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  1. oh, gawd. don't turn this into an argument. what I mean is: "i'm sorry." "no thats fine, i was mean, im sorry." "I shouldn't have gotten mad." "yes you should have." "no I shouldn't've!" "YES YOU SHOULD HAVE!" "NO I SHOULDN'T'VE" "YES YOU--" *technical difficulties please hold* lol not trying to be rude. had a lot of fun writing that, though...
  2. What are your proudest moments in ksp? Mine was not eve in KSP. Mine was in Google. I typed 'Jeb' into the search bar, and -adiah Kerman was the first result.
  3. .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please! .craft file please!
  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... TRIPLE FACEPALM.
  5. I literally JUST FREAKING POSTED THIS. HOW!?!?!?!?!
  6. You ever get that one feeling where your launching a rocket, and you realize your halfway into orbit and nothing has gone wrong? And then you decide that that is a problem and your inner Danny2462 breaks out? Thats me. Every. Single. Launch. Anybody else have this problem? And more importantly, can it be fixed?
  7. The excessive amount of My Little Pony mixed with KSP fanart online is starting to scare me.
  8. I know it MAY sound weird, but they are a perfect match. They are the only two badass kerbals, they are both pilots, and are both courageous. it just makes sense to me...
  9. This Mod doesn't work with KSP 1.2.2. the MK-4 fuel tank texture(long and short) is all glitchy, and all fuel tanks don't carry fuel and cannot be configured.
  10. anything for KSP 1.2.2 yet?
  11. what are your most painful KSP moments? nothing much has to be said here, I guess... my personal most painful moment were when I downloaded the 1.2 update. I had to GO THROUGH MY 102 DIFFERENT PROBES AND ATTACH POWERFUL ENOUGH ANTENNAS. KILL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  12. I have a challenge for all you people. Try to get one station, probe, and relay in an orbit around every planet and moon including Kerbol. Also, put one rover, base, probe, and lander lander on every planet and moon, not including Kerbol, or Jool. To count as a station or base, the craft must be docked to a craft NOT FROM THE SAME MISSION. To count as a rover, it must be unmanned, include a renewable energy source, and have USABLE, WORKING WHEELS. I don't care about debris, Jest terminate them. probes should be usable and intact. land probes cant have wheels or any other way to move (wheels, Rockets, Monopropellant, REACTION WHEELS ALLOWED). This MUST be done in career mode, and you can only use tier 1 parts. no cheats allowed. no mods allowed. I will only allow Mechjeb. yes, this is possible. GOOD FREAKING LUCK.
  13. yes, but i wanted to start my own.
  14. Everything this beautiful game has to offer. I have always loved space for as long a i can remember and I want to pursue a job as an astronaut, so this game makes such an amazing simulation of that! it also gets me thinking about the people who make the rockets and plan the missions!