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  1. I'm eagerly awaiting tonight's KSP Weekly to see what's next for KSP, other than the DLC.
  2. This is staying on 1.2.2 for the foreseeable future. @Numerlor, I'll try to get your launch report out today. Screenshots instead of video because my screen recorder is messing up.
  3. Hello catercake
  4. Hold on, the wikipedia page for the SLS says the first stage thrust is 7,440kN. I would assume so. But then shouldn't they make the second stage optional, so to speak? Include it for beyond LEO/GTO payloads, take it out for lighter LEO payloads, put it back in for heavy LEO payloads.
  5. Hmm. Makes sense, considering that the SLS first stage is supposed to separate with a barely negative perigee. Could the second stage be for extended in-space operations (higher payload capacity to GTO, TLI, etc)?
  6. Only 10 since Monday? Somehow I usually get 20-35 notifications every night when I'm sleeping... hmm. Maybe I'm just following too many threads.
  7. Not sure why, but a word of advice. DON'T BUY KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM FOR XBOX ONE OR PS4 The console versions are apparently unplayable, with saves corrupting regularly, no mod availability, outdated version (the console versions are still on 1.1.something I believe), etc. So yeah, I'd stick with the PC version if I were you, until Blitworks finishes their overhaul (last slated to be released in "early 2017", so much for that).
  8. *pinches arm* Am I dreaming? This is awesome!
  9. What? A SpaceX event moved FORWARD??
  10. Hello kerbaloid
  11. Nope. @mun
  12. It even has the nosecone on top.
  13. If it is aliens... Humans: "Woohoo we found aliens!" Aliens: "Woohoo the humans found us!"