. The texture packs can thus remain far more stable, and version 1.0 is the correct version number for them (It's actually version 3:1.0 in CKAN) It will probably be easier if you uninstall the existing SVE version and install the new one de novo rather than trying to upgrade.
  6. I haven't run your program or looked at your code, and I'm not familiar with Python, so I really couldn't say. Supporting "depends" and "conflicts" relationships and metamods are obviously critical, so I assume you have that, and the various "install" modifiers would also be important to prevent mod authors getting reallllly annoyed. The CKAN project was always set up to separate the Spec, Metadata and Client, so that people can implement their own versions of the Metadata and Client. The Spec is really the only thing that can't be forked/reimplemented without breaking compatibility. I do think that you'll get more people willing to try out your client if you write back to the CKAN/registry.json. Users would know they can try out your client without being locked in, or needing to delete/reinstall mods if they want to switch back.
  7. Cool. Can I suggest you add a "Full implementation of CKAN Spec v1.18" to your To-Do list? At some stage we're going to add a new "replaced_by" relationship to the spec, but I've been too busy to work on that recently.
  8. I'll be happy to add that, but it won't appear in the main repo until you publish a full release on GitHub. We don't list pre-release mod versions on CKAN.
  9. If you go to the "Contents" tab of the large mods you wish to download, you can pre-download them, which I have found helps a lot with poor Internet connections. See my signature for the link to the error ticket for the Module Not Found on an unrelated module. That one is evading efforts to resolve it so far. Following those workaround instructions should solve your other problem, too.
  10. Click "Add New" in the "Select KSP Installation" window, browse to the folder where your KSP install is located, select the buildID.txt or buildID64.txt file, and then click "Open"
  11. Oh hai! I just found out that this existed! Very cool! Are you writing your mod installation data to the CKAN registry.json file so users can use both clients?
  12. Yep, CKAN will read the .version file included with each GitHub release and use that to set KSP version ranges. If you need to change the min version on one of the dependencies, the .netkan file will need to be updated, though.
  13. USI-EXP is failing to update because: Could not find UmbraSpaceIndustries/SubPack entry in zipfile to install Looks like @RoverDude needs to fix up the install instructions for that one.
  14. Shouldn't be a problem. It's just a tarball of .ckan files, grouped in folders named as the mod identifiers. Specifically, it looks like some of his AVC files need some work Unexpected character encountered while parsing number: :. Path '', line 1, position 3. is what NetKAN robot is reporting on USI-SRV, KaribouExpeditionRover and USI-SubPack. @RoverDude, are you about?