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  1. Thanks! And I probably won't do that, as it would be hard to maintain and it would probably reveal what me or other people looked like. I may post a few pictures though without anyone in it if possible.
  2. Going to space camp today.
  3. I guess this is the right section. Is KSP compatible with joysticks, and if it is, will it work with the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro? Danke schon.
  4. Awesome, welcome!
  5. Thirth
  6. Yeah
  7. NASA, even though its not exactly a company I guess. More of a corporation.
  8. SpaceX isn't my favorite, but I'll play it anyways.
  9. So am I!
  10. I could go either way. It would be nice I guess, but I wouldn't really care either way. For mobile users it would be useful.
  11. I have an 8" Dobsonian telescope and have seen Mars, Venus, the Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, the Sun, and a couple stars with it. I've also been to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL and Cape Canaveral.
  12. Any modders know how to make a .dds map?

    1. ProtoJeb21


      There is this program that can convert png into dds, and vice-versa. I believe it's called something like DDS Converter, but I need to check if that's the case when I get home. Otherwise you may accidentally download a phoney malware program instead (which happened to me once). So don't try and find it until I can give you the exact name.

  13. Image dump!
  14. It's like some sort of vaporwave
  15. Been looking for something like this.