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  1. What a handy mod, @taniwha! Congrats on release, I'll need some worms to get, though.
  2. I'm probably in a minority. But I always disagreed with the notion that Kerbalkind are a fungi-based life form. I think they're merely an aquatic life form. Seeded by the Kraken, this is why they desperately try to reach space at all costs. Hints of the previous civilization are seen throughout the system (see: various Easter eggs in-game). You also see relics of previous generations' attempts to reach their ancestors, KSC2 being a remnant of their space programs past. Being aquatic, this would also explain the lack of surface level habitation, and also explains why it's rather hard to send ships underwater (without some messing around and really trying for it). This would also explain the rather large impact crater on kerbin, it was ground zero for Krakenseed. This is all silly, of course. But it makes you think.
  3. While a fun discussion on the merits of a fictional Kerbal economic environment is all good and fun, I would just advise potential posters here to tread carefully. More often than I'd like, I see threads like these (not just on the forum, but on the internet in general!) turn political very quickly. For real though, you'd have to ask yourselves, what is it that Kerbals value? Obviously they have currency and businesses, but maybe the value they find in things are different than what we value.
  4. This post has been moved to Tech Support (Modded installs). Hope you get the help you need!
  5. Define "freehand"? Are you just copying something by eye and recreating it in KSP or are you using Squad/KSP assets to make something within an external program?
  6. The topic has been closed, per OP request. If you wish to have it reopened, @StupidAndy, feel free to let us know.
  7. Funnily enough, I am pretty sure something similar is said in Invader Zim. Also, sure.
  8. Hello, This thread is veering toward a darker side, a darker side that people like me dont like. I offer you all torches and candles so that it may be brought back into the light. 1. Above all things, continue to be civil. 2. If you feel that something *is* violating a forum rule, do **not** attempt to moderate it yourself, the report button is your friend. 3. Try not to push things into a political argument, though some links here go to political areas, try not to say "OH THIS GUY SAID IT SO IT BAD." or something to that effect. 4. Praise me as your oppressive benevolent overlord friend.
  9. Hello @zhuez and welcome! Hope you enjoy your time here on the forums.
  10. Just your (sometimes) friendly neighborhood moderman letting you know I have cleaned up a couple of posts in this thread.
  11. I look forward to having a Jebediah Kerman outfit in the next update to GTA: Online
  12. Wow. Ok. Enough with the snippiness. There's no need to be overly pedantic or antagonistic. @Daveroski could you show us what the player.log says (if you're indeed in MacOS, I'll assume you know where that is)
  13. Ok, before I go any farther... did you try a restart of the computer? Like, tell it to turn off, wait a couple of minutes, then start it back up? I would get that same Exception on MacOS and every time I did the power cycle it would fix itself.
  14. What I think a lot of people (INCLUDING SQUAD) failed to realize is that Multiplayer is hard. It isn't something that can just be implemented overnight. And as people like Darklight of DMP can attest, even if it does somehow start working, it's a headache and works some of the time.
  15. Temporarily locking this thread. Stand by. Ok, re-opening. This is notice that some posts here have been edited for violating community guidelines. Also, please avoid personal attacks or insults against other forum users.