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  1. Wait what? FPS drops with openGL? that's strange. DX11 is a bit more aggresive than opengl. So expect more visual bugs etc.
  2. @EnderCrafter78, here's the GitHub from the person who's maintaining the mod. https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup?tab=repositories
  3. @m4gus88, it is highly possible that the CoM at the moment isn't on the right place. So I think it's just a matter of balancing the thing by playing with the mass over the whole craft. Ofsett thing a bit. Just what you do now with the ballast thing.
  4. For reducing loading time you can run your game in openGL mode or force DX11. And just 50 mods? those are rookie numbers, keep them up.
  5. Indeed, Active tecture management is bit of history, For as far as I know, it already was 'useless' since 1.1.3. KSP has already included 'the best' way to compress textures so they aren't as heavy as in earlier versions of KSP. Also, texture management was optional when you have quite a bad GPU, nowadays, stock KSP doesn't use that much GPU, mostly CPU and RAM. And the visual mods do have the optimal textures for loading now.
  6. Here you go buddy, all the changes from the current test version.
  7. !.2.9 is a beta version. 1.3.0 will be the first next stable version you can download. If you want the open beta versions, go to your steam libary, right-click on Kerbal Space Program, properties, go to updates, and select the option you want to participate to beta versions of the game.
  8. You're welcome. Glad it worked out.
  9. I've slight the idea that you have the wrong download from EVE. On their github, there are 2 downloads, one of 1.53mb and one of 58.6mb. Make sure you've them both installed. The boulderCo folder gives you the city light and the clouds. Here's the link to the github page with both downloads. Just download them, unzip them into the gamedata folder. https://github.com/WazWaz/EnvironmentalVisualEnhancements/releases/tag/EVE-1.2.2-1 Hope this works, let us know. If not, could you open that EVE folder for us and screen it, please?
  10. Yes it is. KSP mostly uses CPU and RAM. At least, the stock version should run flawless for you. When making ships with a high partcount, it will get a bit cranky because it isn't the strongest CPU you have there, Adding visual mods can be a problem, because those do use your GPU. But if you're going to invest in a macbook pro, I suggest you buy something else than apple. You can get much more for that money that's going to run much more things much more smoother.
  11. You should check out tylerraiz videos on yt. Those explain everything step for step.
  12. Nope, just check out the links I gave. It's just a way of launching the game. Dx11 option reduces more but can give more graphically glitches compared to open in glmode. Choose one where you think is the best.
  13. Did you delete the Squad folder in the Gamedata folder? Also, I think the fastest way to get everything back is to reinstall the game via steam.. Just make sure that you manually clear all the files you've put in by yourself.
  14. Open in it open-gl or DX11 mode. This also reduces the memory crashes. I hought active texture management was outdated a long time ago because KSP implented it into the game?
  15. Glad to hear that. You're welcome mate