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  1. Hmm, that looks right to me. Are you sure that the intake transform is pointing the right way? It could be that you're loosing thrust because the intake doesn't see itself as being pointed into the airstream.
  2. Yeah, I noticed that issue in the QuizTechAero configs. Will be fixed. I don't think it occurs anywhere else. Could you show me the config you're using. It should be copying one of the default TPR curves, maybe that part isn't working? You've confirmed that it's only this part - other intakes work fine?
  3. # means "has value", ~ means "does not have value". Equivalent for nodes are @ and !
  4. @Citizen247 Apologies, I should have remembered from the beginning that most of the AJE intake patches don't actually remove the intakeAir resource. So that explains the exception because ModuleResourceIntake does expect a resource. It looks like most of the AJE patches don't actually do this ... what patches are you looking at that do this?
  5. Okay, nothing obviously wrong there. Logs then? (I probably could have identified the problem already, and would know exactly what version of everything you had, if you'd provided logs originally, just sayin')
  6. I know FAR had issues detecting intakes without IntakeAir in the past, but I believe that has been fixed. What version of KSP, FAR, and AJE are you using? Logs would also be useful as always.
  7. You also need to set automaticDir = false I think. This isn't really a ModuleManager-related question though. Maybe a different thread would be better next time.
  8. Yes, that should do it. Alternately, you can have top on, bottom off, invert the engines, and disable auto-decouple to push the lower stage away from you. But either should work.
  9. @mechanicH Are you playing with any other mods? I remember seeing that when I was messing with SSTU and RO - basically they were auto-decoupling before they were supposed to and colliding with the ship. Alternately, maybe you just turned the top decoupler on by accident?
  10. ferram4 has requested that this information not be made available publicly, sorry!
  11. Yeah, looking at the Squad effects configs, it looks like that's how the effects are set up to begin with (nothing to do with AJE here). It is of course incorrect, but I don't think it's practical to go through and try to fix the effects on every engine (since it would have to be done for each one individually). If you want to fix a few and submit a PR, feel free.
  12. Phantom EC it looks like is an issue in SolverEngines. A fix has been merged, I'll try to release it soon. Engine sounds I haven't looked at yet.
  13. That entire file is a MM patch. But I suspect it's complaining about line 15. I think it's supposed to be commented out.
  14. Could you show us the patch as well? MM isn't liking something on the left side of some equal sign.
  15. The LR-87 is a different case because each combustion chamber actually had its own pump and preburner, and they were just both situated in the space between the engines. But yes, they were designed to operate as a pair. That is supposed to be LR-81 right?