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  1. Ok. Moderator Roll Call!!! @sal_vager
  2. Why meeeee? @DuoDex
  3. This has been hijacked by me. @Supernovy
  4. I politely ask that you all keep your arguments based on evidence that you present instead of calling each other out in ad hominem attacks. If we are gonna have this thread, let it at least be one that remains on the rails.
  5. just dropping in to notify that I've moved this thread to Add-On development good luck with your mod work.
  6. I see all! I call upon another moderator, @Frybert
  7. Am I still the newest? darn it. @monstahyou pls
  8. Yes it's me! Next up is gonna be @Frybert
  9. important

    You are now moderator of KerbaI Space Program forum.
  10. important

  11. It isn't currently T-45 minutes till I watch Rogue One. But I always have time to pop up when summoned. I call that @legoclone09 is next.
  12. Hello all, While we certainly welcome discussion and science on this forum, this thread can only lead to division and bad feelings from any side. As such, we have decided to lock this thread. Thank you for your understanding.
  13. @kerbiloid that is really interesting that there's a TheCosmonaut, but he's been sleeping since 2013 it seems. I however am in Tokyo and very much online. @Kosmonaut is somewhere here and will come out next.
  14. It's-a-me! I know who is coming next, none other than our dark lord @sal_vager