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  1. why create a greyscale then try to convert it to purple? if you have a high and low poly model in blender, you can create directly the normal map (purple) from the high poly, easier faster better.
  2. It's not currently planned, maybe one day
  3. i made this: maybe it can help you (and other people)
  4. even parts mod with stock only modules can break if you don't install them in the right place (for example with a MODEL module targeting a texture somewhere in the gamedata/mod/etc../... )
  5. nothing is impossible in kerbal! here you go with a module manager patch ( read the instructions in the thread linked below to "install" it if you need) //Add Class Descriptions to Antenna //Author: tg626 @PART[longAntenna]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 1 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[SurfAntenna]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 1 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[HighGainAntenna5]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 2 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[mediumDishAntenna]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 3 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[RelayAntenna5]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 3 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[HighGainAntenna]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 4 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[RelayAntenna50]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 4 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[commDish]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 5 Antenna.</color> : } @PART[RelayAntenna100]:FINAL { +description ^= :^:<color=orange>Class 5 Antenna.</color> : } by @tg626 from ( Add Class Descriptions to Antennas )
  6. they are here: GameData\TakeCommand\TakeCommand.cfg GameData\TakeCommand\ModuleManager\BetterCrewAssignment.cfg and i don't fork the mod, i just have it in my gamedata when using Unity for modeling.
  7. on my side i don't care, i found the problem, it's for other modders...
  8. hi, here is a small issue with this mod: there is 2 files considered as empty by the partools script for Unity and it brakes it: BetterCrewAssignment.cfg TakeCommand.cfg it could be great to add the extension .txt to them or change something.
  9. I succesfully targeted the kerbalEVA part with a module manager patch like this: @PART[kerbalEVA] { ...add stuff } maybe a workaround could be to add this exception to your first patch, then do the same specifically for the kerbalEVA, kerbalEVAfemale, ... ? @PART[*!kerbalEVA]:HAS[#module[Part]]:Final { @module = PartTapIn } @PART[kerbalEVA]:HAS[#module[Part]]:Final { @module = PartTapIn } --------------------------------------- On my side i have a question too: IS it possible to target the new localisation config file "GameData\Squad\Localization\dictionary.cfg" with a module manager patch? it look likes this: Localization { en-us { #autoLOC_18284 = Stability Assist #autoLOC_18285 = Prograde/Retrograde Hold ... thank's.
  10. works for KSP 1.3 ( but not translated)
  11. Works with KSP 1.3 ( no translation though)
  12. Works with KSP v1.3.0 (but not translated)
  13. hi, here is a really small bug report: the link to the forum page in the Help/about/Forum Thread seems broken to me: and thank you for you efforts on this project
  14. 1)VAB too? not only SPH? didn't noticed it, thank's. 2) the graph don't show me WHERE is the COL (blue marker), for the same torque the COL can be more down, or more backward, etc...depending of the position of the different parts, and it doesn't have the same effect on a craft. It can be easier to design plane (keep the craft horizontal in the SPH but move the numbers), maybe it is possible to deduce it by reading accurately the graph but i think it's harder.
  15. great update, thank you! i answers from the original thread: I think this mod is touching the COL marker ( the blue ball), for example it takes care of the structural pannel as shown in the 1st post but it changes also the alpha-zero from the stock 1° to 3° in the SPH, doesnt changez in the VAB (vertical down), also with the graph we can see the amount of torque for a given AoA, but not where the COL is, it can move backward or up or both etc... but we only the graph we can't know easily (or we have to rotate the whole craft that will mess the part placement after this) See this post: why this suggest? because i try to give angle to my wings instead of flying with a pitch angle (for a level flight), so my plane is horizontal and my wing a bit tilted instead of tilting the whole craft (more drag): not really level here, but you can see the idea. so my suggest are: -be able to change this alpha-zero ( at least in a .cfg file) - display the red arrow show in my picture in the hangars to visualize it easily. thank you for having read this.