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  1. With that many mods, anything goes! You could try to stick a SRB onto it though- might be a spee... Oh wait, how far down the tech tree are you? At the higher levels, parts get upgrades and those are on by default in sandbox mode. -W. Kerman
  2. Using Kopernicus, (and stock size real solar system) is it possible to change the ocean height? And if so, where could I find that value? Thanks, W. Kerman
  3. You know what gets me hyped! MATH! 1.2.9/1.3 Thread: 9 pg 1.2 Thread: 64 pg 1.1.3 Thread: 8 pg 1.0 Thread: 225 pg Hmmmm........ needs more data. Or hot sauce.
  4. Me too! I saw KSP on there, got the demo- Then I got the game in 1.0.5!
  5. Is it possible to move the Kerbal Space Center in KSP by editing save files or something?
  6. How about Stock Sized Real Solar System?
  7. I added two other mods since then, EVE and Distant Object Enhancement, but the results seem to be the same. I noticed one thing which looked wrong in GameData/SSRSS/configs/DisableOblateBodies.cfg: @Body[Saturn] { %cacheFile = RealSolarSystem/RSSKopernicus/Cache/Neptune.bin Changing that to use Saturn.bin didn't seem to make any difference, either. The module configuration cache is ModuleManager.ConfigCache.zip . Thanks!
  8. Saturn Bug files.zip Here they are!
  9. Alright, by the way, the polar hexagon looks awesome- I teleported a plane into a 90 degree orbit of Saturn, and yup, it's there!
  10. Yo, I tested it... The wonky planet effect is gone (never saw it) However, about Saturn's rings... I'm not sure what to make of that.
  11. How about, instead of adding multiplayer, just make it easier to share save-files. Like really, built seamlessly into the game level save-file sharing?
  12. ----------------------------------------- Wait, F2 doesn't disable the UI??? Oh wait. I'm playing Civ. ----------------------------------------- This happens to me all the time.
  13. I think because they're is so much science floating around, we just need something else to do with it. (Not just converting them into funds.)
  14. Fudge, I'm on mac... Another question- Does this mod have multiple launchpads scattered across the earth?
  15. Removes orbital mechanic? I tried the "magic engine" stuff by having a tiny probe core, and a vector, plus some infinite fuel. The Jool encounter didn't happen.