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  4. Yeah, get half the sphere out of the tank and you'll be fine. The launch will be added to the manifest when you two have decided on all the particulars.
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  6. Einstein
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  9. I made a Falcon 9 replica. The first stage is entirely reusable, and consists of a 3.75m core with 9 tweakscaled Vectors (the middle one is slightly larger than the rest). Ascent is reaching 20 kilometers at 45* on the navball, and continuing from there. I save roughly 2700 units of liquid fuel in each of the three tanks to perform a boost back burn and the landing burn. For RTLS landings, I start my landing burn at 13km above ground level, using three engines for landing (the middle one alone barely has a TWR > 1, so using 3 is much easier). The second stage is fairly standard, I disabled the reaction wheels and added RCS instead for realism. Works pretty well. Unfortunately no pics since they didn't save for some reason. Pics coming soonTM.
  10. We can crowdfund a ticket for Elon Musk! . . . Oh... right.
  11. And is the same payload adapter going to be used for the FH? Because that seems silly, considering that an expendable FH can theoretically carry 63.8 tons (!)(according to
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