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  1. This mod replaces the stock system entirely. There is no Kerbin.
  2. banned of having the default profile picture.
  3. Except I don't live anywhere NEAR Florida. And this "false dream" happened May 15. The X-37B landed on May 7. Also, it was a passenger plane with the airline logo visible on the side. What I MENT to say is that my area does not get a lot of wind, and when I went outside it was unusually windy.
  4. Just went there and it looks exactly like Jupiter... It is different for everyone.
  5. I'm thinking about releasing v1.0 sometime soon after the code for Nibrek is cleaned up. It will only have Nibrek and not Num eht and Sumnim for the time being. What do you guys think?
  6. Yes. My area is not very windy plus I was indoors so I had no idea of the effects going on outside.
  7. This happend yesterday, but there was a strong wind and I saw a plane that seemed to be moving a little...odd. At that point I legitimately thought I was in a lucid dream and almost screamed "Im Dreaming!" out loud. Good thing I did an RC before I embarrassed myself.
  8. R is pi. Can you see that? What is 69 to 420?
  9. 10/10 epicness.
  10. Known for not seeing @Urses on the forums.
  11. Nope. @Sigma88 I summon thee!
  12. @Felsmak started the Dres meme and it spread like wildfire. I wouldn't exactly say that Dres is hardly noticed.
  13. Nope. @Fireheart318 I summon thee!
  14. My GP2 mod. Was working on this alongside Kounter Kerbin until I found this thread.