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  1. Counter-Eve and Counter-Duna? Dude, you should be glad as that was NOT at ALL on my list! Imagine that a sea of planets. Regular planets, opposing planets. Pure chaos, indeed. The mod itself won't add a lot, don't worry.
  2. Is it possible for mods to look at our email addresses/passwords? Just curious.
  3. There is really no one with a similar art style to me though...
  4. Wait, what two artists? And how can I participate?
  5. Yes I came up with a similar theory long before the episode aired, though. But that was the basis of the interpretation.
  6. Planet 9, not to scale
  7. Better than what I listen to.
  8. Hmm... I think planet nine was an ice giant that was ejected out of the solar system, and assuming it formed where Uranus and Neptune formed, it might be blue-ish. But you could be very right! In my opinion, it would look ghostly, and its' outer atmosphere would be transparent. I wouldn't be getting heat from the sun, if any. and It's too small to really make it's own heat in the outer atmosphere. So, without heat comes not a lot of weather, and heavier gasses could not be stirred up. Only Hydrogen and Helium would be light enough to stay afloat, thus creating the effect, as shown in my drawing.
  9. I know. I just wanted it to be visible. In pixel art, the resolution is low, so in the best it could be as far as scale, it would just be a pixel across and I didn't want it to look just like another star, even though that's what it would look like. I should have made it smaller though...
  10. Here's Planet Nine (Hypothetical): (sorry @Cabbink! I also wanted to give it a go.)
  11. "Dammit, not again." I say as fried guts spill everywhere.
  12. Lol I'm already also doing that. *pls don't hurt me*
  13. This is a stupid question, but what swear words are allowed? (Obviously not the strong ones.)
  14. The star is too faint. It's at about magnitude 19, which is REALLY faint for most telescopes. You would need an observatory let alone dark skies to see it. (I WISH I could use it for practice )