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  1. @Firemetal, ah indeed, yes than it's just normal, like real life. When a rocket is on the launchpad you don't to worry about things like ullage, because gravity pushes the fuel down eventually. But in space, or when decelerating, the fuel in the tanks are free to move forward and the engines lose their pressure, and you get the message 'vapor in the fuellines'. But indeed, this all can fixed by firing ullage rockets or the RCS for a few seconds so the fuel is pushed backwards to the engines. The Russians have a whole other technique, it's called hot staging. When the first stage burn out, and the second stage is about to start, the fuel can flow upward due the change of acceleration, Most rockets have those ullage rockets which help the engine to start and keep the fuelflow normall, But mother russia likes it the other way. The second stage starts a good 30 seconds before the first stage flamed out. This way, you've never the problem of upwards flowing fuel, however, there's a bit more danger in it.
  2. @Firemetal, hey, the unstable fuels are due ullage I think. You need to put some force on the fuel so it flows to the bottom of your fuel tank, this can be done by ullage rockets. (tiny retro rockets, only pointing forward). Or by accelerating with your rcs. The fuel becomes unstable after its Pe because the crafts slows down from there and it becomes stable by itself after its Ap. Also, a reason for instability is because some fuels boil of, to be precise: all fuels with liquid in its name. Hope this helped.  ~drlicor
  3. This can't be achieved with the stock SAS, however, with mechjeb installed you can. Activate smart-A.S.S. select surface, for heading you pick the radial heading, pitch the the same, probably 0. and you make sure you've deselected the roll option.
  4. Heaving mods installed that include ullage? For that, you need some method to push the fuel to the bottom side of the tank, using ullage or separation rockets.
  5. Loading from the cache is done faster. When it loading from patch, it means something new has been added to your setup (if I'm right)
  6. If you're looking for some great clouds for RSS, here's an amazing mod that will meld your videocard.
  7. @Abstract223, well if you have a decent PC, you could run a unmodded install of KSP easily run with 60 FPS. Unless you have way too much programs on the background. But even in that case, you can run it smoothly by going into you task manager -> right-click on the KSP process -> details -> right-click on the KSP process in the details tab -> set priority to high (not to realtime, that will mess up your sound)
  8. At the end, it is mod developer who is offering his free time for making a mod like this. So you can't really demand stuff. I'm grateful they even want to do things like this. It makes the community something special. Keep up the good work guys!
  9. Go for a full RSS/RO install It feels like starting over again with everything you've learned.
  10. @Ravenchant, ohh I thought it was one part thanks!
  11. Haha it made me laugh, but well, what did you at least expect
  12. @Ravenchant, awesome crafts! Where did you get these solar panels?
  13. As @FullMetalMachinist mentioned, FMRS is the perfect mod for it. It does exactly what you describe. After you decouple a certain stage, the mod saves the moment. You can choose to first finish your orbit etc. When you think you're ready, you can select that certain stage, and the game switches to that stage at the time of decoupling. After you've successfully landed the stage, you can switch back to the 'main' mission. Only thing is that you need to remember not to recover anything before switching to the main stage. So you need to recover in the tracking station. This works also with multiable stages. If you're only doing it for the funds etc. and not for the experience of being able to flying back things. There's also a mod that is called 'stage recovery', this mod recovers stages automatically when you've enough parachutes and/or fuel left in your stage.
  14. You can install the mod persistent rotation. Also, for having a certain degree, you can install Mechjeb and use Smart A.S.S. for the exact number
  15. Yep, happened to me too, what I do is warp slowly, not just spamming the warp button. Just do it with some love and do a slow building up and cooling down