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  1. It would be very usefull if you show us a screenshot. Take a screenshot using F1 ingame, the screenshot will appear in .../Kerbal Space Program/Screenshots/.. Upload it to something like imgur and copy the image link to the forum. Just to make sure, the two docking ports can parent? E.g. they are the same size, the junior can't dock with the normal one. Are you playing in stock? or mods. Welcome to the forum btw! If you're talking about the whole Maneuver tingy, Here's a great video of Scott Manley explaining how to dock.
  2. Thanks for the info. Yeah it's a bit strange that it got added, but on the other hand. Quite a lot people requested it..
  3. Anyone already made some RO configs for it? Otherwise I'll give it a try to config them
  4. Well, somehow I'm impressed how far someones imagination can go.
  5. Well, I guess his law does really apply then. 'Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong'
  6. @Razorforce7 glad to hear everything solved itself (kinda) fly safe
  7. @Razorforce7, I might be wrong, but your cause is your 10x kerbal mod. I see you have that mod installed but also Real Solar System.. which is a bit weird. This mod is for real solar system, which gives the bodies names like earth, moon, mars, jupiter etc. RSSVE set it's cloud layers also to those body names, not to kerbal, duna etc.
  8. Well, it's actually that an alien ship has locked a missile on your craft. It will be destroyed in a few hours to days. I suggest you set execute an evacuate order to the crew. just kidding.
  9. @ScreamFire, @GrahamsNumber, it is in beta/early acces, so you can download it from the github and try, for me it works totally fine.
  10. It seems like some part in your first stage is messed up. And the engines of the second stage too.. Look at the ISP and the mass. Probably a mod that isn't installed how its supposed to be
  11. @LoSBoL, that screen looks quite awesome. Perfect for games like ksp. Anyway, a while ago I did a mission on my RSS/RO/RP-0 career that included a new launch vehicle that can launch a orbital module into space. This was the result: Waiting on the launchpad.... The massive engines on the bottom of the rocket... And.. we have liftoff! Also, something totally different, but picture always gives me goosebumps
  12. Something totally different: Try welding parts together using this mod. Part welding greatly reduces the need for CPU because the game needs to make less part calculations for drag etc.
  13. I support this. And maybe it could be like 2 tabs. So you have your current session and the total flight.
  14. @JeeF, just suggesting, I don't think it's wise to suggest on forums like this to get people things on TPB... Another note, 10 is in fact better for gaming than 7. Yess the pre versions of 10 where buggy, but so where those of 7. 10 is now much smoother, needs less potato to run etc. But that offtopic here hahaha @ufindbatman, love to see it when it's all finished. And take your time on maintaining the mod. It's in your own free time etc.
  15. @Rigel Kerman , scaling won't have any effects on the nodes of a Part. Normally, the only time it will affect a part file is when it's welded with one or more parts. So you can scale them all to 1, since the original scale is 0.64 I believe? However, it will affect the ship file too.. So you have to build yourself a new shuttle, but that not the worst thing. The problem now is that with a down-scaled shuttle, it's even more a flying brig.. The orginal shuttle has a force of 436,1 kg per m2 when taking of and 274,4 kg per m2 when landing. Which is the upper limit for a plane. Normally it's around the 100-150kg/m2 I believe. When you don't scale everything up to real sizes, the weight also has to be reduced, otherwise the whole balance is gone of the shuttle. Hope this helped a bit.