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  1. if you can't find it yourself you will have really hard time at modding because you will have to search a lot for informations, for blender, unity, ksp, etc... But don't worry, there is a beginning to everything, and this forum is here to help you as long as you are doing an show good efforts on your side. for your question i suggest you to look at it in google and find the official website.
  2. Cool! ,thank you again
  3. hey Vale i finally repaired this broken hatch myself Aaargh... my head!
  4. hi guys, i added 2 weeks ago my new mod on spacedock, i ticked to get it on CKAN bit there is still nothing, i guess you have something to do ( or i?), here some maybe useful info for you: License: GPLv3 Identifier on spacedock: 1245 no dependency mod there is an included KSP-AVC file inside the download thank you, tell me if you need something else or if there is anything i have to do.
  5. for now i don't plan to do much on the model, but if a talented modeller/painter want to contribute it will be really welcome However any suggest is really welcome, maybe you have an idea for something simple to do. do you prefer ( ugly) solid texture instead of transparent?
  6. great! What size was the ablative-airbrake with 800 max ablator on the 1st pic?
  7. i guess for a scaling s you will get things mutiplied by s² because of the tweakscale config patch(and not s^3 as it should, but i haven't tried myself). so for a size 400%, ablator x16? Don't forget, you can also tweak the ablator in the hangars, and reduce it if you want.
  8. Yes, i based on this myself too. ( even if the airbrake is maybe too thin to get as much ablator) nope, 200 ablator for the 1.25m Heat shield. maybe, i don't use tweakscale myself, but fell free to send me a better patch. Yup, that's what i wanted, as it seems to me this part is more fragile than the classic heatshield. and a bit to balance the power of this part. Great! feel free to send pics of ablative-airbrake use here! ( beware i don't know how it is balanced for RSS, feel free to send a patch too... )
  9. something like this can be more user friendly,+Area,+and+Volume
  10. Hello, i've included a patch in my mod for Tweakscale: So i came here to notify you as asked in the first page here is the patch, if you want to check it, as i haven't tried myself: Thank's
  11. Here is the KSP.log and output_log.txt (not easy to find this one , : I also included a minimod to test this things easily, available in the GameData of the dropbox link. @Jenyaza, thank you, it could be a workaround, i will probably have to deal with how to delete everything except the RESOURCE nodes.
  12. I agree, even the stock balance is hum... weird, and there is limitations anyway (part's drag not occluding others when surface attached ,etc...)
  13. really good news! here is something that could help you, an old mod including comets too: more pics: hope the best for KerbalKomets!
  14. hi, i will need your help again guys, i would like to copy all the RESOURCE nodes from a Part1 to a Part2 like this, Example of Part1: Part1 //I don't know how many resource node it has. { ... RESOURCE { name = resource1 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource2 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource3 ... } ... } I expected this to copy all the resource nodes, i tried each of this syntax: @PART[Part2] { #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE[*]{} //copy only the 1st resource #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE[*],*{} //copy only the 1st resource #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,*{} //copy only the 1st resource } unfortunately, it only copy the 1st node I also tried a workaround, by writing enough of this lines: @PART[Part2] { #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,0{} #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,1{} #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,2{} #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,3{} #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,4{} #@PART[Part1]/RESOURCE,5{} ... } but it copy the last resource as many times as the rest, with my example above of 3 resources in Part1 and 6 lines of copy it will give: Part2 { ... RESOURCE { name = resource1 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource2 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource3 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource3 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource3 ... } RESOURCE { name = resource3 ... } ... } Did i missed something? thank's Edit: i have no KSP.log here, i will do and post it tomorrow... sorry