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  1. RealFuels v12.1.0 for KSP 1.2.2 has been released! Reinstate analytic boiloff with improvements Set specific heat to zero for cryogenic resources (assumption that part and resource temperature are the same doesn't make sense here) Disable ferociousBoilOff since changing cryogenic resource specific heat makes it unnecessary Add the ability for ignitions to be allowed only when attached to launch clamps Make sure cost only gets multiplied by scale once Fix issue where engines would explode after being decoupled (due to KSP reporting the wrong ambient temperature for a couple of frames) Fix resource mix buttons not showing up when a ship is first loaded Fix fuel tank related NRE in flight Make burn time formatting consistent Fix vacuum thrust displaying the same as sea level thrust
  2. Interesting, I definitely don't get that. Maybe try removing the mod entirely and re-installing it from a fresh download. It could be that there's an old file in there that didn't get overwritten, and that's what it's seeing. If that doesn't work, I might be able to see what's going on by looking at KSP's log. Instructions on how to find and upload that are in the first link in my signature.
  3. That is strange, the version information in it definitely says 1.2.2. Is this the exact download link you are using?
  4. Welcome to the forums! Which download are you using? If you have KSP 1.2.2, you want the download Crzyrndm linked two posts above yours.
  5. @toric5 Do you know whether any of the curves you're dealing with have tangents? (3rd and 4th numbers on each line)
  6. What do you mean 3 entries? It should either be x y or x y iTan oTan (2 or 4). If you just multiply y, you won't get the shape you want, you need to multiply the tangents too, since they control the slope.
  7. I looked earlier and didn't find anything. I could swear it was documented somewhere though... Out of curiosity, how would you do this? At least without giving errors when MM looks for the 3rd and 4th values but doesn't find them?
  8. Unfortunately there's no general way to edit float curves that way. You have to know whether it has tangents to begin with.
  9. I think it actually is. You'd want @key,*[1, ] *= 1.1 Since you want to edit every key, then edit the item at index 1 (separated by spaces). The shape of the curve would get messed up if tangents (3rd and 4th values) are specified though
  10. SolverEngines v3.1 for KSP 1.2.2 Is now available Fix a bug with engine fitting where results would persist after data was deleted Fix normalizedOutput to avoid phantom EC generation Prevent NRE from the overheat box on a non-active vessel Add vacuum conditions initializer for EngineThermodynamics Allow animations on engines that don't inherit from ModuleEnginesSolver (mainly to take better advantage of interfaces)
  11. AJE v2.8.0 for KSP 1.2.2 is now available! Fix intakes that had IntakeAir removed, also remove it from some parts that no longer have intakes Throttle now responds much faster, closer to reality Afterburner throttle now responds much faster than core Display core and afterburner throttles separately for afterburning engines SABRE-like engines no longer distinguish between afterburner and core New ramjet module, should be much better than the old one RAPIER now has slightly improved efficiency
  12. Unfortunately no (it would make my life much easier). But you can import the compiled models into blender using this:
  13. Okay hmm, nothing is obviously wrong, and I see effects on those engines (without RP). Are you sure that even at 100% throttle, with the afterburner engaged (e.g. on the J75), you see no effects? And not smoke either? If so, could you try again without RealPlume and then post those two files again?
  14. Well, for starters you haven't installed CommunityResourcePack, which you definitely need. Additionally, it looks like you have installed SSTU-OptionalPatches, which has some patches for USI Life Support which will break if you do not have that installed. You may want to examine the contents of SSTU-OptionalPatches more carefully.
  15. Could you post your ModuleManager.ConfigCache as well? I see a bunch of lines like this but am not sure what's causing them: [ERR 15:48:00.343] FloatCurve: Invalid line. Requires two values, 'time' and 'value'