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  1. This is going to be my favorite quote for the next few weeks, months TM
  2. That moment you think your laptop is slowly dying because every game starts to lag, but after 2 days of crying you discover you set it on safe energy mode... 

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    2. DrLicor


      Ahh, the place of the fast Internet :)

      Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll stick to my old plan and just save some more money. :)

    3. HunHarcos


      Yeah, only good thing in romania is the cheap and fast internet lol. Where are y from?

    4. DrLicor


      The Netherlands, also quite some speed and low ping. But that's because the fiberglass we have here. 

  3. sorry, but without looking to our logs etc, I bet it's a mod that is not for your version. Please make sure every mod you have is for 1.2.2 and not for 1.3 or 1.1.3
  4. Well, in RSS/RO you can't really trust on the magnetic force if the docking ports, so the only way to do everthing realistic, is to do it with RCS, ofcourse it's possible with only the main engine. But in RSS/RO, it's a lot more effort than in Stock. Also, in reallife, a docking/rendavouz program will last hours with a docking speed of 0.1 m/s while in Stock you can do it in 10minutes.
  5. What I do is select a target with KER, wait untill the relative inclination is near 0.23, mostly around the 0.30, and launch. It in the rendavouz menu of KER
  6. It does work, the root part is the one that will be attaching.. Keep that in mind.
  7. @NSEP, it's just the stock runway of 1.2.2. Sometimes it's flat, sometimes it gives me those weird bugs with suddenly a green bumps in it. Mostly those are at the beginning of the runway. And when I fly an aircraft, trying to take of with those bugs, I mostly crash. It's just a way of reverting the launch that long untill you get lucky.
  8. Hey, I've had the same with my flags etc. But the same flicker. You can try to open in in OpenGl mode or force it to open it with DX11 But since you have no mods, I would suggest to just make a backup of your save and to a total reinstall of the game and place the save folder bakcin afterwards.
  9. In RSS/RO is it almost the only option to se RCS. The only time when I use the engines is when I forget to configure the RCS trhuster prober haha. Also, RCS is much more precise
  10. Okay, seems just how right how Ksp behaves. KSP is mostly run by a CPU and good ram. It stores the data on your RAM so it can load quicker. Next is that KSP only uses a single core of your CPU for the calculations of the physics. As many games, this game is not optimized for multicores, because that's very difficult. (whole other story). So if you have a I7 processor with 8 cores, it better for things like rendering ans photoshop. The GPU is in the stockgame not so much used at all, only when you instal heavy graphic mods, but even then, a simple GTX 860 can run them easily. KSP calculates all the physics for every part in KSP, thats why it gets slow when the partcount rises. You can try a mod to weld parts together en reduce the partcount.
  11. Don't be afraid it won't shut down ksp mods. There are a few simple reasons for it:
  12. But you're right, it makes setting up the landing gear, which is kinda buggy in Stock, a lot easier. I never use the stock landing gear anymore.