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  1. Granted, but it lags out your computer and it explodes. I wish for a small loan of a million USD.
  2. Sorry about the hiatus, Life, US2 ,and Pokémon Sun got in the way. But I think I can start working on this again!
  3. I took this snazzy photo of Jool, and it reminded me of the Voyager Mosaic of Jupiter: Can you guys see the resemblance?
  4. Granted. The cake has razor blades. I wish for a Nintendo Switch.
  5. Or we could use Sarnus. Out technology can render rings now.
  6. I guess that's true. They say that ignorance is blissful...
  7. What I ment by that was the fact that some people can't tell you what the fith major planet from the sun is. Hell I've even met people who think the Earth goes around the moon.
  8. "America is the best country in the nation!" -some random image I saw of the Interweb.
  9. I wouldn't rename it, I would call it "Ouranos" What about double planets? It could be something like "Any object with more then about 1/80th the mass of the object it is orbiting can be considered a planet" or something about a barycenter being outside the crust of the larger body.
  10. "Always remember to be yourself. Unless yourself sucks. In that case, pretend to be someone else." /\ | This used to be my life
  11. Labor is well... from what I've heard... Very gross, painful and messy.
  12. The Mun landings... Something to do with Jool...