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  1. What it means, "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator", plz help and solve, as i think you are moderator, sir.

    1. Dman979


      Hi, @PrathamK, and welcome aboard! All new users have to post 5 times (outside of Forum Games) before they are removed from the approval queue. It's an unfortunate necessity, but we need it to prevent spambots. Thanks for understanding! :)

  2. Just a friendly reminder to stay on topic and refrain from insulting others.
  3. Nope it's me Hurry Vanamonde
  4. Moved thread to add on development
  5. Merged threads together, no need for two.
  6. Please watch post dates if you feel like the topic is still relevant please start a new thread
  7. Please watch the last post dates
  8. OP if you did not want this thread to be closed please pm me and I will reopen it
  9. That avatar represents any plane i've ever tried to build quite well.

  10. Friendly reminder to everyone to stay on topic
  11. And now its gone again.........
  12. Closed at OP request
  13. Thread has been dead since August, please start a new thread, locked
  14. Agreed, OP, I would recommend starting a release thread or editing the original post after which you can contact me and I can move it.
  15. Moved thread