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  1. A sentient potato fighting a Transformer that transforms into a lamp.
  2. I snag the cookie and run off to my super-duper-secret-hiding-place-of-super-duper-secrecy in a super-duper-secret-location-of-super-duper-secrecy.
  3. 1931: The first liquid-fuel rocket in Europe is flown in Germany. The small Winkler HW-1 rocket flies only 3 meters after malfunctioning. 1946: German rocket scientists from the Peenenmünde arrive at White Sands. 1961: Mercury MA-2 was launched. It was to test excessive and dangerous reentry conditions. It flew a suborbital flight and was recovered after flying for 17 minutes. 1964: Twin astronaut brothers Mark and Scott Kelly were born. They both flew on several space missions, including Scott Kelly flying almost a year on a single stay on the ISS. 1969: The first N1 rocket was launched. It was the massive Soviet Moon rocket to beat Americans to the Moon. A fire broke out in the tail compartment, shutting down the engines a little over a minute after launch. The Soviets claimed that when christening it for flight, their champagne bottle hit the transporter and not the rocket. 1996: Soyuz TM-23 and its crew of 2 launched into orbit on a mission to the Mir space station. It docked to the station on February 23. 1997: STS-82 and its crew of 7 landed back at Earth. More later today
  4. Never played it, just know the reference.
  5. Will do!
  6. February 20 1962: Mercury MA-6 Freedom 7 and its crew of John Glenn was launched into orbit. It was the first US manned orbital flight. Glenn orbited 3 times in the capsule. During flight, a warning light indicated that the heatshield had come loose and only the retro straps were holding it together. Mission control ordered that the retro package was to be left on during reentry. During reentry, the retro package and the straps burned off, leaving flying chunks going past the window. Upon landing, it was revealed that the warning was false. 1963: A year after its flight, the Friendship 7 capsule was presented to the Smithsonian. John Glenn also presented himself his flight suit, gloves, boots, and American flag patch for the mission. 1964: It was ruled that the last 3 Gemini capsules would make a water landing like the previous ones instead of the planned paraglider landing. 1997: The Galileo spacecraft did a flyby of the moon Europa. 1999: Soyuz TM-29 and its crew of 3 launched into orbit on a mission to the Mir space station. It docked to the station on February 22. 2001: STS-98 and its crew of 5 landed back at Earth. 2008: STS-122 and its crew of 7 landed back at Earth.
  7. @TheEpicSquared
  8. February 18 1930: Clyde Tombaugh discovered Pluto. 2002: Mapping of Mars began with the Mars Odyssey probe. February 19 1932: Joseph Kerwin was born. He flew on Skylab 2, the first US manned mission in a space station. He was also the CAPCOM for Apollo 11 before the landing. 1952: Rodolfo Vela was born. He flew on STS-61-B as the first Mexican astronaut. 1970: Nikolai Kamanin rules that Valentina Tereshkova won't fly into space again due to her rude behavior towards him. 1986: The first core of Russia's new space station Mir was launched. 1990: Soyuz TM-8 landed back at Earth after a mission to the Mir. 1996: Soyuz TM-26 landed back at Earth after a mission to the Mir. 2017: A Falcon 9 was launched to the ISS for the first time after an explosion in 2016. The first stage landed successfully. More later today
  9. The wrapping on chocolate bars is totally edible! (Sounds like one of those dumb Buzzfeed facts that they make up)
  10. I've had this happen to me before (twice)
  11. Shame for using Gene Kranz's weird face for humorous effect
  12. Waluigi looks like this guy
  13. I know they actually considered the Gemini capsule as a lander rescue ship but the idea was scrapped because it was too heavy.