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  1. You need to select the buildID64.txt file. Find that file and delete it? You can separate the mode configs by using ModuleManager scripts that use the NEEDS keyword. I'm not entirely sure about the format, but there are plenty of mods with similar issues to handle that you can probably find.
  2. An "uninstall all" option has been raised before and will probably happen eventually. KSP has no copy protection, so you can just copy the entire KSP folder from your Steam library to another location to clone your KSP install. This is not a secret. The installed-default.ckan file is something CKAN uses to know which mods you have selected to install, and is used a little weirdly compared to other .ckan files. When you export to a favourites list, it just lists the mod names, and makes them "recommends" so that if any single mod is not available, the whole selection does not automatically fail. The idea is that a favourites list should be usable across different KSP versions, which will generally mean different mod versions will be compatible, and not all will be available.
  3. Got a workaround in place. Still not sure why the bot is failing, but people should be able to install, now.
  4. The ckan.exe program is all you download. a CKAN folder gets created in your game folder when you run the CKAN client successfully.
  5. There is a page that reports errors in crawling - http://status.ksp-ckan.org/. I wish we had enough people helping out with CKAN metadata to ensure that it gets checked regularly. There was an idea of having individuals responsible for a given netkan's maintenance, but that has not been successful. Too much turnover of volunteers. You need to select the build.txt or build64.txt file in the CKAN folder. Not forever. Work has been very busy since December; I'm doing a lot of overtime. Will be back to CKAN when things settle down. If anyone would like to step up and do some metadata updates, we always welcome new contributors and offer help and advice to get up to speed with the vagaries!
  6. Sorry, which of those statements is correct? They are contradictory. When you change the zip names, you break CKAN updates.
  7. We've said it before, and I'll say it again - There is no way to add "last updated" date for mods without completely rewriting the way we find mod updates automatically. It's not going to happen. We're talking replacing most of our infrastructure code.
  8. I've tried to reproduce that bug, but I haven't had any luck. Can you uninstall TakeCommandContinued and then reinstall it?
  9. I'll just add the caveat that it is always a good idea to close and restart CKAN after the refresh when doing major changes like this.
  10. If you look a little further up the thread, I just outlined a procedure that makes that quite easy to do. Save as favourites, uninstall everything, close CKAN, delete ModuleManager, open CKAN, refresh, close and restart CKAN, install from .ckan
  11. The Uninstall ModuleManager step should have uninstalled everything that depended on it, so that's weird. I should do a Wiki page on this procedure with pictures. It really is so much easier and quicker than people expect.
  12. Were it me, I'd do the Save as CKAN favourites, uninstall ModuleManager, refresh, restart, install from .ckan trick
  13. Assuming you're happing with merging it into the main CKAN release, just raise an issue and we can work it out together!
  14. If this stretches out much longer, I'll look into cutting the Spacedock downloads over to http. That should sort it out. Spacedock will be changing CAs eventually, @VITASjust needs to find the time to do it.