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  1. April 26 1967: The state funeral was held for Vladimir Komarov in which his ashes were interred in the Kremlin wall. (Warning: a bit graphic) 1971: NASA discontinued the quarantine for future Apollo flights returning from the Moon starting on Apollo 15. 1993: STS-55 and its crew of 7 launched into orbit on a 10-day mission. It carried the German Spacelab-D2, a science lab attached inside the shuttle payload bay. 1998: The Cassini spacecraft conducted its first flyby of Venus on its way to its target Saturn. 2003: Soyuz TMA-2 and its crew of 2 launched into orbit on a mission to the ISS. 2004: The Opportunity Mars rover ended its primary mission.
  2. April 24 1967: Vladimir Komarov died when the Soyuz 1 spacecraft crashed. Upon failure to deploy the main chutes, Komarov deployed the back-up chutes which tangled up with the drogue chute, causing the spacecraft to crash. He was the first person to die during a spaceflight. 1970: China's first successful orbital satellite DFH-Mao 1 was launched. Everything during launch was reported nominal and the satellite entered orbit 13 minutes after launch. 1971: Soyuz 10 and its crew of 3 landed back at Earth after its failed mission to Salyut 1. Only a night landing was possible if it was to land in Soviet territory. The air inside the spacecraft became toxic during reentry and crewmember Rukavishnikov fell unconscious. Other than that, the crew and spacecraft landed safely. 1990: STS-31 and its crew of 5 launched into orbit on a 5-day mission. It deployed the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), which after repairs by later missions, would look out into space at different galaxies, stars, nebulae, and other phenomena. 2005: Soyuz TMA-5 and its crew of 3 landed back at Earth after a mission to the ISS. April 25 1961: Mercury Atlas (MA)-3 was launched in an attempt to reach an unmanned Mercury spacecraft into orbit. The rocket failed to reach a proper launch trajectory and the mission was aborted. The spacecraft landed safely by parachute 2,000 yards from the launchpad. 1962: The second suborbital test of the Saturn 1 first stage (SA-2) was launched. The dummy second and third stages contained water to act as the weight of fuel during launch. Upon intended self-destruct, the water was released into the upper atmosphere creating a giant ice cloud as part of Project Highwater. 1968: A memorial service was held for Vladimir Komarov, the cosmonaut killed in the crash of Soyuz 1, with over 10,000 people attending. 1972: Charles Duke and Thomas Mattingly conducted an EVA in deep space to retrieve film cartridges from the Service Module. 2002: Soyuz TM-34 and its crew of 3 (one being a South African citizen) was launched on a mission the the ISS. It docked to the station on April 27.
  3. "The world is becoming overpopulated, we'll have no room on this planet in 500 years!"
  4. ... is actually 2x4 nanometers. This speaker system...
  5. Even better
  6. Now it's this:
  7. April 23, cont. 1968: A Soyuz 7K-L1 was launched. All was normal until the capsule was reported to have separated from the inert second stage booster after a false abort signal. It landed safely and was recovered the next morning. 1972: The Apollo 16 crew made their 3rd EVA on the Moon, driving the lunar rover to the North Ray crater. Upon return, they threw all the unneeded supplies out of the LM. They then lifted off the surface the same day, docking with the CSM in orbit.
  8. Soviet National Anthem.
  9. April 22 1959: It was decided in a meeting at Langley that a tower would be the best configuration for Mercury's abort system. 1968: Soyuz 7K-L1 s/n 7L was launched. The spacecraft was supposed to separate from the L1 rocket 589 seconds into the flight. At 260 seconds, the malfunction detection system short-circuited and indicated a false launch failure, causing the SAS abort system to separate the spacecraft from the booster. This was the third abort of this kind with the SAS proving its reliability, even if it was unintentional. 1971: Soyuz 10 and its crew of 3 launched into orbit on a mission to Salyut 1. It was the first manned flight to a space station. Because of the weather, it was nearly scrubbed. It approached to the station automatically, but hand-docking was attempted after the failure of the automated systems. The attempt at a hard-dock was failed after the bad angle of approach caused by having no instrument to calculate the approach angle. Soft docking was successful. The faulty hatch on the spacecraft disabled the crew from entering the station. Undocking was unsuccessful as the faulty hatch was impeding with the docking mechanisms. 1972: The Apollo 16 landing crew made their second EVA on the lunar surface. 1983: Soyuz T-8 and its crew of 3 landed back at Earth. April 23 1956: The Army proposed that a Redstone Jupiter missile could launch a small satellite into orbit by January, 1957. 1957: Vandenberg Airforce Base was established. 1962: Ranger 4 was launched. It was the first US spacecraft to impact the Mun. Failure of a timer in the spacecraft led to the loss of control of the spacecraft after being put in its set trajectory. It was tracked until it passed behind the Moon on April 26 and impacted. 1967: Soyuz 1 and its crew of Vladimir Komarov was launched into orbit. It was planned for Soyuz 2 and its 3-manned crew to launch the next day with 2 of the cosmonauts spacewalking to Soyuz 1 after rendezvousing. After orbital insertion, one of the solar panels failed to deploy. The reaction control system also failed to function properly. It was decided to let Komarov return to Earth. Reentry and drogue-chute deployment were both successful. However, the main chute failed to deploy. Komarov attempted to deploy the reserve chute. It tangled up with the drogue chute causing Komarov and the spacecraft to crash. More coming tomorrow...
  10. What do you mean putting a communications satellite around Jupiter isn't a good idea?
  11. ...falls apart when exposed to gingerbread. This German butcher shop...
  12. Agreed.
  13. What about Fahrenheit?
  14. If you get the right lenses for it, yes.
  15. totm

    Oh yeah, my mistake. But still, why not?