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  1. Those who have been following MM know that Sarbian released a build for the prerelease and that this build required several code changes. The current release version of MM not working on KSP 1.3 should not be a surprise.
  2. Code changes were necessary (I know because I made them), so hopefully nothing more has changed between then and now
  3. MM had working compiles during the prerelease. It's entirely possible that nothing else has changed since then but it will need a new build. My experimentation with other plugins also suggested that they may need to be recompiled even if not code changes are necessary.
  4. PSA, don't try to use B9 on KSP 1.3 yet. ModuleManager is definitely broken, and my recollection is that B9PartSwitch requires a recompile as well. Not sure about the other dependencies.
  5. @Gordon Dry @Phineas Freak I remembered incorrectly. Cost can still have decimals but entryCost must now be an integer.
  6. @Phineas Freak the change to only allow integers as cost was pretty recent, but it definitely happened. I can look up exactly what KSP version made the change later.
  7. That looks like a separate issue. RP-0 sets the cost incorrectly for that part and a few others, nothing to do with Tweakscale. Be aware when working with a modded install that there may be many layered issues.
  8. This looks like the same issue you posted in the FAR thread. RP-0 is changing the cost to a non-integer. Nothing to do with KW specifically.
  9. All I can say is that the engines will start to overheat in AJE at about the same point they'd overheat in real life. If there was a realistic way to get around this, someone would have found and built it by now. The notion of a precooler isn't particularly meaningful as far as real engines go* ** * One might invoke the Reaction Engines SABRE here, but note that in that case the engine cycle is really designed around the precooler and wouldn't function without it. ** It would theoretically be possible to build a more conventional jet engine with a precooler, but you would need a cryogenic fuel like Liquid Methane for it to really have any effect.
  10. I addressed that with a question... Yes, FOR[MyMod] in general should only be used by the MyMod mod. But it doesn't matter where it's defined, or exactly what it is. For instance, it's common to see FOR[000_MyMod] or FOR[zzz_MyMod] in order to get things to apply in a certain order. For the parts-only mod in your scenario, MM would detect its presence by what the folder name is in GameData (satisfying condition 2 in my above criteria). Others could then make patches with e.g. NEEDS[SomeMod] that would be applied because it is found in GameData.
  11. Well yes it is a complicated question. I will try to answer it as best as I can. The first thing to note is that if you are not using FAR you will definitely have issues (if you are, ignore this) The next thing is that the fuel efficiency (specific impulse) you will see with AJE will be considerably lower than stock. How much lower depends on which engine and what flight condition you are running at. Thrust on the runway should be generally the same, but it won't grow quite as much with speed, and might drop off a little bit faster with altitude in the mid-atmosphere. AJE also introduces temperature limits which puts a cap on the mach number you can run any given engine at (this is separate from stock heating). So for supersonic planes, you won't be able to fly as fast much of the time. I hope that gives you some insight. Let me know if you still have questions!
  12. I've actually never seen that before. Could you point to where it's used? FOR tells MM two things: (1) That the mod exists and any patches marked NEEDS, BEFORE, or AFTER that mod should be processed, and that (2) The patch should be processed during that mods pass
  13. There are 3 things that define a mod's existence to MM: Presence of a dll with that name (as you guessed) Presence of a directory with that name in GameData Presence of a patched marked :FOR[xxx]