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  2. Any tech/vehicle developments recently? Administration stuff isn't very interesting to me
  3. So a methalox Falcon series could possibly maybe be a thing? Interesting.
  4. He could be you... he could be me!
  5. Goddammit, stop being so hard on yourself! Your work is great!
  6. I, for one, would download this immediately if it worked with 1.2.2 or 1.3
  7. Behind the couch? Oh what's this, you're out of likes? What a surprise...
  8. @icantmakemodels Me and @Oliverm001x will PM you when you reply here, for more discussion.
  9. @icantmakemodels Right, decision time. For various reasons, me and @Oliverm001x have not been able to keep this thread going, and likely will not be able to in the near future. Therefore, I grant you permission to continue this challenge, under 2 conditions: 1. The credits in this thread's OP be mentioned in your version. 2. Myself and @Oliverm001x be credited with creating this idea. And another thing, which I'll PM you about when you respond to this. Good luck
  10. Mission success!
  11. The next orbit
  12. Looks like the same strongback as the first Iridium mission.
  13. The Falcon has landed!